2017-03-30  Jes Sorensensysfs: Use the presence of /sys/block/<dev>/md as indic...
2017-03-30  Gioh Kimmdadm.c: fix compile error "switch condition has boolea...
2017-03-30  Tomasz Majchrzakimsm: use rounded size for metadata initialization
2017-03-30  Zhilong Liumdadm/grow: reshape would be stuck from raid1 to raid5
2017-03-30  Jes SorensenGrow: Do not shadow an existing variable
2017-03-30  Jes SorensenGrow: Remove unnecessary optimization
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenmd_u: Remove some unused ioctl declarations
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenutil: Introduce md_set_array_info()
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenutil: Introduce md_get_disk_info()
2017-03-29  Jes SorensenIncremental: Remove redundant call for GET_ARRAY_INFO
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenutil: Introduce md_get_array_info()
2017-03-29  Jes SorensenGrow: Fixup a pile of cosmetic issues
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenutil: Cosmetic changes
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenmdadm: Fixup a number of whitespace inconsistency cases
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenmdadm: Clean up some ugly multiple actions on single...
2017-03-29  Gioh Kimsuper1: replace hard-coded values with bit definitions
2017-03-29  Jes Sorensenmdadm.h: struct mdinfo: reorganize ppl elements for...
2017-03-29  Artur PaszkiewiczGrow: support consistency policy change
2017-03-29  Artur PaszkiewiczAdd 'ppl' and 'no-ppl' options for --update=
2017-03-29  Artur Paszkiewiczsuper1: PPL support
2017-03-29  Artur Paszkiewiczimsm: PPL support
2017-03-29  Artur PaszkiewiczDetail: show consistency policy
2017-03-29  Artur PaszkiewiczGeneric support for --consistency-policy and PPL
2017-03-28  NeilBrownDetail: handle non-existent arrays better.
2017-03-28  NeilBrownAdd 'force' flag to *hot_remove_disk().
2017-03-28  NeilBrownIntroduce sys_hot_remove_disk()
2017-03-28  Zhilong Liumdadm/Build:check the level parameter when build new...
2017-03-28  NeilBrownRetry HOT_REMOVE_DISK a few times.
2017-03-28  Hannes Reineckeudev-md-raid-assembly.rules: Skip non-ready devices
2017-03-28  Zhilong Liumdadm/bitmap:fixed typos in comments of bitmap.h
2017-03-28  Gioh Kimsuper1: ignore failfast flag for setting device role
2017-03-28  Xiao Nimdadm: Forced type conversion to avoid truncation
2017-03-28  Xiao NiReplace snprintf with strncpy at some places to avoid...
2017-03-27  Zhilong Liumdadm/Monitor: Fix NULL pointer dereference when stat2d...
2017-03-27  Zhilong Liumdadm/mdmon:deleted the abort_reshape never invoked
2017-03-27  Zhilong Liumdadm:it doesn't make sense to set --bitmap twice
2017-03-27  Zhilong Liumdadm:fixed some trivial typos in comments of mdadm.h
2017-03-17  Xiao Nimdadm: Specify enough length when write to buffer
2017-03-17  Xiao Nimdadm: Add Wimplicit-fallthrough=0 in Makefile
2017-03-07  Zhilong Liumdadm:add checking clustered bitmap in assemble mode
2017-03-06  Zhilong Liumdadm:add man page for --symlinks
2017-03-06  NeilBrownexamine: tidy up some code.
2017-03-06  Zhilong Liumdadm:check the nodes when operate clustered array
2017-03-06  Zhilong Liumdadm:fix typo in comment
2017-01-29  WolFix oddity where mdadm did not recognise a relative...
2017-01-27  Pawel Baldysiakimsm: fix missing error message during migration
2017-01-10  Jes SorensenMakefile: Fix date to be output in ISO format
2017-01-09  Jes SorensenRelease mdadm-4.0 mdadm-4.0
2017-01-09  Maksymilian... imsm: show correct size for arrays with 4k disks
2017-01-09  Xiao NiAdd detail information when can not connect monitor
2017-01-09  Alexey Obitotskiyimsm: count arrays under VMD HBAs correctly
2017-01-04  Alexey ObitotskiyDon't assume VMD sysfs path ends with a disk entry
2017-01-03  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: Fix signed/unsigned comparisons
2016-12-29  Tomasz Majchrzakimsm: enable bad block support for imsm metadata
2016-12-22  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: Do not update metadata if not able to migrate
2016-12-22  NeilBrownMake get_component_size() work with named array.
2016-12-19  Song Liumdadm: add test case for raid5 write back cache
2016-12-13  Mariusz DabrowskiAlways return last partition end address in 512B blocks
2016-12-12  Mariusz DabrowskiUse disk sector size value to set offset for reading GPT
2016-12-12  Mariusz Dabrowskiimsm: set generation number when reading superblock
2016-12-12  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: Add support for Non-Intel NVMe drives under VMD
2016-12-05  NeilBrownmdopen: open md devices O_RDONLY
2016-12-02  Tomasz Majchrzakimsm: 4kn support for bad block log
2016-12-02  Tomasz Majchrzakimsm: implement "--examine-badblocks" command
2016-12-02  Tomasz Majchrzakimsm: provide list of bad blocks for an array
2016-12-02  Tomasz Majchrzakimsm: clear bad blocks if disk becomes unavailable
2016-12-02  Tomasz Majchrzakimsm: clear bad block from bad block log
2016-12-02  Tomasz Majchrzakimsm: record new bad block in bad block log
2016-12-02  Tomasz Majchrzakimsm: give md list of known bad blocks on startup
2016-12-02  Tomasz Majchrzakimsm: write bad block log on metadata sync
2016-12-02  Tomasz Majchrzakimsm: parse bad block log in metadata on startup
2016-11-29  NeilBrownIntroduce enum flag_mode for setting and clearing flags.
2016-11-28  Tomasz Majchrzakmdmon: bad block support for external metadata - clear...
2016-11-28  Tomasz Majchrzakmdmon: bad block support for external metadata - store...
2016-11-28  Tomasz Majchrzakmdmon: bad block support for external metadata - sysfs...
2016-11-28  Tomasz Majchrzakmdadm: bad block support for external metadata - initia...
2016-11-28  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: Update num_data_stripes during migration
2016-11-28  NeilBrownAdd failfast support.
2016-11-17  Tomasz MajchrzakIncrease buffer for sysfs disk state
2016-11-17  Tomasz MajchrzakIncrease buffer for sysfs path
2016-11-17  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: 4Kn drives support - adapt general migration...
2016-11-17  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: Add support for 4Kn sector size drives
2016-11-17  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: Read and store device sector size
2016-11-17  Pawel BaldysiakAdd function for getting member drive sector size
2016-11-16  Artur Paszkiewiczsuper1: fix setting bad block log offset in write_init_...
2016-11-16  Artur Paszkiewiczsuper1: make internal bitmap size calculations more...
2016-10-26  Pawel BaldysiakLib.c: Fix geting devname for devices with long path
2016-10-26  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: Enable spanning between VMD domains
2016-10-26  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: Add warning message when x8-type device is used
2016-10-26  Tomasz Majchrzakimsm: load migration record from right disk
2016-10-26  Yilong Renraid6check.c: fix "misleading-indentation" error
2016-10-19  James ClarkeFix bus error when accessing MBR partition records
2016-10-19  Jes Sorensensuper-intel: Reduce excessive parenthesis abuse
2016-10-19  Mariusz DabrowskiAllow level migration only for single-array container
2016-10-19  Mariusz Dabrowskiimsm: block chunk size change for RAID 10
2016-10-19  Guoqing Jiangsuper1: make write_bitmap1 compatible with previous...
2016-10-07  NeilBrownFix some issues found by clang
2016-10-07  Artur Paszkiewiczimsm: retrieve nvme serial from sysfs
2016-09-22  Mariusz DabrowskiFix RAID metadata check
2016-09-16  Artur Paszkiewiczimsm: remove redundant characters from some error messages