2011-05-23  NeilBrownCheck all member devices in enough_fd
2011-05-17  Michal Marekmdmon: Fix crash if /proc/mdstat lists 0.9 superblocks
2011-05-16  Piergiorgio... RAID-6 check standalone suspend array
2011-05-16  NeilBrownGrow: accept --assume-clean with --grow --size
2011-05-11  NeilBrownCreate: add error checking for 'write_init_super'.
2011-05-10  NeilBrownCreate: give better error message if member device...
2011-05-10  NeilBrownCreate: allow chunksize to be non-power-of-2.
2011-05-10  NeilBrownGive suitable error for mdadm /dev/md0 --stop
2011-05-10  NeilBrownManage: minor fix to add/re-add handling.
2011-05-10  NeilBrownconfig: restore the possibility of a NULL homehost
2011-05-10  NeilBrownGrow: allow auto-readonly arrays to be reshaped.
2011-05-10  NeilBrownGrow: handle abort/restart of grow while being monitored.
2011-05-10  NeilBrownGrow: restore ability to configure 'faulty' arrays...
2011-05-10  NeilBrownGrow: report if a --size change has no effect.
2011-05-10  NeilBrownGrow: check if any changes needed before proceeding...
2011-05-10  NeilBrownGrow: When setting component size make sure components...
2011-05-09  Przemyslaw... imsm: add new chunk size to metadata update
2011-05-09  Przemyslaw... imsm: process update for raid level migrations
2011-05-09  Przemyslaw... imsm: prepare memory for level migration update
2011-05-09  Przemyslaw... imsm: fix: disable migration from raid5->raid0
2011-05-09  Przemyslaw... imsm: prepare update for level migrations reshape
2011-05-02  Adam Kwolekimsm: FIX: Do not write check-point '0'
2011-04-26  NeilBrownFinally remove auto-home-host
2011-04-19  Adam KwolekFIX: Check correctly raid disks during reshape restart
2011-04-18  Adam KwolekFIX: Count correctly added devices
2011-04-18  Adam KwolekFIX: Set proper raid disks during migration
2011-04-18  Adam KwolekFIX: Fiddle raid_disks number when restarting reshape
2011-04-18  Adam KwolekFIX: Always report new raid_disks during migration
2011-04-14  Adam KwolekFIX: Use successfully loaded metadata only
2011-04-14  Piergiorgio... RAID-6 check standalone fix component list parsing
2011-04-12  Jonathan LiuMonitor: avoid NULL dereference with 0.90 metadata
2011-04-11  Adam KwolekFIX: Raid0 expansion cannot be restarted
2011-04-11  Mike Frysingermdadm/mdmon: use CFLAGS when linking
2011-04-11  Mike Frysingermdadm: respect --syslog in monitor mode
2011-04-11  Mike Frysingermdadm: add missing --syslog option to monitor help
2011-04-11  Mike Frysingermove .man targets from "all" to "man" - and "everything"
2011-04-06  Adam Kwolekimsm: fix: report aligned component size value
2011-04-06  Adam Kwolekimsm: FIX: Check array alignment before expansion
2011-04-06  Adam Kwolekimsm: Warn user about reboot risk
2011-04-05  NeilBrownrestripe: make sure zero buffer is always large enough.
2011-04-04  Czarnowska... Create: fix size after setting default chunk
2011-04-04  Czarnowska... Create: check for UnSet when looking at chunk
2011-04-04  Adam KwolekFIX: After discarding array give chance monitor to...
2011-04-04  NeilBrownMonitor: avoid NULL dereference with 0.90 metadata
2011-04-04  Piergiorgio... RAID-6 check standalone code cleanup
2011-04-04  Piergiorgio... RAID-6 check standalone md device
2011-04-04  NeilBrownSplit some of util.c into a new lib.c
2011-04-04  NeilBrownsplit name/number maps into separate file.
2011-04-04  NeilBrownMove WaitClean from sysfs to Monitor.c
2011-03-28  NeilBrownRelease 3.2.1 mdadm-3.2.1
2011-03-28  NeilBrowntest: Don't use dev6 and dev7 together in a non-multipa...
2011-03-27  Hawrylewicz... imsm: reading of UEFI variables needs an update
2011-03-27  Hawrylewicz... imsm: remove OEM table from detection of OROM and EFI.
2011-03-27  NeilBrowntests: Make sure config file is empty when required.
2011-03-27  Czarnowska... tests: use $config to store test config path
2011-03-24  NeilBrownopen_dev_excl: allow device to be read-only. devel-3.2
2011-03-24  NeilBrowntests: use /tmp/mdadm.conf rather than /etc/mdadm.conf.
2011-03-24  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.2
2011-03-23  Krzysztof WojcikFIX: imsm: Do not change serial if disk failed
2011-03-23  Krzysztof WojcikFIX: Tests: raid0->raid10 without degradation
2011-03-23  Krzysztof WojcikFIX: imsm: Rebuild does not start on second failed...
2011-03-23  NeilBrownRelease mdadm-3.1.5 mdadm-3.1.5
2011-03-23  NeilBrownIncr: don't exclude 'active' devices from auto inclusio...
2011-03-23  NeilBrown--stop: separate 'is busy' test for 'did it stop properly'.
2011-03-23  NeilBrownAssemble: improve efficacy of -Af in assembling degrade...
2011-03-23  Labun, Marcinsuper-intel: enable loading metadata from non-IMSM...
2011-03-23  Labun, Marcinexamine: allows to examine a disk metadata on non-metad...
2011-03-23  Adam Kwolekman mdadm: Add note about auto-assembly during array...
2011-03-23  Adam Kwolekman mdadm: add information for MDADM_EXPERIMENTAL flag
2011-03-23  NeilBrownMonitor: handle v.quick removal of devices better.
2011-03-23  NeilBrownddf: fix up detection of failed/missing devices.
2011-03-23  Piergiorgio... restripe: allow test code to have an offset on each...
2011-03-23  NeilBrownAssemble: improve efficacy of -Af in assembling degrade...
2011-03-22  NeilBrownmdmon: Stop keeping track of RAID0 (and LINEAR) arrays.
2011-03-22  NeilBrownmdmon: don't wait for O_EXCL when shutting down.
2011-03-22  NeilBrownmdmon: allow manage_member to cope with ->container...
2011-03-22  NeilBrownGrow: increase raid_disks before adding specific spares.
2011-03-22  NeilBrownMonitor: handle v.quick removal of devices better.
2011-03-21  NeilBrownddf: fix up detection of failed/missing devices.
2011-03-21  Piergiorgio... restripe: allow test code to have an offset on each...
2011-03-21  NeilBrowntest: call "udevadm settle" after stopping array.
2011-03-21  Piergiorgio... RAID-6 check standalone
2011-03-20  Labun, Marcinplatform_intel: support EFI SCU OEM variable
2011-03-20  Adam Kwolekimsm: FIX: indicate that metadada has to be written
2011-03-20  Adam KwolekFIX: Add spare throws exception (v2)
2011-03-18  Krzysztof WojcikRetry writing 'inactive' state during stopping array
2011-03-18  Adam KwolekFIX: ping_monitor() usage causes memory leaks
2011-03-18  NeilBrownManage: fix the mess I made in earlier patch.
2011-03-17  NeilBrown--stop: separate 'is busy' test for 'did it stop properly'.
2011-03-15  NeilBrownFix regression when using 'grow' to add a bitmap.
2011-03-15  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.2
2011-03-15 added encouragement to shrink filesystem...
2011-03-15  NeilBrownddf: implement remove_from_super
2011-03-15  Labun, MarcinIMSM: Fix problem in mdmon monitor of using removed...
2011-03-15  NeilBrownDDF Allow a RAID1 to be 'partially optimal'.
2011-03-15  NeilBrownddf: remove failed devices that are no longer in use.
2011-03-15  NeilBrownddf: set Rebuilding flag when adding devices to a degra...
2011-03-15  NeilBrownddf: use correct loop variable in activate_spare
2011-03-15  NeilBrownddf: Don't consider 'dl' entries with state_fd < 0
2011-03-15  NeilBrownmanagemon: Don't do spare assignment while any updates...