2005-04-04  Neil BrownUse O_EXCL when opening component devices to be assembl...
2005-04-04  Neil BrownFix "--config=partitions" which was broken.
2004-11-05  Neil BrownAdd ANNOUNCE-1.8.1 mdadm-1.9.0
2005-04-04  Neil BrownRelease 1.9.0
2005-04-04  Neil BrownChange handling of devices names in args
2005-04-04  Neil BrownFix uninitialised variable compile warning.
2005-04-04  Neil BrownImprove error message when mode is set twice.
2005-04-04  Neil BrownCorrect error message printed when the 'chosen_drive...
2005-04-04  Neil BrownReverse order of arrays when --stop --scan
2005-04-04  Neil BrownReread partitions file for each array being assembled.
2005-04-04  Neil BrownAdd some missing closes of mdfd
2005-04-04  Neil BrownDocument new --auto behaviour
2005-04-04  Neil BrownChange MAJOR() etc to major() etc
2005-04-04  Neil BrownWhen assembling with --auto, honour common device names
2005-04-04  Neil BrownChange "dirty" to "active" in array status
2005-04-04  Neil BrownFix some initialisations of ident
2005-04-04  Neil BrownFix manpage typo
2005-04-04  Neil BrownFix rpmbuild error
2005-04-04  Neil BrownSmall fix for makedist script
2004-11-01  Neil Brownmdadm-1.8.0 mdadm-1.8.0
2004-08-11  Neil Brownmdadm-1.7.0 mdadm-1.7.0
2004-06-04  Neil Brownmdadm-1.6.0 mdadm-1.6.0
2004-01-22  Neil Brownmdadm-1.5.0 mdadm-1.5.0
2003-10-28  Neil Brownmdadm-1.4.0 mdadm-1.4.0
2003-07-28  Neil Brownmdadm-1.3.0 mdadm-1.3.0
2003-03-12  Neil Brownmdadm-1.2.0 mdadm-1.2.0
2003-03-02  Neil Brownmdadm-1.1.0 mdadm-1.1.0
2003-02-12  Neil Brownmdadm-1.0.9 mdadm-1.0.9
2002-05-20  Neil Brownmdadm-1.0.1 mdadm-1.0.1
2002-05-10  Neil Brownmdadm-1.0.0 mdadm-1.0.0
2002-04-11  Neil Brownmdadm-0.8.2 mdadm-0.8.2
2002-04-05  Neil Brownmdadm-0.8.1 mdadm-0.8.1
2002-04-04  Neil Brownmdadm-0.8 mdadm-0.8
2002-03-20  Neil Brownmdadm-0.7.2 mdadm-0.7.2
2002-03-15  Neil Brownmdadm-0.7.1 mdadm-0.7.1
2002-03-08  Neil Brownmdadm-0.7 mdadm-0.7
2002-03-06  Neil Brownmdctl-0.6 mdctl-0.6
2001-08-23  Neil Brownmdctl-0.5 mdctl-0.5
2001-07-26  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.4.2 mdctl-v0.4.2
2001-07-26  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.4.1 mdctl-v0.4.1
2001-07-26  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.4 mdctl-v0.4
2001-06-14  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.3 mdctl-v0.3
2001-06-08  Neil Brownmdctl-v0.2 mdctl-v0.2