2008-07-18  Neil BrownStop managed arrays more carefully.
2008-07-18  NeilBrownmdmon: ping will wait for manage_mon to catch up.
2008-07-18  Neil BrownMake sure resync_start is initialised properly and...
2008-07-18  Neil Brownddf: endian fixes.
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsmdmon: close possibility of re-marking the metadata...
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsmdmon: notify metadata of recovery completion
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsmdmon: initialize component_size in manage_new
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsmdmon: close small window of invalid mon_tid
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsmdadm: add an environment variable to prevent auto...
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsmanagemon: don't treat sysfs_add_disk as boolean function
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsimsm: process update
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsimsm: activate_spare
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsimsm: metadata only supports a global 'data_offset'
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsimsm: fix raid1 creation
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsimsm: fail ->open_new if container_member is out of...
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsimsm: kill obsolete call to fsync() in store_imsm_mpb
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsimsm: fix insufficient mpb buffer allocation
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsimsm: catch posix_memalign allocation failures
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsimsm: remove extra superswitches
2008-07-14  Dan Williamsimsm: fix store_imsm_mpb() alignment for O_DIRECT
2008-07-12  Neil BrownPrint used message in place of "default metadata" message.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownIntroduce devname2devnum
2008-07-12  Neil BrownFix fd comparison in Incremental
2008-07-12  Neil BrownPass 'verbose' flag to validate_geometry
2008-07-12  Neil BrownCorrect unit conversion for component_size and dev...
2008-07-12  Neil BrownUse O_DIRECT for all IO to devices.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownStop all arrays before running each test in regression...
2008-07-12  Neil Brownddf: Set container_member from subarray in getinfo_super.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownReduce the number of metadata updates done by ddf.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownImprove shutdown for container-based arrays.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownKeep container device open in monitor
2008-07-12  Neil BrownMake sure we remove pid file in monitor before manager...
2008-07-12  Neil BrownRemove some noisy printfs.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownCreate arrays via metadata-update
2008-07-12  Neil BrownRevise message passing code.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownRemove mgr_pipe for communicating from manage to monitor.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownRemove mon_pipe for communicating from monitor to manager
2008-07-12  Neil BrownHandle device removal from container
2008-07-12  Neil BrownFix kernel patch
2008-07-12  Neil BrownMake super super0.c function static.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownRemove the multiple super_switchs for ddf.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownRemove silly convention that major='-1' means 'zero...
2008-07-12  Neil BrownRemove getinfo_super_n and do some other cleaning up.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownExternal metadata shouldn't set array.*_version
2008-07-12  Neil BrownAdd subarray field to supertype.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownAdd some comments to explain some of the bits of supers...
2008-07-12  Neil BrownHide subordinate superswitch structures.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownRemove 'major' from superswitch.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownUse text_version in map_file rather than major.minor.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownAssorted cleanups to DDF
2008-07-12  Neil BrownFix write_init_super usage when hot-adding a spare
2008-07-12  Neil BrownAlways zero a struct ddf_super on allocation.
2008-07-12  Neil BrownAlways initialise a struct super_type to zero
2008-07-12  Neil BrownFix freeing of updates that have been handled by monitor.
2008-07-10  Neil BrownAlways assume_clean for raid0, linear, multipath, faulty
2008-06-20  Neil BrownMerge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-06-19  Neil BrownMerge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-06-19  Neil BrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.0
2008-06-19  Chris WebbFix bug in forced assemble.
2008-06-19  Neil BrownFix an error when assembling arrays that are in the...
2008-06-16  Dan Williamsmdmon: add debug print statements for profiling mdmon
2008-06-16  Dan Williamsimsm: set map state depending on sync state
2008-06-16  Dan Williamsimsm: reenable mdmon
2008-06-16  Dan Williamsimsm: write anchor last
2008-06-16  Dan Williamsimsm: implement store_zero_imsm and init_zero_imsm
2008-06-16  Dan Williamsimsm: ->getinfo_super set raid_disk to disk.number
2008-06-16  Dan Williamsimsm: add 'Create' support
2008-06-14  Dan Williamsimsm: 'volume' is the proper name for imsm container...
2008-06-14  Dan Williamsimsm: ->container_dev needs to be set in load_super_ims...
2008-06-14  Dan Williamsimsm: add 'mpb_size' to --examine output
2008-06-14  Dan Williamssysfs: helper routine to retrieve the scsi id
2008-06-14  Dan Williamssysfs: provide a helper function for locating scsi_gene...
2008-06-14  Dan Williamsddf: fix up validate_geometry to ignore other containers
2008-06-14  Dan Williamsddf: fix 'ddf' pointer corruption
2008-06-14  Dan Williamsddf: convert size paramter to sectors when calling...
2008-06-12  Neil BrownA kernel patch needed to add a spare to an active exter... devel
2008-06-12  Neil BrownAdd DDF code for activate_spare
2008-06-12  Neil BrownSupport adding a spare to a degraded array.
2008-06-12  Neil BrownSome fixes to make failures in ddf get handled properly.
2008-06-12  Neil BrownCorrectly set resync_start when creating an array.
2008-06-12  Neil BrownDDF: Update array state and disk state properly when...
2008-06-12  Neil Brownsuper method for updating ddf metadata.
2008-06-12  Neil BrownAllow passing metadata update to the monitor.
2008-06-12  Neil BrownStore and recover spare_assign info in DDF.
2008-06-12  Neil BrownAdd mppe and conf_rec_len to struct super_ddf
2008-06-12  Neil BrownDon't ignore errors in sysfs_add_disk.
2008-06-06  Neil BrownRelease 2.6.7 mdadm-2.6.7
2008-05-27  Neil BrownAvoid NULL reference calling free_super and elsewhere.
2008-05-27  Neil BrownRemove stray semicolon
2008-05-26  Neil BrownFix some stuff.
2008-05-26  Neil BrownParse the 'instance' part of external:/mdXX/INST in...
2008-05-26  Neil BrownDiscard st->container_member
2008-05-26  Neil BrownRemove st->text_version in favour of info->text_version
2008-05-26  Neil BrownChange mark_clean to set_array_state.
2008-05-26  Neil BrownDiscard get_sync_pos. We should be using get_resync_start.
2008-05-26  Neil BrownStart mdmon during incremental assembly of container
2008-05-26  Neil Brownallow --incremental to reuse devices that already exist
2008-05-26  Neil Brownauto-start mdmon on --create
2008-05-26  Neil BrownExit when there are no more arrays to manage.
2008-05-26  Neil BrownRemove supertype->devfd