Modify providers that keep track of underlying algorithms
[thirdparty/openssl.git] / AUTHORS
1# This is the list of OpenSSL authors for copyright purposes.
3# This does not necessarily list everyone who has contributed code, since in
4# some cases, their employer may be the copyright holder. To see the full list
5# of contributors, see the revision history in source control.
6OpenSSL Software Services, Inc.
7OpenSSL Software Foundation, Inc.
9# Individuals
10Andy Polyakov
11Ben Laurie
12Ben Kaduk
13Bernd Edlinger
14Bodo Möller
15David Benjamin
16Emilia Käsper
17Eric Young
18Geoff Thorpe
19Holger Reif
20Kurt Roeckx
21Lutz Jänicke
22Mark J. Cox
23Matt Caswell
24Matthias St. Pierre
25Nils Larsch
26Paul Dale
27Paul C. Sutton
28Ralf S. Engelschall
29Rich Salz
30Richard Levitte
31Stephen Henson
32Steve Marquess
33Tim Hudson
34Ulf Möller
35Viktor Dukhovni