Implement EVP_MAC_do_all_ex()
[thirdparty/openssl.git] / util / libcrypto.num
2019-08-15  Richard LevitteImplement EVP_MAC_do_all_ex()
2019-08-15  Richard LevittePrepare EVP_MAC infrastructure for moving all MACs...
2019-08-15  Richard LevitteRename provider and core get_param_types functions
2019-08-15  Richard LevitteAdd missing EVP param utility functions
2019-08-12  Richard LevitteAdd OSSL_PARAM_construct_from_text() and OSSL_PARAM_all...
2019-08-12  Richard LevitteAdd OPENSSL_hexstr2buf_ex() and OPENSSL_buf2hexstr_ex()
2019-08-06  Matt CaswellMake the EC code available from inside the FIPS provider
2019-08-01  Dr. Matthias St... Add missing accessors for X509 AuthorityKeyIdentifier
2019-07-31  FdaSilvaYYCAdES : lowercase name for now internal methods.
2019-07-31  Richard LevitteERR: Remove ERR_put_func_error() and reimplement ERR_pu...
2019-07-31  Richard LevitteERR: Add new building blocks for reporting errors
2019-07-26  Richard LevitteAdd functions to see if a provider is available for...
2019-07-23  Richard LevitteAdapt DH to use with KEYMGMT
2019-07-23  Richard LevitteAdd EVP_CIPHER_do_all_ex() and EVP_MD_do_all_ex()
2019-07-23  Richard LevitteAdd OSSL_PROVIDER_name()
2019-07-23  Richard LevitteAdd EVP_MD_provider() and EVP_CIPHER_provider()
2019-07-23  Richard LevitteRe-implement EVP_MD_name() and EVP_CIPHER_name() as...
2019-07-22  Rich SalzAdd ERR_put_func_error, and use it.
2019-07-22  Dr. Matthias St... x509: publish X509_PUBKEY_dup
2019-07-22  Richard LevitteAdd basic EVP_KEYMGMT API and libcrypto <-> provider...
2019-07-17  Rich SalzDeprecated {OPENSSL,CRYPTO}_debug_mem_{push,pop}
2019-07-16  Matt CaswellAdd the ability to set PKCS#3 DH padding in providers
2019-07-16  Matt CaswellMake the EVP Key Exchange code provider aware
2019-07-15  Matt CaswellMake sure all BIGNUM operations work within the FIPS...
2019-07-02  Matt CaswellMake BIGNUM rand functions available within the FIPS...
2019-07-02  Rich SalzRemove EXPORT_VAR_AS_FUNC
2019-07-01  Rich SalzRemove global-var/function macros
2019-07-01  Rich SalzRemove DES_check_key global
2019-06-28  Paul YangSupport SM2 certificate signing
2019-06-28  Matt CaswellRename EVP_MD_upref/EVP_CIPHER_upref to EVP_MD_up_ref...
2019-06-27  Matt CaswellMove the public SIV mode functions from public headers...
2019-06-24  PauliChange OSSL_PARAM return size to not be a pointer.
2019-06-21  PauliRemove OPENSSL_memcmp.
2019-06-17  Matt CaswellAdd the function OPENSSL_thread_stop_ex()
2019-06-12  Matt CaswellCreate BN_CTX_new_ex() and BN_CTX_secure_new_ex()
2019-06-11  Shane LontisMake EVP_MD_CTX_ctrl() work for legacy use cases (ssl3).
2019-06-07  Matt CaswellConvert drbg_lib to use OPENSSL_CTX for its global...
2019-06-06  Kurt RoeckxReplace EVP_MAC_CTX_copy() by EVP_MAC_CTX_dup()
2019-06-04  Shane LontisMove digests to providers
2019-05-30  Andreas KretschmerCertificate Management Protocol (CMP, RFC 4210) extensi...
2019-05-27  Shane LontisAdd d2i_KeyParams/i2d_KeyParams API's.
2019-05-20  Richard LevitteClear CRMF vs CMP confusion
2019-05-03  Shane LontisAdded generated files for EVP_KDF changes
2019-04-23  Richard LevitteAdd a way for the application to get OpenSSL configurat...
2019-04-19  Matt CaswellImplement AES CBC ciphers in the default provider
2019-04-19  Matt CaswellMake EVP_Encrypt*/EVP_Decrypt* and EVP_Cipher* provider...
2019-04-12  Matt CaswellDeprecate AES_ige_encrypt() and AES_bi_ige_encrypt()
2019-04-11  Shane Lontisadded code to validate EC named curve parameters
2019-04-09  Paul YangMake X509_set_sm2_id consistent with other setters
2019-04-09  Richard LevitteParams: add OSSL_PARAM_construct_end()
2019-04-05  Richard LevitteEVP_set_default_properties(): New function to set globa...
2019-03-21  Matt CaswellImplement EVP_MD_fetch()
2019-03-19  Dmitry BelyavskiyProviding missing accessor to EVP_PKEY.engine
2019-03-15  Matt CaswellGuard some SM2 functions with OPENSSL_NO_SM2
2019-03-13  杨洋Support SM2 certificate verification
2019-03-12  Pauligenerated files
2019-03-12  David von Oheimb2nd chunk: CRMF code (crypto/crmf/, ) and its integration
2019-03-11  Richard LevitteReplumbing: New public API to load or add providers
2019-03-06  Richard LevitteAdd generic trace API
2019-02-26  Richard LevitteAdd BN_native2bn and BN_bn2nativepad, for native BIGNUM...
2019-02-18  Pauligenerated files
2019-02-15  Richard LevitteAdd an OpenSSL library context
2019-02-15  Richard LevitteAdd CRYPTO_alloc_ex_data()
2019-02-15  David AsrafAdd EC_GROUP_get0_field
2019-02-13  David MakepeaceAdded new EVP/KDF API.
2019-01-27  Antonio Iaconocrypto/cms: Add support for CAdES Basic Electronic...
2019-01-27  Ping Yuadd an additional async notification communication...
2019-01-07  Viktor DukhovniMore configurable crypto and ssl library initialization
2018-12-11  Todd ShortAdd RFC5297 AES-SIV support
2018-12-07  Richard LevitteRemove all NOEXIST symbols from ordinals files
2018-12-07  Richard Levittemake update
2018-12-06  Richard LevitteSwitch to MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH versioning and version...
2018-12-06  Richard LevitteSwitch future deprecation version from 1.2.0 to 3.0
2018-11-15  Antoine SalonMaking SRP_user_pwd functions public
2018-11-15  Antoine SalonAdded SRP_VBASE_add0_user()
2018-11-10  David WoodhouseAdd EVP_PKEY_supports_digest_nid()
2018-10-29  Richard LevitteAdd convenience functions EVP_str2ctrl() and EVP_hex2ctrl()
2018-10-29  Richard LevitteAdd EVP_MAC API
2018-10-17  Antoine SalonDeprecate ECDH_KDF_X9_62()
2018-10-03  Richard LevitteMove ZLIB from 'platforms' to 'features'
2018-09-30  Richard LevitteSmall cleanup (util/, crypto/bio/bss_log.c...
2018-09-07  Paul YangSupport pmeth->digest_custom
2018-09-07  Paul YangIntroduce EVP_MD_CTX_set_pkey_ctx
2018-09-03  Paul Kehreradd getter for tbsResponseData and signatureAlgorithm...
2018-08-17  Andy Polyakovcrypto/threads_*: remove CRYPTO_atomic_{read|write}.
2018-07-31  Matt CaswellDeprecate the EC curve type specific functions in 1.2.0
2018-07-31  Matt CaswellProvide EC functions that are not curve type specific
2018-06-26  PauliModify the DEVRANDOM source so that the files are kept...
2018-06-21  Nicola TuveriUse DEPRECATEDIN_1_2_0 macro for DSA_sign_setup declaration
2018-06-19  Jack LloydAdd EVP_PKEY_set_alias_type
2018-06-08  Matt CaswellAdd function for setting the EVP_PKEY_ASN1_METHOD raw...
2018-06-08  Matt CaswellAdd support getting raw private/public keys
2018-06-04  Matt CaswellRemove non-existant functions from libcrypto.num
2018-05-30  Mingtao YangAdd APIs for custom X509_LOOKUP_METHOD creation
2018-05-28  Dr. Matthias St... ECDSA_SIG: add simple getters for commonly used struct...
2018-05-28  Dr. Matthias St... RSA: add simple getters for commonly used struct members
2018-05-28  Dr. Matthias St... DSA: add simple getters for commonly used struct members
2018-05-28  Dr. Matthias St... DH: fix: add simple getters for commonly used struct...
2018-05-27  Dr. Matthias St... util/libcrypto.num: fix symbol collision between 1...
2018-05-18  Dr. Matthias St... DH: add simple getters for commonly used DH struct...