22 hours ago  Richard LevitteUpdate EVP_MAC.pod master
22 hours ago  Richard LevitteGet rid of the diversity of names for MAC parameters
22 hours ago  Richard LevitteRemove MAC cruft
24 hours ago  Shane LontisAdd app for fips installation
26 hours ago  PauliAvoid overflowing FDSET when using select(2).
40 hours ago  Richard Levittetest/evp_test.c: distinguish parsing errors from proces...
42 hours ago  Richard Levittecrypto/bn/ define OPENSL_IA32_SSE2 globally...
42 hours ago  Richard LevitteConfigure: Allow 'DEFINE[]=def'
2 days ago  Dr. Matthias... Deprecate unprefixed manual entries for openssl commands
2 days ago  Richard Levitteopenssl dgst, openssl enc: check for end of input
3 days ago  Paul YangSupport parsing of SM2 ID in hexdecimal
3 days ago  Shane LontisAdd basic aria and camellia ciphers modes to default...
3 days ago  Richard LevitteFix drbg_ossl_ctx_free() and drbg_nonce_ossl_ctx_free...
3 days ago  Richard LevitteModify ossl_method_store_add() to accept an OSSL_PROVID...
3 days ago  Richard LevitteModify ossl_method_store_add() to handle reference...
4 days ago  Richard LevitteFix ossl_param_bld_push_{utf8,octet}_string() / param_b...
4 days ago  PauliConstify param builder string functions.
5 days ago  JohannesCorrect documented return value for BIO_get_mem_data()
5 days ago  PauliStart up DEVRANDOM entropy improvement for older Linux...
5 days ago  Dr. David von... prevent endless recursion when trace API is used within...
5 days ago  Shane Lontiscleanup provider digests
5 days ago  Shane LontisAdd aes_ccm to provider
5 days ago  Dmitry BelyavskiyGet rid of using deprecated function isascii
5 days ago  Bernd EdlingerAdd a fallback definition for __NR_getrandom for x86...
6 days ago  Richard LevitteUse macros internally for algorithm names
6 days ago  Mykola Baibuzdoc: fix link in BN_new.pod
6 days ago  Richard LevitteUntangle / retangle opensslv.h, openssslconf.h and...
6 days ago  Bernd EdlingerAdd a fallback definition for __NR_getrandom for ARM...
6 days ago  Shane Lontiscipher cleanups.
6 days ago  Shane LontisAdd fips provider code for handling self test data
6 days ago  Rich SalzUse WARNINGS heading not WARNING
6 days ago  Rich SalzUse EXAMPLES not EXAMPLE for section title
6 days ago  Rich SalzFix some pod-page ordering nits
6 days ago  Patrick SteuerFix --strict-warnings build
6 days ago  Patrick SteuerTest for out-of-bounds write when requesting zero bytes...
6 days ago  Patrick SteuerDirectly return from final sha3/keccak_final if no...
6 days ago  Rich Salz.travis.yml: Use travis_terminate on failure
7 days ago  Bernd EdlingerFix error handling in X509_chain_up_ref
8 days ago  Richard LevitteWindows UWP builds: determine automatically if asm...
8 days ago  Patrick SteuerFix 9bf682f which broke nistp224_method
9 days ago  Richard LevitteRename ctx_{get,set}_params to {get,set}_ctx_params
9 days ago  Rich SalzIgnore function code collisions
9 days ago  Richard LevitteRe-implement 'openssl list -mac-algorithms'
9 days ago  Richard LevitteImplement EVP_MAC_do_all_ex()
9 days ago  Richard LevitteAdd EVP_MAC_provider()
9 days ago  Richard LevitteRename the hash implementations KMAC{128,256} to KECCAK...
9 days ago  Richard LevitteOSSL_PARAM_construct_from_text(): handle non-hex octet...
9 days ago  Richard LevitteAdjust some provider reason codes
9 days ago  Richard LevitteAdapt the MAC tests, and tests for other things that...
9 days ago  Richard LevitteAdapt diverse code to provider based MACs.
9 days ago  Richard LevitteAdapt apps/mac.c to use provider based MACs
9 days ago  Richard LevitteRemove init of MACs from EVP
9 days ago  Richard LevitteMove Poly1305 to providers
9 days ago  Richard LevitteMove SipHash to providers
9 days ago  Richard LevitteMove KMAC to providers
9 days ago  Richard LevitteMove HMAC to providers
9 days ago  Richard LevitteMove GMAC to providers
9 days ago  Richard LevitteMove CMAC to providers
9 days ago  Richard LevitteMove BLAKE2 MACs to the providers
9 days ago  Richard LevittePrepare EVP_MAC infrastructure for moving all MACs...
9 days ago  Patrick SteuerOPENSSL_s390xcap.pod: list msa9 facility bit (155)
9 days ago  Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: accelerate ECDSA
9 days ago  Patrick SteuerEnable curve-spefific ECDSA implementations via EC_METHOD
9 days ago  Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: accelerate scalar multiplication
9 days ago  Patrick fix comment
9 days ago  raja-ashokTest SSL_set_ciphersuites
9 days ago  raja-ashokFix SSL_set_ciphersuites to set even if no call to...
9 days ago  Dr. Matthias... INSTALL: clarify documentation of the --api=x.y.z depre...
9 days ago  Omid NajafiFix syntax error for the armv4 assembler
9 days ago  Richard LevitteRename provider and core get_param_types functions
9 days ago  Richard Levittecrypto/engine/eng_openssl.c: define TEST_ENG_OPENSSL_RC...
10 days ago  Richard LevitteAdd {get,set}table_params() functions for provider...
10 days ago  Richard LevitteModify 'openssl list' to give more verbose descriptions
10 days ago  Richard LevitteAdd missing EVP param utility functions
12 days ago  PauliAccess data after obtaining the lock not before.
10 days ago  Matt CaswellIf we are multiblock capable make sure we use it
10 days ago  opensslonzos... Add missing EBCDIC strings
11 days ago  Paul YangAdd description in X509_STORE manipulation
11 days ago  Tomas MrazBIO_lookup_ex: Do not retry on EAI_MEMORY
11 days ago  Tomas MrazBIO_lookup_ex: Always retry the lookup on failure with...
12 days ago  Richard Levitte30-test_evp.t: make the tested configs depend on what...
13 days ago  Rich SalzFix doc example code to follow coding style
12 days ago  Richard LevitteHMAC: use EVP_MD_flags(), not EVP_MD_meth_get_flags()
12 days ago  Richard LevitteAdapt the provider digests for more use of OSSL_PARAM
12 days ago  Richard LevitteRework the provider digest constructor to provide imple...
12 days ago  Richard LevitteAdapt diverse EVP_MD functions to use get_params and...
12 days ago  Richard LevitteMake more use of OSSL_PARAM for digests
12 days ago  Richard LevitteAdd OSSL_PARAM_construct_from_text() and OSSL_PARAM_all...
12 days ago  Richard LevitteAdd OPENSSL_hexstr2buf_ex() and OPENSSL_buf2hexstr_ex()
12 days ago  Vladimir Kotalenable DECLARE_DEPRECATED macro for Oracle Developer...
12 days ago  Richard LevitteConfigurations/unit-Makefile.tmpl: Don't clean away...
13 days ago  Denis OvsienkoRemove some duplicate words from the documentation
13 days ago  Shane LontisFix windows compile errors in params.c
13 days ago  Bernd EdlingerAdd a clang-7 build target with --strict-warnings
2019-08-09  Matt CaswellExtend tests of SSL_check_chain()
2019-08-09  Matt CaswellFix SSL_check_chain()
2019-08-09  Matt CaswellFix test_key_exchange with no_tlsv1_2
2019-08-09  Matt CaswellFix test_sslextension if TLSv1.2 has been disabled
2019-08-09  Matt CaswellAdd TLS tests for RSA-PSS Restricted certificates
2019-08-09  Matt CaswellAdd Restricted PSS certificate and key