12 days ago  Bastian Germannapps x509: passing PKCS#11 URL as -signkey
12 days ago  Rich SalzMake secure-memory be a config option
12 days ago  Richard LevitteAdapt i2d_PUBKEY for provider only keys
12 days ago  Richard LevitteAdapt i2d_PrivateKey for provider only keys
12 days ago  Nikolay MorozovForgotten GOST2012 support in non-vital places
13 days ago  Paulidsatest: fix the non-deprecated version of the test...
13 days ago  PauliApps: don't build deprecated DH and DSA apps.
13 days ago  Shane LontisFix coverity issues
13 days ago  H.J. Lux86_64: Always generate section...
13 days ago  Matt CaswellFix a mem leak in libssl
13 days ago  Matt CaswellAdd Asymmetric RSA cipher tests in FIPS provider
13 days ago  Matt CaswellMake the RSA ASYM_CIPHER implementation available insid...
13 days ago  Christopher... Add assembly config targets for UEFI build
2020-02-12  Matt CaswellFix no-ec build
2020-02-12  Richard LevitteAdd OSSL_SERIALIZER_PUBKEY_TO_DER_PQ and friends
2020-02-12  Dr. David von... fix build for new HTTP client in case OPENSSL_NO_CMP...
2020-02-12  PauliRemove unused ossl_param_bld_to_param_ex() function.
2020-02-12  PauliRemove unused OSSL_PARAM_construct_from_text() function.
2020-02-11  PauliAdd NEWS entry about deprecation of command line public...
2020-02-11  Paulidsa: deprecate applications that depend on the low...
2020-02-11  Pauliapp: add a deprecation warning to all deprecated commands.
2020-02-11  Richard Levittetest/recipes/80-test_ssl_old.t: Replace 'openssl gendsa'
2020-02-11  Paulitest_dsa: fix deprecation logic
2020-02-11  Richard Levittetest/recipes/15-test_dsa.t: Deal with deprecation of...
2020-02-11  PauliDeprecate the low level DSA functions.
2020-02-11  Paulidsa.h: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-02-11  PauliDSA: fix the DSA parameter logic in test.
2020-02-11  Matt CaswellAdd S390 support for provider based X25519/X448
2020-02-11  Matt CaswellAdd X25519/X448 Key Exchange to the default provider
2020-02-11  Matt CaswellImplement Provider side Key Management for X25519 and...
2020-02-11  Matt CaswellImplement a stricter ECX_KEY type
2020-02-11  Kurt RoeckxCheck that ed25519 and ed448 are allowed by the securit...
2020-02-11  Kurt RoeckxGenerate new Ed488 certificates
2020-02-11  Bernd EdlingerAdd a minimal build target for Travis and Appveyor
2020-02-11  Richard LevitteX509_PUBKEY_set(): Fix memory leak
2020-02-10  Dr. David von... Generalize the HTTP client so far implemented mostly...
2020-02-10  Dr. David von... add BIO_socket_wait(), BIO_wait(), and BIO_connect_retr...
2020-02-10  Richard LevittePROV: Ensure the AlgorithmIdentifier registers in DSA...
2020-02-10  Davide GalassiMemory allocator code cleanup
2020-02-08  H.J. Lux86: Always generate section for...
2020-02-08  Matt CaswellDon't compile AESNI code if we're not AESNI capable
2020-02-07  Matt CaswellFix no-des
2020-02-07  Matt CaswellFix no-engine
2020-02-07  Matt CaswellFix no-dh
2020-02-07  Matt CaswellFix no-ec
2020-02-07  H.J. LuUse swapcontext for Intel CET
2020-02-07  Richard LevitteAdapt all and test recipes to the new $disab...
2020-02-07  Richard LevitteConfigure: Add easy to use disabled deprecated function...
2020-02-07  Dr. Matthias... tests/drbgtest: use new RAND_DRBG callback_data API...
2020-02-07  Dr. Matthias... RAND_DRBG: add a callback data for entropy and nonce...
2020-02-07  FdaSilvaYYAppveyor: update to Visual Studio 2017.
2020-02-07  Richard LevitteKEYMGMT: Require both get_params and gettable_params...
2020-02-07  Richard LevitteAdapt existing SERIALIZER implementations to the redesi...
2020-02-07  Richard LevitteAdapt test/keymgmt_internal_test.c to the redesigned...
2020-02-07  Richard LevitteAdapt existing KEYMGMT implementations to the redesigne...
2020-02-07  Richard LevitteRedesign the KEYMGMT libcrypto <-> provider interface...
2020-02-07  Richard LevitteReorganize the internal evp_keymgmt functions
2020-02-07  Matt CaswellTemporariy add ASN1_item_verify_ctx() missingcrypto.txt
2020-02-07  Matt CaswellDon't ignore ASN1 when checking for undocumented symbols
2020-02-07  Rich SalzRemove unused HAS_LFN_SUPPORT
2020-02-06  Dr. Matthias... Fix misspelling errors and typos reported by codespell
2020-02-06  Rich SalzMore accurate doc of -ssl_config option
2020-02-06  Rich SalzUpdate command list
2020-02-06  Rich SalzAdd cmd-nits to travis build
2020-02-06  Rich SalzThe -hmac option to speed is now #ifdef'd
2020-02-06  Rich SalzAdd missing s_client options
2020-02-06  Davide GalassiPrevent compiler warning for unused static function.
2020-02-06  Davide GalassiRemoved unused ssl_dane struct declaration.
2020-02-06  Jakub Jelendoc: Fix typo in EVP_DigestSignInit manpage
2020-02-06  thekuwayamaFix small misspelling in doc for OCSP_response_status
2020-02-06  Matt CaswellFix no-sm2
2020-02-06  Shane LontisAdd FFC param/key generation
2020-02-06  Matt CaswellFix no-tls1_3
2020-02-06  Matt CaswellFix builds with no-dh
2020-02-06  Matt CaswellAdd a test for SSL_CTX_new_with_libctx()
2020-02-06  Matt CaswellUse the OPENSSL_CTX and property query string in EVP_PK...
2020-02-06  Matt CaswellExplicitly fetch ciphers and digests in libssl
2020-02-06  PauliParams: change UTF8 construct calls to avoid explicit...
2020-02-05  Kurt RoeckxStop accepting certificates signed using SHA1 at securi...
2020-02-05  Kurt RoeckxCreate a new embeddedSCTs1 that's signed using SHA256
2020-02-05  Matt CaswellFix no-multiblock
2020-02-05  Ross KinseyAuthor: Ross Kinsey <>
2020-02-05  H.J. Lux86: Add endbranch to indirect branch targets for Intel CET
2020-02-04  PauliMake minimum size for secure memory a size_t.
2020-02-04  Richard LevitteEVP_MD_CTX_ctrl(): Remove unnecessary control
2020-02-04  Richard LevittePROV: Fix the DSA SIGNATURE implementation for better...
2020-02-04  Richard LevittePROV: Implement padding mode words in the RSA ASYM_CIPH...
2020-02-04  Richard LevitteDon't pass a digest-size to signature implementations
2020-02-04  Richard LevitteDecentralize legacy_ctrl_str_to_param()
2020-02-04  Matt CaswellTeach more BIOs how to handle BIO_CTRL_EOF
2020-02-04  Matt CaswellDetect EOF while reading in libssl
2020-02-04  PauliDeprecate the ECDSA and EV_KEY_METHOD functions.
2020-02-04  PauliDeprecate the ECDH functions.
2020-02-04  Pauliec.h: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-02-04  Shane LontisFix coverity issues CID 1457745...1457752, 1457853...
2020-02-03  Richard LevitteFix krb5 external test failure
2020-02-03  Davide GalassiMissing "obj_mac" header file in "dh_lib"
2020-02-03  Matt CaswellDon't complain about documented symbols with find-doc...
2020-02-03  Matt CaswellFix common test framework options
2020-02-03  Matt CaswellFix no-ec