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ownerMichael Tremer
last changeSun, 27 Nov 2016 15:51:20 +0000 (10:51 -0500)
2016-11-27 Gene Cummpxe_api.h: finish revert of 9acbffd master
2016-11-27 Gene Cummcore/legacynet/dnsresolv.c: weaken pxe_dns()
2016-11-27 Gene Cummpartial revert 9acbffd
2016-06-17 H. Peter Anvinunload_pxe(): fix string in dprintf()
2016-06-14 Bruno Levertmenu: Apply VSHIFT to scrollbar
2016-06-14 Gene Cummefi/Makefile: remove effective double "//"
2016-06-08 Gene Cummspelling: Auxillary to Auxiliary
2016-06-07 Geert Stappersremoving double l from auxilliary
2016-04-24 Mike Frysingerextlinux: pull in sys/sysmacros.h for major/minor/makedev
2016-04-24 Gene Cummlibupload: Use new TFTP OK status definition
2016-04-06 H. Peter Anvinpxe.c: fix stray line-end garbage
2016-04-06 H. Peter Anvinlibupload: use url_set_ip()
2016-04-06 H. Peter Anvinpxe_dns: remove obsolete pxe_dns.c wrapper
2016-04-06 H. Peter Anvinlibupload: don't error out because the tftp functions...
2016-04-06 H. Peter Anvinpxe_api.h: remove __weak from prototypes
2016-03-09 Pete Batardlibinstaller: remove signed to unsigned cast in initial...
3 years ago syslinux-6.04-pre1 syslinux-6.04-pre1
4 years ago syslinux-6.03 syslinux-6.03
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre20 syslinux-6.03-pre20
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre19 syslinux-6.03-pre19
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre18 syslinux-6.03-pre18
5 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre17 syslinux-6.03-pre17
5 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre16 syslinux-6.03-pre16
5 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre15 syslinux-6.03-pre15
5 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre14 syslinux-6.03-pre14
5 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre13 syslinux-6.03-pre13
5 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre12 syslinux-6.03-pre12
5 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre11 syslinux-6.03-pre11
5 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre10 syslinux-6.03-pre10
5 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre9 syslinux-6.03-pre9
5 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre8 syslinux-6.03-pre8
5 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre7 syslinux-6.03-pre7
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