2020-07-30  Amitanand.Chikordeudev: fix codesonar warnings
2020-07-30  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... pid1: stop limiting size of /dev/shm
2020-07-30  Lennart Poetteringpath-util: make use of TAKE_PTR() where we can
2020-07-30  Kai-Heng Fenghwdb: Add EliteBook to use micmute hotkey
2020-07-30  Lennart Poetteringrepart: log fixes
2020-07-30  Benjamin Dahlhoffadded alternative version of SurfTab Twin
2020-07-30  Yu Watanabenetwork: fix use of uninitialized value
2020-07-30  Michael Marleynetwork: Fix "Unknown section 'DHCPv6PrefixDelegation...
2020-07-29  Yu WatanabeNEWS: mention about [DHCPv6PrefixDelegation] section
2020-07-29  Lennart Poetteringmeson: run 'ninja man/update-man-rules' again
2020-07-29  Lennart Poetteringman: fix link markup
2020-07-29  Lennart PoetteringMerge pull request #16585 from yuwata/network-dhcp6...
2020-07-29  Lennart PoetteringMerge pull request #16590 from keszybz/test-fs-util...
2020-07-29  Lennart PoetteringMerge pull request #16576 from keszybz/bump-tmp-size
2020-07-29  Gaurav Singhtest-cgroup-util: Handle result=NULL as empty string
2020-07-29  Daan De Meyerfirstboot: Update help string with --root-shell options
2020-07-29  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... test-sleep: add more logging, show secure boot mode 16590/head
2020-07-29  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... NEWS: mention new tmpfs limits 16576/head
2020-07-29  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... Bump /tmp size back to 50% of RAM
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: rename settings about DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation 16585/head
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: make RADVPrefixDelegation enum bitfield
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: update address infomation even if link is...
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: do not assume static addresses are configured
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: check at least one dynamic address is assigned...
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: dhcp6: drop addresses and delegated prefixes...
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: rename ipv4ll_address -> ipv4ll_address_configured
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: ndisc: also remove old DNSSL or RDNSS records...
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: ndisc: remove old addresses and routes after...
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: dhcp4: release old lease after the new address...
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: make address/route_configure optionally return...
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: set key destructor in several hash_ops
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: make link_check_ready() return earlier if...
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: ndisc: do not set configured flags when addres...
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: make link enter failed state if address_update...
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: introduce callback called when an address...
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabetest-network: add tests for prefix routes
2020-07-28  Yu Watanabenetwork: add debug log for configuring address
2020-07-28  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... test-ndisc-rs: increase timeouts
2020-07-28  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... test-path: increase timeout
2020-07-28  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... test-fs-util: do not assume /dev is always real
2020-07-28  Daan De Meyerfirstboot: Check if the given shell exists
2020-07-26  Michael Marleynetwork: radv: Send RA on newly-added dynamic prefix
2020-07-26  Christian GöttscheFix clang-11 issues
2020-07-26  Piotr Drągcatalog: update Polish translation
2020-07-26  Yu Watanaberesolvectl: fix older resolved or networkd support...
2020-07-24  Yu WatanabeMerge pull request #16566 from poettering/nspawn-osrele... v246-rc2
2020-07-24  Yu WatanabeMerge pull request #16567 from keszybz/more-news
2020-07-24  Axel Rasmussenselinux: handle getcon_raw producing a NULL pointer...
2020-07-23  Dan Streetmansemaphoreci: update Debian release to bullseye
2020-07-23  Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO 16566/head
2020-07-23  Lennart Poetteringnspawn: rework how /run/host/ is set up
2020-07-23  Luca Boccassiportabled: update host's os-release path
2020-07-23  Luca Boccassidoc: update os-release spec with new path for container...
2020-07-23  Luca BoccassiNEWS: fix typo in path
2020-07-23  Lennart Poetteringnspawn: add missing spdx header
2020-07-23  Lennart PoetteringMerge pull request #16561 from yuwata/test-ordered-set
2020-07-23  Lennart Poetteringcore: clean more env vars from env block pid1 receives
2020-07-23  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... NEWS: reorder entries a bit and add a few items 16567/head
2020-07-23  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... NEWS: update contributors list for v246-pre
2020-07-23  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... hwdb: update again for v246
2020-07-23  Lennart Poetteringfirstboot: don't create /etc/passwd with mode 000
2020-07-23  Lennart Poetteringnspawn: fix MS_SHARED mount propagation for userns...
2020-07-23  szb512Update mkosi.ubuntu to 'focal'
2020-07-23  Yu Watanabenetwork: compare with peer address if it is specified
2020-07-23  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... Merge pull request #16532 from yuwata/network-sync...
2020-07-23  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... test-ordered-set: add a case where we get 0 for duplica... 16561/head
2020-07-23  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... man: do not say that isolate is like switching runlevels
2020-07-23  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... Merge pull request #16557 from keszybz/two-ci-fixes
2020-07-23  Yu Watanabetest: clarify that ordered_set_put() returns -EEXIST...
2020-07-23  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... meson: do not choke on time epoch when there are no... 16557/head
2020-07-23  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... semaphore: pull in tree explicitly
2020-07-23  Lennart Poetteringupdate NEWS
2020-07-23  Lennart PoetteringMerge pull request #16496 from DaanDeMeyer/firstboot...
2020-07-23  Daan De MeyerGet SOURCE_EPOCH from the latest git tag instead of...
2020-07-23  Lennart PoetteringMerge pull request #16542 from keszybz/make-targets...
2020-07-23  Lennart Poetteringexecute: take ownership of more fields in ExecParameters
2020-07-22  Daan De Meyerfirstboot: Add --root-shell option 16496/head
2020-07-22  Daan De Meyerfirstboot: Tighten up passwd/shadow handling
2020-07-22  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... pid1: target units can fail through dependencies 16542/head
2020-07-22  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... Revert "units: drop OnFailure= from .target units"
2020-07-22  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... core/job: adjust whitespace and comment
2020-07-22  Yu Watanabetest-network: add test for duplicated IPv6Token= 16532/head
2020-07-22  Yu Watanabenetwork: ndisc: ignore duplicated IPv6Token=
2020-07-22  Yu Watanabenetwork: ndisc: do not store duplicated data in Set
2020-07-22  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... Merge pull request #16536 from poettering/time-clock...
2020-07-22  Yu Watanabeutil: use IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL() macro
2020-07-22  Yu Watanabetest-network: drop unnecessary sleep() in NetworkdState...
2020-07-22  Yu Watanabenetwork: make bus methods sync link state file
2020-07-22  Yu Watanabenetwork: introduce link_save_and_clean()
2020-07-22  Yu Watanabetree-wide: use siphash24_compress_string() where it...
2020-07-22  Yu Watanabeutil: introduce siphash24_compress_string()
2020-07-22  Yu Watanabeutil: make siphash24_compress_boolean() inline
2020-07-22  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... test-path: decrease variable scope
2020-07-22  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... test: increase timeout for test-path
2020-07-22  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... Merge pull request #16530 from yuwata/udev-fix-race...
2020-07-22  Lennart PoetteringMerge pull request #16407 from bluca/verity_reuse
2020-07-22  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... Revert "man: add note about systemd-vconsole-setup...
2020-07-22  Elisei Rocatest: adapt test-functions for SUSE
2020-07-22  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... Merge pull request #16514 from keszybz/zstd-decompress-fix
2020-07-22  Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... Merge pull request #16540 from poettering/acl-fix