16 hours ago  Karel Zaklibfidk: (dos) fix tiny partitions calculation master
17 hours ago  Karel Zakeject: use O_EXCL on default
39 hours ago  Sami Kerolainclude/xalloc: reindent function bodies to unify inden...
39 hours ago  Sami Kerolainclude/xalloc: use multiline function declarations
39 hours ago  Sami Kerolasetpwnam: use more appropriate allocation size types
39 hours ago  Sami Kerolacolumn: pass control struct to local_wcstok()
40 hours ago  Karel ZakMerge branch 'container' of
41 hours ago  Karel Zakpartx: document -d vs. --nr and fix test
43 hours ago  Karel Zakpartx: don't report ENXIO as error on -d
2 days ago  Patrick Steinhardtlibmount: fix comment referring to passno field
3 days ago  Patrick Steinhardtwdctl: remove duplicate include of <unistd.h>
3 days ago  Kevin Haolibmount: Keep the mnt_tab info for the existent dest...
3 days ago  Karel Zaktests: Skip fdisk/mbr-nondos-mode on Sparc as unsupported
3 days ago  Karel Zakchfn: don't append extra tailing commas
8 days ago  Eric Desrochersfstrim shouldn't run inside a container
2019-08-08  Rosen PenevRemove unused utime.h header
2019-08-08  Rosen PenevRemove isascii usage
2019-08-08  Karel Zaktests: update fdisk output
2019-08-08  Karel Zaklibfdisk: (script) support shortcuts in the type= field
2019-08-07  Karel Zaktests: use subtests for mountpoint(1)
2019-08-07  Karel ZakMerge branch 'issue832' of
2019-08-07  Karel ZakMerge branch 'master' of
2019-08-06  Karel Zaklibfdisk: refer to partx(8) rather than to kpartx(8)
2019-08-04  Chistyj Arkadijremoved double space
2019-08-04  Chistyj Arkadijfixed mount man page typo, "bythe" -> "by the"
2019-08-02  Sami Kerolamountpoint: add --nofollow option
2019-08-01  Karel Zakdmesg: fix output hex encoding
2019-08-01  Karel Zakchoom: improve docs
2019-07-31  Karel Zaklibblkid: fix file descriptor leak in blkid_verify()
2019-07-29  Karel ZakMerge branch '2019wk29' of
2019-07-29  Yousong Zhoucolumn: fix outputing empty column at the end of line
2019-07-27  Sami Kerolalscpu: prefer memcpy() to manual pointer arithmetic
2019-07-25  Karel Zaklscpu: (man) add note about cache sizes
2019-07-24  Sami Kerolaagetty: simplify code in dolog() preprocessor blocks
2019-07-24  Sami Kerolalogin: simplify string handling
2019-07-24  Sami Kerolalast: replace strncat() with more robust mem2strcpy()
2019-07-23  Karel Zaktests: (fdisk) update padding in output
2019-07-23  Karel Zaktests: (libsmartcols) add padding tests
2019-07-23  Karel Zaklibsmartcols: cleanup and extend padding functionality
2019-07-22  Karel Zaklibfdisk: improve partition copy on resize
2019-07-22  Karel Zaklibblkid: (drbd) fix comment formatting
2019-07-22  Karel ZakMerge branch 'master_fix-partition-copy' of https:...
2019-07-22  Karel Zakfstrim: fix systemd service protection
2019-07-19  Vojtech Trefnylibfdisk: Fix double free of *_chs strings in fdisk_par...
2019-07-17  Karel Zaklibfdisk: don't use NTFS as MBR
2019-07-17  Karel Zaklibblkid: do not interpret NTFS as MBR
2019-07-17  Karel Zaklibfdisk: don't use FAT as MBR
2019-07-15  Karel Zakbuild-sys: improve hwclock CMOS dependences
2019-07-15  Karel Zakbuild-sys: add UL_REQUIRES_ARCH()
2019-07-15  Carlos Santoshwclock: use CMOS clock only if available
2019-07-15  Karel Zaktests: (libmount) make X-* and x-* more robust
2019-07-15  Karel Zaklsblk: fix -E segfault
2019-07-15  Karel Zaklibblkid: (drbd) simplify padding
2019-07-15  Karel ZakMerge branch '2019wk27' of
2019-07-15  Florian Weimerbuild-sys: Include <stdlib.h> in ./configure wchar_t...
2019-07-14  Sami Kerolalibblkid: fix address sanitizer issues
2019-07-14  Sami Kerolalibblkid: check number of test_blkid_save arguments...
2019-07-14  Sami Kerolainclude/xalloc: ensure xstrdup() and xstrndup() returns...
2019-07-12  Sami Kerolalibmount: fix potential null pointer dereference
2019-07-12  Sami Kerolalibfdisk: fix variable shadowing
2019-07-01  Sami Kerolalib/ttyutils: avoid checking same thing twice
2019-06-27  Karel Zaklsblk: force to print PKNAME for partition
2019-06-21  Sanchit SainiTODO: fix typo
2019-06-21  Stanislav BrabecFix translations for losetup typo fix
2019-06-21  Stanislav Brabeclosetup: Typo fix
2019-06-21  Stanislav Brabecagetty: Remove superfluous fflush()
2019-06-20  Marcos Mellolibfdisk: fix typos
2019-06-18  Karel ZakRevert "lib/loopdev.c: Inline loopcxt_has_device"
2019-06-18  Karel Zaklibfdisk: add fdisk_assign_device_by_fd()
2019-06-18  Karel ZakMerge branch 'su_err_msg' of
2019-06-17  Karel ZakMerge branch 'topic/wdctl'
2019-06-17  Karel Zakwdctl; read from /sys if necessary
2019-06-17  Karel Zaklib/path: make sure ul_path_read_buffer() derminate...
2019-06-17  Karel Zakwdctl: default to /dev/watchdog0
2019-06-17  Karel Zakwdctl: remove printing from main()
2019-06-17  Karel Zakwdctl: add control struct
2019-06-17  Karel Zakwdctl: rename watch dog info struct
2019-06-17  Karel Zakinclude/closestream: avoid close more than once
2019-06-17  Karel Zakmisc: replaces atexit(close_stdout) with new close_stdo...
2019-06-17  Karel Zaklibfdisk: fix fdisk_script_get_table()
2019-06-17  Karel Zaklibfdisk: (docs) add notes about fdisk_enable_wipe()
2019-06-17  Karel Zaklibfdisk: add fdisk_script_set_table()
2019-06-17  Karel Zaklscpu: add a new columns to --cache
2019-06-17  Karel Zakdocs: we have 2019 already
2019-06-14  Karel Zakbuild-sys: release++ (v2.34) v2.34
2019-06-14  Karel Zakdocs: update v2.34-ReleaseNotes
2019-06-14  Karel Zakdocs: update AUTHORS file
2019-06-14  Karel Zakpo: merge changes
2019-06-14  Boyuan Yangpo: update zh_CN.po (from
2019-06-14  Yuri Chornoivanpo: update uk.po (from
2019-06-14  Sebastian Rasmussenpo: update sv.po (from
2019-06-14  Rafael Fontenellepo: update pt_BR.po (from
2019-06-14  Jakub Boguszpo: update pl.po (from
2019-06-14  Takeshi Hamasakipo: update ja.po (from
2019-06-14  Božidar Putanecpo: update hr.po (from
2019-06-14  Frédéric Marchalpo: update fr.po (from
2019-06-14  Antonio Ceballos Roapo: update es.po (from
2019-06-14  Mario Blättermannpo: update de.po (from
2019-06-14  Joe Hansenpo: update da.po (from
2019-06-14  Petr Písařpo: update cs.po (from