2019-04-09  Karel Zakbuild-sys: release++ (v2.33.2) stable/v2.33 v2.33.2
2019-04-09  Karel Zakdocs: update v2.33.2-ReleaseNotes
2019-04-09  Karel Zakdocs: update AUTHORS file
2019-04-09  Karel Zakpo: merge changes
2019-04-09  Božidar Putanecpo: update hr.po (from
2019-04-09  Frédéric Marchalpo: update fr.po (from
2019-04-09  Mario Blättermannpo: update de.po (from
2019-04-08  Karel Zaktests: add /mnt/test/foo^Mbar to mountinfo tests
2019-04-08  Karel Zaklibmount: don't use sscanf() for swaps parsing
2019-04-08  Karel Zaklibmount: don't use sscanf() for mountinfo parsing
2019-04-08  Karel Zaklibmount: don't use sscanf() for fstab parsing
2019-04-02  Marcos Paulo... fstrim: Remove commnet about vfat not supporting fstrim
2019-04-02  Karel Zaksu: change error message
2019-04-02  Karel Zakblkid: (man) cleanup return code section
2019-04-02  Karel Zaksu: be sensitive to another SIGCHLD ssi_codes
2019-04-02  Patrick Steinhardtlast: do not use non-standard __UT_NAMESIZE
2019-04-02  Stanislav Brabeclibmount: Recognize more fuse filesystems as pseudofs...
2019-04-02  Stanislav Brabecagetty: Switch to 8-bit processing in get_logname(...
2019-04-02  Stanislav Brabecagetty: Fix input of non-ASCII characters in get_logname()
2019-04-02  Juerg Haefligerlibfdisk: (dos) Use strtoul to parse the label-id
2019-04-02  danacolumn: Address fill-order confusion in documentation
2019-04-02  Karel Zaklscpu: document --hex output regression (since v2.30)
2019-04-02  Sami Kerolainclude/path.h: remove duplicate header inclusion
2019-04-02  Sami Kerolainclude: add no return function attribute
2019-04-02  Fabian.Kirsch... libfdisk: sanity check, to prevent overlapping partitio...
2019-04-02  Karel Zakwall: remove unnecessary warning
2019-04-02  Stanislav Brabecmount: Do not call mnt_pretty_path() on net file systems.
2019-04-02  Icenowy Zhenglibfdisk: (gpt) add HiFive Unleashed bootloader partiti...
2019-04-02  edupontTypo in configuration help
2019-04-02  Peter Wumount.8: clarify (no)suid behavior on file capabilities
2019-04-02  Karel Zaksfdisk: fix logical partition resize when start specified
2019-04-02  Karel Zaklogger: (man) make more obvious that --server/socket...
2019-04-02  Johannes Nixdorfbuild-sys: fix crypt() detection without -lcrypt
2019-04-02  Andreas Schwabsetarch: don't return address of automatic variable
2019-04-02  Karel Zaklosetup: use offset in warn_size() calculation
2019-04-02  Karel Zakwhereis: search in /(s)bin before /usr/lib
2019-04-02  Sami Kerolareadprofile: check input file is not empty [asan]
2019-04-02  Sami Kerolalast: fix wtmp user name buffer overflow [asan]
2019-04-02  Sami Kerolabash-completion: umount support relative path and ...
2019-01-09  Karel Zakbuild-sys: release++ (v2.33.1) v2.33.1
2019-01-09  Karel Zakdocs: update v2.33.1-ReleaseNotes
2019-01-09  Karel Zakdocs: update AUTHORS file
2019-01-09  Karel Zakpo: merge changes
2019-01-09  Sebastian Rasmussenpo: update sv.po (from
2019-01-09  Antonio Ceballos Roapo: update es.po (from
2019-01-04  Karel Zaklibblkid: (ntfs) fix compiler warning [-Wpedantic]
2019-01-04  Sami Kerolachmem: add initilizer [clang]
2019-01-04  John W HigginsRemove duplicate entry for reset-env from usage
2019-01-04  Jean-Philippe... dmesg: correct "-n, --console-level level" example...
2019-01-04  Sami Keroladocs: add link to mail list archive
2019-01-04  Tony Aslesonlibblkid: stratis: correct byte order
2019-01-04  Karel Zakmkswap: use dd(1) in example rather than fallocate(1)
2019-01-04  Karel Zaktests: check for tar and {b,g}zip
2019-01-04  Karel Zaklibmount: (umount) make mnt_stat_mountpoin() usable...
2019-01-04  Karel Zakumount: fix --quiet
2019-01-04  Karel Zakchoom: fix negative adjust score usage
2019-01-04  Seth Girvanlibuuid: fix man page typos
2019-01-04  Karel Zakfstrim: fix usage()
2019-01-04  Karel Zakbuild-sys: do not require crypt()
2019-01-04  Karel Zakbuild-sys: do not require dirfd()
2019-01-04  Ruediger Meierinclude/c: re-add type checking in container_of()
2019-01-04  Karel Zaktests: make lsns-netnsid portable
2019-01-04  Karel Zaktests: enlarge backing file for fstab-btrfs
2019-01-04  Noel Craggmkswap: fix page size warning message
2019-01-04  Carlos Santosbuild-sys: make fdisk, sfdisk, cfdisk optional (enabled...
2019-01-04  Karel Zaksetarch: fix obscure sparc32bash use-case
2019-01-04  Stanislav Brabecagetty: Return old behavior with empty logname
2019-01-04  Andreas Henrikssonfstrim: Add Documentation key to fstrim.service
2019-01-04  Andreas Henrikssonuuidd: Add Documentation key to uuidd.service
2019-01-04  Paul Asmuthfix a bug where switch_root would erroneously try to...
2019-01-04  Christian Hesseagetty: fix output of escaped characters
2019-01-04  Milan Brozlibblkid: fix detection of dm-integrity superblock
2019-01-04  Samuel Thibaultagetty: fix portability issues
2019-01-04  Thomas Deutschmanntests: run oids test only when uuidgen tool was built
2018-11-06  Karel Zakbuild-sys: release++ (v2.33) v2.33
2018-11-06  Karel Zakdocs: update v2.33-ReleaseNotes
2018-11-06  Karel Zakdocs: update AUTHORS file
2018-11-06  Karel Zakpo: merge changes
2018-11-06  Yuri Chornoivanpo: update uk.po (from
2018-11-06  Rafael Fontenellepo: update pt_BR.po (from
2018-11-06  Jakub Boguszpo: update pl.po (from
2018-11-06  Takeshi Hamasakipo: update ja.po (from
2018-11-06  Frédéric Marchalpo: update fr.po (from
2018-11-06  Antonio Ceballos Roapo: update es.po (from
2018-11-06  Petr Písařpo: update cs.po (from
2018-11-06  Karel ZakMerge branch 'spelling' of
2018-11-05  Karel Zakeject: use err() rather than abort()
2018-11-03  Jakub Wilkdocs: fix typos
2018-10-31  Stanislav Brabecagetty: when logname is erased, re-enable reloads
2018-10-24  Karel Zakdocs: add info about branches; update travis.yml
2018-10-23  Masato Suzukiblkzone: fix report zones sector offset check
2018-10-22  Lubomir Rintelagetty: don't put the VC into canonical mode
2018-10-19  Karel Zakbuild-sys: release++ (v2.33-rc2) v2.33-rc2
2018-10-19  Karel Zakdocs: update v2.33-ReleaseNotes
2018-10-19  Karel Zakdocs: update AUTHORS file
2018-10-19  Karel Zakpo: merge changes
2018-10-11  Karel Zakagetty: don't use __u32
2018-10-11  Karel Zakagetty: make output more robust
2018-10-11  Karel Zakagetty: cleanup issue output change, remove bool
2018-10-11  Karel Zakagetty: move all issue variables to struct