2019-05-03 Eric Sandeenxfsprogs: Release v5.0.0 master v5.0.0
2019-05-03 Jorge Guerraxfs_db: scan entire file system when using 'frag'
2019-05-03 Eric Sandeenxfs_io: rework includes for statx structures
2019-04-26 Eric Sandeenxfsprogs: Release v5.0.0-rc1 v5.0.0-rc1
2019-04-26 Eric Sandeenlibxfs: refactor manage_zones()
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... libfrog: fix memory leak in bitmap_free
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... libxfs: shorten inode item lifetime
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... libxfs: fix buffer log item lifetime weirdness
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... libxfs: don't touch buffer log item pointer when flushi...
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... libxfs: refactor buffer item release code
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... misc: fix strncpy length complaints
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... libxfs: drop the ifork_ops parameter from libxfs_inode_...
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... libxfs: retain ifork_ops when flushing inode
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_repair: correctly account for free space btree...
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_info: use findmnt to handle mounted block devices
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... scrub: fix Makefile targets which depend on builddefs
2019-04-26 Eric Sandeenxfsprogs: remove unused function prototypes
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: remove redundant function declarations
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... mkfs: don't use DIFLAG values for fsx_xflags
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: remove pointless xfs_verify_error_info struct
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: rename confusing structure
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: remove xfs_ prefixes from structure names
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_db: metadump should handle symlinks properly
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_db: refactor multi-fsb object detection decision...
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_db: refactor metadump handling of multi-fsb objects
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_repair: better cli option parameter checking
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_io: fix label parsing and validation
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_io: don't read garbage stack contents if INUMBERS...
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: include unicrash.h in unicrash.c
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... libxfs: remove libxfs_trans_iget
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... libxfs: refactor the open-coded libxfs_trans_bjoin...
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... libfrog: hoist bitmap out of scrub
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_repair: pass ops through during scan
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_repair: refactor buffer ops assignments during...
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_repair: fix uninitialized variable warnings
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_repair: bump the irec on-disk nlink when adding...
2019-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs_repair: reinitialize the root directory nlink correctly
2019-04-18 Darrick J.... mkfs: validate extent size hint parameters
2019-04-18 Eric Sandeenxfs_scrub: fix typo in unicrash header file
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... xfs_db: use TYP_FINOBT for finobt metadump
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: check label for misleading characters
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: don't close mnt_fd when mnt_fd open fails
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: one read/verify pool per disk
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: don't expose internal pool state
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: use datadev parallelization estimates for...
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: rename the global nr_threads
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub_all.timer: activate after most of the system...
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub_all: walk the lsblk device/fs hierarchy correctly
2019-03-28 Eric Sandeenxfs_io: document fzero_f -k option in manpage
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... xfs_io: don't walk off the end of argv in fzero_f
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... xfs_io: statx -r should print attributes_mask
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... xfs_io: actually check copy file range helper return...
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... debian: enable parallel make
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... debian: don't bypass top level Makefile when building...
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... debian: drop dangling libhandle.a symlinks in xfslibs-dev
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... fix alignment of features
2019-03-28 Darrick J.... configure: use sys/xattr.h for fsetxattr detection
2019-03-28 Dave Chinnerlibxfs: fix repair deadlock due to failed inode flushes.
2019-02-27 Darrick J.... xfs: stringify scrub types in ftrace output libxfs-5.0-sync
2019-02-27 Darrick J.... xfs: stringify btree cursor types in ftrace output
2019-02-27 Darrick J.... xfs: move XFS_INODE_FORMAT_STR mappings to libxfs
2019-02-27 Darrick J.... xfs: move XFS_AG_BTREE_CMP_FORMAT_STR mappings to libxfs
2019-02-27 Darrick J.... xfs: fix symbolic enum printing in ftrace output
2019-02-27 Omar Sandovalxfs: cache minimum realtime summary level
2019-02-27 Darrick J.... xfs: precalculate cluster alignment in inodes and blocks
2019-02-27 Darrick J.... xfs: precalculate inodes and blocks per inode cluster
2019-02-27 Darrick J.... xfs: add a block to inode count converter
2019-02-27 Darrick J.... xfs: remove xfs_rmap_ag_owner and friends
2019-02-27 Darrick J.... xfs: const-ify xfs_owner_info arguments
2019-02-27 Darrick J.... xfs: streamline defer op type handling
2019-02-27 Darrick J.... xfs: idiotproof defer op type configuration
2019-02-27 Dave Chinnerxfs: zero length symlinks are not valid
2019-02-27 Pan Bianxfs: libxfs: move xfs_perag_put late
2019-02-22 Eric Sandeenxfsprogs: Release v4.20.0 v4.20.0
2019-02-08 Eric Sandeenxfsprogs: Release v4.20.0-rc1 v4.20.0-rc1
2019-02-01 Eric Sandeenxfs_repair: fix incorrect return value in namecheck()
2019-01-29 Eric Sandeenxfsprogs: Remove barrier/nobarrier mount options from...
2019-01-28 Eric Sandeenxfs_db: add -d to short help for write command
2019-01-28 Eric Sandeenxfsprogs: remove generated scrub files under clean...
2019-01-28 Brian Fosterxfs_repair: initialize non-leaf finobt blocks with...
2019-01-28 Darrick J.... xfs_db: fix finobt record decoding when sparse inodes...
2019-01-28 Darrick J.... xfs_repair: fix off by one error when rebuilding high...
2019-01-28 Achilles Gaikwadxfs_quota: fix false error reporting of project inherit...
2019-01-28 Eric Sandeenxfs_repair: allow '/' in attribute names
2019-01-11 Stefan Ringxfs_metadump: Zap dev inodes
2019-01-11 Stefan Ringxfs_metadump: Zap unused space in inode btrees
2019-01-11 Stefan Ringxfs_metadump: Zap freeindex blocks in directory inodes
2019-01-11 Stefan Ringxfs_metadump: Zap multi fsb blocks
2019-01-11 Stefan Ringxfs_metadump: Extend data zapping to XFS_DIR{2,3}_LEAFN...
2018-12-12 Eric Sandeenxfs_db: teach the frag command about sparse inode chunks
2018-12-12 Eric Sandeenmkfs.xfs: null-terminate symlinks created via protofile
2018-12-12 Eric Sandeenxfsprogs: don't install xfs_scrub man pages if config...
2018-12-12 Dave Chinnerxfs_io: copy_file_range length is a size_t
2018-12-12 Dave Chinnerxfs_io: allow open file permissions to be changed
2018-12-12 Dave Chinnerio: open pipes in non-blocking mode
2018-12-12 Darrick J.... xfs_db: add missing string name for DBM_COWDATA
2018-12-12 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: move everything to /usr/sbin
2018-12-12 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: fix fractional reporting of single inodes
2018-12-12 Darrick J.... xfs_scrub: handle totally empty inode chunks
2018-12-12 Darrick J.... xfs_repair: skip block reservation when fixing freelist