2021-07-13  Michael Tremerstrip: Silence any warnings for files without capabilities master v2.25-core158
2021-07-13  Michael Tremervpnmain.cgi: Join certificate output before &Header...
2021-07-13  Michael TremerPartially revert "vpnmain.cgi: Use new system methods"
2021-07-13  Michael Tremerovpnmain.cgi: Join certificate output before &Header...
2021-07-12  Michael Tremercore158: Ship etherwake
2021-07-10  Michael Tremerstripper: Handle capabilities
2021-07-09  Michael Tremercore158: Run sshctrl
2021-07-09  Peter MüllerPakfire: call "sync" in function.sh after having extrac...
2021-07-09  Michael Tremercore158: Ship pakfire functions.sh
2021-07-09  Michael Tremerpakfire: Do not delay directory restore
2021-07-09  Michael Tremerpakfire: Put tar options into an array
2021-07-09  Michael Tremerpakfire.cgi: Sleep after running a pakfire command
2021-07-09  Michael Tremerpakfire.cgi: Remove confusing dots in install message
2021-07-09  Michael Tremerpakfire.cgi: Pass packages to install/uninstall as...
2021-07-09  Michael Tremerfireinfo.cgi: Fix kernel version
2021-07-07  Stefan Schantlddns.cgi: Fix sanity check logic.
2021-07-02  Michael Tremercore158: Ship ppp
2021-07-02  Michael TremerRevert "ppp: update to 2.4.9"
2021-07-01  Michael Tremeraws-cli: Depend on python3-six
2021-07-01  Michael TremerRevert "python-six: Removal of python2 & 3 addon versio...
2021-07-01  Michael Tremercore158: Fully terminate apache before restarting it
2021-07-01  Michael Tremercore158: Fix name of vnstat initscript
2021-06-28  Michael Tremercore158: Actually drop motion instead of monit
2021-06-28  Michael Tremercore158: Uninstall all dropped add-ons
2021-06-28  Stéphane PautrelUpdate French translation
2021-06-24  Michael TremerRevert "OpenSSH: restrict file permissions for sshd_con...
2021-06-24  Michael TremerRevert "ncat: Update to 7.91"
2021-06-22  Stefan Schantlovpnmain.cgi: Fix typos.
2021-06-22  Stefan Schantlovpnmain.cgi: Call correct system_output() function.
2021-06-21  Michael TremerMerge branch 'core157'
2021-06-21  Michael Tremercore157: Ship lua
2021-06-21  Stefan Schantlovpnmain.cgi: Fix detection of used DH key lenght.
2021-06-21  Stefan Schantlvpnmain.cgi: Fix typo.
2021-06-21  Stefan Schantlpppsetup.cgi: Fix typos.
2021-06-21  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next'
2021-06-20  Matthias Fischernano: Update to 5.8
2021-06-20  Matthias Fischerknot: Update to 3.0.7
2021-06-20  Peter MüllerTor: update to
2021-06-20  Stefan Schantlspeed.cgi: Add requirement for general-functions.pl.
2021-06-20  Stefan Schantlmemory.cgi: Fix missing qoutes.
2021-06-18  Michael TremerDrop obsolete files from bluetooth package
2021-06-18  Michael Tremergeneral-functions.pl: Explicitely call new system function
2021-06-18  Michael TremerBump release of all packages with CGI files
2021-06-18  Peter Müllerproxy.cgi: Suppress Squid version by default
2021-06-17  Michael Tremercore158: Ship web-user-interface
2021-06-17  Michael TremerMerge branch 'perl-system' into next
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantlhardwaregraphs.cgi: Perform all sensor lookups in pure...
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantlservices.cgi: Redesign isautorun() because shell globbi...
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantlremote.cgi: Fix splitting output from ssh-keygen.
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantldhcp.cgi: Fix typo and displaying advanced options...
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantlfireinfo.cgi: Fix read-in profile data.
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantltime.cgi: Get and manipuate date and time in pure perl
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantlnetexternal.cgi: Grab DNS servers in pure perl
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantlids-functions.pl: Use new system methods
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantlnetwork-functions.pl: Use new system methods
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantlmdstat.cgi: Print mdstat status in pure perl
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantlfireinfo.cgi: Use new system methods
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantlvpnmain.cgi: Use new system methods
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantlpppsetup.cgi: Use new system methods
2021-06-17  Stefan Schantlwireless.cgi: Use new system methods
2021-06-17  Michael Tremercore158: Ship xfsprogs
2021-06-17  Adolf Belkaxfsprogs: Update to 5.12.0
2021-06-17  Adolf Belkacups-filters: Update to 1.28.9
2021-06-17  Peter Müllerproxy.cgi: drop options for faking Referer and User...
2021-06-17  Michael Tremercore158: Ship smartmontools
2021-06-17  Peter Müllersmartmontools: update to 7.2
2021-06-17  Michael Tremercore158: Ship hwdata
2021-06-17  Peter Müllerhwdata: update PCI/USB databases
2021-06-17  Peter MüllerPostfix: update to 3.6.1
2021-06-17  Adolf Belkaglib: Update to 2.68.3
2021-06-17  Michael Tremercore158: Ship fuse
2021-06-17  Adolf Belkafuse: Update to 3.10.4
2021-06-17  Adolf Belkacmake: Update to 3.20.4
2021-06-14  Michael Tremeripsec: Prefer curve448 over curve25519
2021-06-14  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'pmueller/temp-cleanup...
2021-06-14  Matthias FischerRemoved several lfs options leading to: configure:...
2021-06-14  Michael Tremercore158: Ship sudo
2021-06-14  Adolf Belkasudo: Update to 1.9.7p1
2021-06-12  Matthias Fischertmux: Update to 3.2a
2021-06-12  Michael Tremercore158: Ship libpcap
2021-06-12  Matthias Fischerlibpcap: Update to 1.10.1
2021-06-12  Matthias Fischertcpdump: Update to 4.99.1
2021-06-11  Michael Tremeripsec-policy: Do no create DROP rules for on-demand...
2021-06-11  Peter MüllerPostfix: update to 3.6.0
2021-06-11  Peter Müllerupdate ca-certificates CA bundle
2021-06-10  Michael Tremercore157: Fix shipping boost v2.25-core157
2021-06-10  Michael Tremerwlanap.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremerwirelessclient.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremerwireless.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremerwebaccess.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremerwakeonlan.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremervpnmain.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremerurlfilter.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremerupdatexlrator.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremertraffic.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremertor.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremertime.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremershutdown.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremerservices.cgi: Use new perl system functions
2021-06-10  Michael Tremersamba.cgi: Use new perl system functions