descriptionIPFire 2.x development tree
ownerMichael Tremer
last changeSat, 20 Apr 2019 16:12:21 +0000 (18:12 +0200)
24 hours ago Arne Fitzenreiterfinish core131 core131 master next
24 hours ago Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'next' of v2.23-core131
24 hours ago Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: update 4.14.113
3 days ago Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: update to 4.14.112
3 days ago Michael Tremersuricata: Do not let oinkmaster be too verbose
3 days ago Michael Tremersuricata: Redirect oinkmaster output to perl function
3 days ago Michael TremerRevert "hostapd: Always enable 80 MHz channel width...
3 days ago Michael Tremerunbound: Drop unused function
3 days ago Michael Tremersuricata: Change runmode to workers
5 days ago Arne Fitzenreiterwireless-regdb: update to 2019.03.01
5 days ago Michael Tremerhaproxy: Backup certificates, too
5 days ago Michael Tremerbackup: Allow passing name of tarball for creation...
9 days ago Michael TremerMove IPS to a higher position in the Firewall menu
9 days ago Michael Tremerremote.cgi: Move SSH Agent Forwarding to the top
9 days ago Michael Tremersshctrl: Fix syntax of generated sed command
9 days ago Michael Tremercore131: Ship PTR changes in hosts.cgi
24 hours ago v2.23-core131
7 weeks ago v2.21-core128
2 months ago v2.21-core127
4 months ago v2.21-core126
5 months ago v2.21-core125
6 months ago v2.21-core124
7 months ago v2.21-core123
8 months ago v2.21-core122
11 months ago v2.19-core120
14 months ago v2.19-core118
16 months ago v2.19-core117
17 months ago v2.19-core116
17 months ago v2.19-core115
18 months ago v2.19-core114
21 months ago v2.19-core112
22 months ago v2.19-core111
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