base: Add references to LWL store
[] / src / templates / base.html
2020-12-01  Michael Tremerbase: Add references to LWL store master
2020-08-04  Michael Tremerlocation: Remove BETA badge
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerwiki: Add tree
2020-05-05  Michael Tremerwiki: Move navigation into footer
2020-05-05  Michael TremerMake the wiki slightly narrower by dropping the sidebar
2020-02-03  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-02-03  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Show total amount of profiles in database
2019-12-13  Michael TremerMake legal link work on all pages
2019-11-29  Michael TremerReduce height of the footer
2019-11-29  Michael TremerDrop newsletter and add sign up button
2019-11-29  Michael TremerMake footer actually responsive
2019-11-21  Michael Tremerpeople: Show some stats
2019-11-19  Michael TremerRemove heart icon from Donate buttons
2019-11-06  Michael TremerMerge branch 'community'
2019-10-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Add groups to navigation
2019-10-23  Michael Tremerfooter: Add community link and re-order
2019-10-23  Michael TremerRe-order links in top navigation
2019-10-23  Michael TremerRework support page and add references to community...
2019-10-22  Michael Tremerlocation: Add a "How to use" page
2019-10-18  Michael Tremerlocation: Add an index page that presents the project
2019-09-26  Michael TremerFix links to wiki which referred to /start
2019-05-30  Michael Tremerpeople: Add nickname
2019-05-08  Michael Tremerwiki: Add watchlist
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerfooter: Add spacing between user name and logout button
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerpeople: Move "My Calls" into sidebar
2019-05-07  Michael TremerRevert "CSS: Expand menu only on XL screens"
2019-05-07  Michael Tremertemplates: Remove whitespace errors on base template
2019-05-07  Michael TremerCSS: Expand menu only on XL screens
2019-03-18  Michael TremerImprove description text
2019-03-18  Michael TremerGenerate favicon.ico and Apple Icons from logo
2018-11-19  Michael TremerAdd link to blog to main navigation
2018-11-18  Michael Tremerpeople: Hide various things from users that are not...
2018-11-12  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix spacing in navigation
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Show recent changes
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Allow loggin in
2018-11-12  Michael TremerImplement a basic wiki
2018-11-06  Michael Tremerfooter: Make links relative since this only shown on...
2018-11-06  Michael Tremerblog: Disable big footer
2018-11-06  Michael Tremernewsletter: Of course the email field is required
2018-11-02  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2018-11-01  Michael Tremertemplates: Drop body block
2018-11-01  Michael TremerMake donation links absolute
2018-11-01  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Remove link to old stats pages
2018-10-30  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Update vendors URL schema
2018-10-30  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Drop base template
2018-10-26  Michael Tremermirrors: Add subtitle to header
2018-10-26  Michael Tremerfooter: Update slogan
2018-10-25  Michael Tremernav: Align brand name to the left
2018-10-24  Michael TremerMake donate button appear when menu is collapsed
2018-10-24  Michael Tremerblog: Make menu responsive by moving it into header
2018-10-22  Michael TremerFix whitespace
2018-10-22  Michael TremerFix typo
2018-10-22  Michael Tremernopaste: Refactor everything
2018-10-22  Michael Tremerfooter: Make donation button slightly wider
2018-10-22  Michael Tremerfooter: Make links smaller
2018-10-22  Michael Tremerfooter: Make sure that spacing is always present
2018-10-22  Michael TremerMove navigation into base template
2018-10-16  Michael TremerMake newsletter subscription work in dev environment
2018-10-16  Michael Tremernavbar: Show burger button only when menu exists
2018-10-15  Michael TremerShow big donation button only on front page and blog
2018-10-15  Michael TremerDrop old static pages
2018-10-15  Michael TremerAdd new support page
2018-10-15  Michael TremerMake big header slightly lighter
2018-10-15  Michael TremerDrop Menu module
2018-10-15  Michael TremerImplement backend logic for newsletter subscriptions
2018-10-15  Michael TremerDrop site.js
2018-10-15  Michael TremerRedesign footer
2018-10-15  Michael Tremerbase.html: Remove unused tag
2018-10-15  Michael TremerShow big footer only on front page and blog
2018-10-15  Michael TremerReplace SVG icons by icon font
2018-10-14  Michael TremerMake navigation bar light grey
2018-10-14  Michael TremerMake the navbar static and dark all the time
2018-10-10  Michael TremerFix URL to blog RSS feed
2018-10-02  Michael Tremerfooter: Remove any useless links
2018-09-28  Michael TremerCSS: Make navbar white when scrolled down
2018-09-26  Michael Tremerbase: Remove unused JS includes
2018-09-26  Michael TremerRemove IPFire logo from navbar
2018-09-26  Michael TremerMake brand name white
2018-09-01  Michael TremerShow note about login status in footer
2018-09-01  Michael Tremerblog: Add login link to footer
2018-08-01  Michael TremerRevert "Use background image for donation page, too"
2018-07-18  Michael TremerDrop SSL information from footer
2018-07-18  Michael TremerAdd correct RSS feed URL to footer
2018-07-18  Michael Tremerblog: Add RSS feed URL to header
2018-07-17  Michael TremerUpdate blog links
2018-07-17  Michael TremerShow background image only on main page
2018-07-17  Michael TremerAdd new blog post design
2018-07-17  Michael TremerUse background image for donation page, too
2018-07-15  Michael TremerRemove commented line about the used locale
2018-07-15  Michael TremerUse Karla instead of Ubuntu font
2018-07-15  Michael TremerDelete loads of old content
2018-07-15  Michael TremerRe-enable icon on donate button
2018-07-15  Michael TremerTry to center brand logo on smaller viewports
2018-07-15  Michael Tremerfeatures: Fix scrollspy
2018-07-15  Michael TremerInclude JS for all pages
2018-07-15  Michael Tremerfeatures: Use card
2018-07-12  Michael TremerCSS: Set font weights correctly
2018-07-12  Michael TremerRefactor code for buttons
2018-07-12  Michael TremerRemove double-used block title