4 days ago  Michael Tremerimporter: Also add networks that are not announced... master
4 days ago  Michael Tremerimporter: Write NULL into database when bool is not set
4 days ago  Michael Tremerimporter: Walk through all options for flags
4 days ago  Michael Tremerdatabase: Always require SSL
11 days ago  Peter Müllerlocation.in: strip trailing whitespaces in database...
2020-06-15  Michael Tremerconfigure: Bump version to 0.9.2 0.9.2
2020-06-15  Michael TremerEnable debug logging for all tests
2020-06-15  Michael Tremerconfigure: Update home and contact address
2020-06-15  Michael Tremerman: Update documentation on renamed --output-format...
2020-06-15  Michael Tremerman: Document export command
2020-06-15  Michael Tremerman: Order commands alphabetically on location(8)
2020-06-12  Michael Tremerlocation: Fix handling of families argument
2020-06-12  Michael TremerFix timezone-dependant interpretation of database timestamp
2020-06-12  Michael Tremerpython: Correctly set and use __version__
2020-06-11  Stefan Schantldebian: Also build for sid
2020-06-09  Michael TremerPrint ASes in format like: AS204867 - Lightning Wire...
2020-06-09  Stefan Schantldebian: Disable perl package.
2020-06-09  Michael Tremerimporter: Return the last block, too
2020-06-05  Michael Tremerdebian: Create separate package for the importer
2020-06-05  Michael Tremerdebian: build.sh: Stop printing every command that...
2020-06-05  Michael Tremerdebian: Do not destroy the build result
2020-06-05  Michael Tremerdebian: unstable is called bullseye
2020-06-05  Michael Tremerdatabase: Fix broken search for networks with flags
2020-06-05  Michael Tremerexport flagged networks with their faked country names...
2020-06-05  Michael Tremerlocation(8): Export all countries by default
2020-06-05  Michael TremerAdd option to iterate over all countries and print...
2020-06-04  Michael TremerMakefile: Remove accidentially committed hacks for...
2020-06-04  Michael Tremerdebian: Mark all packages as "Multi-Arch: same"
2020-06-04  Michael Tremerdebian: Correctly define runtime dependencies for all...
2020-06-04  Michael Tremerdebian: Rename main package to "location"
2020-06-04  Michael Tremerdebian: Update rootfiles
2020-06-03  Michael Tremerpo: Import translation strings
2020-06-03  Michael TremerMerge location-exporter(8) into location(8)
2020-06-03  Michael TremerRename location-query(8) to location(8)
2020-06-03  Michael Tremerdownloader: Change user-agent to location
2020-06-03  Michael Tremersystemd: Rename location-downloader to location-update
2020-06-03  Michael Tremerlocation-downloader: Merge man page into location-query
2020-06-03  Michael TremerMove location-downloader functionality into location...
2020-06-03  Michael Tremerlocation-exporter: Warn, but do not fail on invalid...
2020-06-03  Michael Tremerlocation-exporter: Do not mistake country AS for an...
2020-06-03  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Require at least one flag
2020-06-01  Michael TremerMakefile: Remove Python path overrides for Debian
2020-06-01  Michael Tremerlocation-downloader: Do not change content of open...
2020-05-28  Michael Tremertest: Generate random temporary files
2020-05-25  Michael TremerBump version to 0.9.1 0.9.1
2020-05-21  Michael TremerRevert "debian: Drop perl package"
2020-05-21  Stefan Schantldebian: Enable location-download.timer after installation
2020-05-21  Stefan Schantldebian: Ship database signing key.
2020-05-21  Stefan Schantlexamples/create-database.py: Add hack to allow loading...
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerdebian: Do not add auto-generated files
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerman: Document quiet mode switch
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerlocation: Print country name if possible
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerlocation-importer: Implement importing/exporting countries
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Fix typo in "aut-num"
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerstringpool: Always add an empty string
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerformat: Reduce the length of the signature header
2020-05-19  Michael Tremertest: Sign database twice with the same key
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerpython: Support passing two signing keys
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerdatabase: Add support for two signatures
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerdebian: Build a source package, too
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerdebian: Remove code that would have built a native...
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerdebian: Build each build in their own directory
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerdebian: Build for unstable
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerdebian: Do not build for riscv64
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerdebian: Setup build environment only once per release
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerdebian: Drop perl package
2020-05-18  Michael Tremerdebian: Add script to build package for various arches
2020-05-18  Michael Tremerdebian: Fix rootfiles
2020-05-18  Michael Tremerdatabase: Clear signature length before feeding header...
2020-05-18  Michael Tremerdatabase: Check if we could read the full header
2020-05-18  Michael Tremerhexdump: Show how much data we are dumping
2020-05-18  Michael TremerRevert "Tests: Disable testing for valid signature"
2020-05-16  Michael Tremerlocation-downloader: Load the right database version
2020-05-16  Michael Tremertest-database: Check opening files with no or random...
2020-05-16  Michael TremerFix reading database in newer version
2020-05-16  Michael TremerDo not attempt freeing the stringpool when it isn't...
2020-05-16  Michael TremerBump database version to "1"
2020-05-16  Michael Tremerlocation-importer: Remove unused regular expression
2020-05-16  Michael Tremerlocation-importer: Abort when we could not get a greeti...
2020-05-15  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Add command to show the database version
2020-05-15  Michael Tremerlocation-impoter: Allow overriding country by AS override
2020-05-15  Michael Tremerlocation-importer: Fix typo in "aut-num"
2020-05-15  Michael Tremerlocation-importer: Skip everything with /0
2020-05-15  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Include flags in dump output
2020-05-15  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Show flags in lookup output
2020-05-15  Michael Tremerlocation-importer: Remove some debugging output
2020-05-15  Michael Tremerlocation-downloader: Give the database a proper name
2020-05-15  Michael TremerAdd quiet mode
2020-05-15  Michael Tremerpython: Correctly set log level for root logger
2020-05-15  Michael Tremer.gitignore: Omit *.db and *.db.xz from git status output
2020-05-15  Michael Tremerlocation-importer: Fix SQL syntax error
2020-05-15  Michael Tremerlocation-importer: Speed up exporting the database
2020-05-14  Michael Tremerlocation-import: Abort when we could not parse the...
2020-05-13  Michael Tremerresolv: Silence compiler warning about unused variable
2020-05-13  Stefan SchantlDebian: Require lightwight python development packages
2020-05-13  Stefan SchantlMakefile.am: Specify CC and LD when compiling perl...
2020-05-13  Peter Müllerlocation-importer: DELETE multicast and "reserved for...
2020-05-13  Peter Müllerlocation-importer: DELETE "current network" address...
2020-05-13  Peter Müllerlocation-importer: DELETE other unroutable IPv4 networks
2020-05-13  Peter Müllerlocation-importer: DELETE local loopback address space