37 hours ago  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Add listing networks by flags master
38 hours ago  Michael TremerFix names of flags
39 hours ago  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Add output for ipset
39 hours ago  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Allow exporting data for nftables
39 hours ago  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Support listing networks for xt_geoip
42 hours ago  Michael Tremernetwork: Initialize country code with nothing
42 hours ago  Michael TremerImprove error reporting when a network could not be...
42 hours ago  Michael Tremerpython: Raise error when a network/AS could not be...
2019-10-22  Michael Tremertest-stringpool: Include stdint.h on Linux
2019-10-19  Michael TremerFix off_t casting in tests
2019-10-19  Michael Tremerdatabase: Fix checking pointer
2019-10-19  Michael TremerCorrect cast off_t to intmax_t before printing it
2019-10-18  Michael TremerMerge branch 'apple'
2019-10-18  Michael Tremerperl: Do not insist on Perl 5.28 or higher
2019-10-18  Michael Tremerlinker: Do not use --gc-sections on non-GNU platforms
2019-10-18  Michael Tremercountry: Include compat.h to build on other arches
2019-10-17  Michael Tremercountry: Fix comparison function
2019-10-17  Michael Tremertest: Add another country for test
2019-10-17  Michael TremerDetect if linker supports --version-script=
2019-10-17  Michael TremerFormat off_t data types properly for printing
2019-10-17  Michael TremerMake package compile on Mac OS X
2019-10-17  Michael TremerFall back to getenv() when secure_getenv() is not available
2019-10-15  Michael Tremerpython: Implement lookup function for countries
2019-10-15  Michael Tremerpython: Extend bindings for countries
2019-10-15  Michael Tremerwriter: Write countries before pool is being written
2019-10-15  Michael Tremercountry: Fix segmentation fault when continent code...
2019-10-15  Michael Tremercountry: Remove string termination
2019-10-15  Michael Tremerdatabase format: Add some padding to header
2019-10-15  Michael TremerFix re-ordering flags which are now only 16 bits
2019-10-15  Michael Tremercountry: Use one function to copy country codes
2019-10-15  Michael Tremercountry: Add simple function to test if a country code...
2019-10-15  Michael Tremercountry: Fix SEGV when accessing the string pool
2019-10-15  Michael Tremerdatabase format: Reduce number of flags to 16
2019-10-15  Michael TremerAdd a dictionary with countries to the database
2019-10-13  Michael Tremerpython: Use shorthand function to export __version__
2019-10-13  Michael Tremerpython: Expose flags
2019-10-13  Michael TremerHandle A1, A2, A3 as special cases when searching for...
2019-10-13  Michael TremerImplement searching for networks with a certain flag
2019-10-13  Michael TremerAdd flags for A1, A2 and A3
2019-10-13  Michael TremerAdd flags to network objects
2019-10-03  Michael Tremerman: Add location-query.8
2019-10-03  Michael Tremerdatabase: Print timings in milliseconds
2019-10-03  Michael Tremertest: Fix compiling AS test after header change
2019-10-03  Michael TremerMerge branch 'perl'
2019-10-03  Stefan Schantlperl: Testsuite: Add tests for lookup_asn()
2019-10-03  Stefan Schantlperl: Add function to perform AS number lookups.
2019-10-03  Stefan Schantlperl: Testsuite: Add tests for invalid address and...
2019-10-03  Stefan Schantlperl: Fix lookup if given address is invalid or not...
2019-10-03  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Fix wrong variable name
2019-10-03  Michael TremerImplement listing all IP addresses in an AS
2019-10-03  Michael Tremerdatabase: Fix use-after-free error after last iteration...
2019-10-03  Michael TremerChange how errors are handled by iterators
2019-10-03  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Print usage when no action was given
2019-10-03  Michael TremerImplement listing networks in Python
2019-10-03  Michael TremerImplement filtering networks for the ASN they belong to
2019-10-03  Michael TremerRemove some dead code and add some comments
2019-10-03  Michael TremerMark all nodes as non-visited after walk through tree...
2019-10-03  Michael TremerFree visited network nodes when enumerator is deallocat...
2019-10-03  Michael TremerImplement search through the network tree
2019-10-02  Michael Tremerlibloc: Add function to set country code to database...
2019-10-02  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Allow passing the database path
2019-10-01  Michael Tremertest: Generate database dynamically
2019-10-01  Michael Tremerperl: Use absolute paths for opening database
2019-10-01  Michael Tremertest: Include test database in tarball
2019-10-01  Stefan Schantlperl: Add tests to testsuite.
2019-10-01  Stefan SchantlAdd example database for testing purposes.
2019-10-01  Stefan Schantlexamples: python/create-database.py: Add license to...
2019-09-29  Michael Tremerperl: Automatically build modules
2019-09-29  Michael Tremerperl: Move perl module to src/perl
2019-09-29  Stefan Schantlperl: Add function to gather the license of a database.
2019-09-29  Stefan Schantlperl: Add function to get the description of the database.
2019-09-29  Stefan Schantlperl: Fix comments outside of a C code block.
2019-09-28  Michael Tremerperl: Move database functions up and lookup functions...
2019-09-28  Michael Tremerperl: Rename lookup function to be more consistent...
2019-09-28  Michael Tremerperl: Rename database_get_vendor() to get_vendor(9
2019-09-28  Michael Tremerperl: MANIFEST: Drop ppport.h
2019-09-28  Michael Tremerperl: Remove another useless initialisation
2019-09-28  Michael Tremerperl: Return NULL when no country code was found
2019-09-26  Michael Tremerperl: No need to copy vendor onto the heap
2019-09-26  Michael Tremerperl: Mode code re-formatting
2019-09-26  Michael Tremerperl: Close database file after it has been read
2019-09-26  Michael Tremerperl: perl does not allow to initialise the variables
2019-09-26  Michael Tremerdatabase: Free stringpool only after it has been initia...
2019-09-26  Michael Tremerperl: Release location context when opening the databas...
2019-09-26  Michael Tremerperl: Add some basic comments
2019-09-26  Michael Tremerperl: Improve error messages
2019-09-26  Michael Tremerperl: Fix code formatting and initialise some variables
2019-09-26  Michael Tremerperl: Add .gitignore
2019-09-26  Michael Tremerperl: Drop ppport.h
2019-09-26  Stefan Schantlperl: Remove unneeded/unwanted files.
2019-09-26  Stefan Schantlperl: Add perl bindings for libloc.
2019-01-12  Michael Tremerpython: Avoid declaring loc_ctx multiple times
2019-01-12  Michael TremerPass right variable to IN6_IN_ADDR_* functions
2019-01-12  Michael TremerFix evaluation that always is true
2019-01-12  Michael Tremerpython: Do not use any GNU-style initialisers for structs
2018-02-01  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Use print to print errors, too
2018-02-01  Michael TremerFix searching for ASes
2018-02-01  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Implement searching for an AS that...
2018-02-01  Michael Tremeri18n: Ignore compiled translation files
2018-02-01  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Implement getting information about...