descriptionA library to determine the location of someone on the Internet
ownerMichael Tremer
last changeFri, 15 Nov 2019 15:58:59 +0000 (15:58 +0000)
37 hours ago  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Add listing networks by flags master
38 hours ago  Michael TremerFix names of flags
39 hours ago  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Add output for ipset
39 hours ago  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Allow exporting data for nftables
39 hours ago  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Support listing networks for xt_geoip
42 hours ago  Michael Tremernetwork: Initialize country code with nothing
42 hours ago  Michael TremerImprove error reporting when a network could not be...
42 hours ago  Michael Tremerpython: Raise error when a network/AS could not be...
2019-10-22  Michael Tremertest-stringpool: Include stdint.h on Linux
2019-10-19  Michael TremerFix off_t casting in tests
2019-10-19  Michael Tremerdatabase: Fix checking pointer
2019-10-19  Michael TremerCorrect cast off_t to intmax_t before printing it
2019-10-18  Michael TremerMerge branch 'apple'
2019-10-18  Michael Tremerperl: Do not insist on Perl 5.28 or higher
2019-10-18  Michael Tremerlinker: Do not use --gc-sections on non-GNU platforms
2019-10-18  Michael Tremercountry: Include compat.h to build on other arches
37 hours ago master