2019-01-12 Michael Tremerpython: Do not use any GNU-style initialisers for structs
2018-02-01 Michael Tremerlocation-query: Use print to print errors, too
2018-02-01 Michael TremerFix searching for ASes
2018-02-01 Michael Tremerlocation-query: Implement searching for an AS that...
2018-02-01 Michael Tremeri18n: Ignore compiled translation files
2018-02-01 Michael Tremerlocation-query: Implement getting information about...
2018-02-01 Michael Tremeri18n: Add German translation
2018-02-01 Michael TremerAdd internationalisation with intltool and gettext
2018-02-01 Michael Tremerpython: Raise proper error when database does not exist
2018-02-01 Michael Tremerpython: Expose version of the module
2018-02-01 Michael TremerMakefile: Configure database directory
2018-02-01 Michael Tremerpython: Add script to lookup database from command...
2018-02-01 Michael Tremerpython: Add function to set log level
2018-01-31 Michael TremerFix getting wrong bits in IP addresses
2018-01-31 Michael Tremertest: Fix network test for non-existant address
2018-01-31 Michael Tremerdatabase: Remove inexact match
2018-01-30 Michael Tremerdatabase: Walk down into the tree as much as possible...
2018-01-30 Michael Tremernetwork: Fix checking upper bound when matching IP...
2018-01-30 Michael TremerRefactor compating IP addresses
2018-01-30 Michael Tremerdatabase: Improve error logging when da network could...
2018-01-30 Michael Tremerdatabase: Encode prefix length into tree
2018-01-30 Michael Tremernetwork: Allow setting an empty country code
2018-01-30 Michael Tremerpython: Show country code that was invalid
2018-01-30 Michael Tremerpython: Raise IndexError when adding the same network...
2018-01-30 Michael Tremerwriter: Throw better exception when network address...
2018-01-30 Michael Tremernetwork: Fix underflow in for loop when generating...
2018-01-30 Michael TremerFix another typo
2018-01-25 Michael Tremerpython: Implement searching for ASes
2018-01-25 Michael Tremerdatabase: Implement searching for ASes that match a...
2018-01-25 Michael TremerAdd database enumerator interface to perform iterative...
2018-01-08 Michael TremerWhen formatting an IP address only pass the actual...
2018-01-08 Michael Tremernetwork: Fix calculating the last IP address of a network
2018-01-08 Michael TremerCorrectly handle invalid IP addresses
2018-01-08 Michael Tremerdatabase: Make level variable unsigned (as used in...
2018-01-08 Michael TremerFix typo in comparison function
2018-01-08 Michael TremerFix typo
2018-01-08 Michael Tremerdatabase: Stop walking down the tree when we hit a...
2018-01-08 Michael TremerAdd license attribute to the database
2018-01-08 Michael Tremerpython: Save path when opening the database
2018-01-08 Michael TremerRemove test.db when running "make clean"
2018-01-08 Michael TremerAdd a few examples that show how to use the python...
2018-01-08 Michael Tremerpython: Handle error codes when searching for an AS
2018-01-08 Michael TremerInstall python module into correct location
2018-01-08 Michael TremerDrop loc_load function
2018-01-08 Michael TremerHide all functions that we don't want to make public
2018-01-08 Michael TremerRemove loc_database_write which no longer exists from...
2018-01-08 Michael Tremerwriter: Move alignment into each section writer
2018-01-08 Michael Tremerpython: Implement adding networks to Writer
2018-01-08 Michael Tremerdatabase: Unmap all mapped sections when freeing database
2018-01-08 Michael Tremerpython: Make lookup function available
2018-01-08 Michael Tremerconfigure: Check for the existance of some headers
2018-01-08 Michael Tremerdatabase: Implement lookup
2018-01-08 Michael Tremerdatabase: Implement reading a network from the database
2018-01-07 Michael Tremerdatabase: Load networks from database
2018-01-07 Michael Tremerdatabase: Pass header to functions loading database...
2018-01-07 Michael Tremerdatabase: Map network nodes section when opening the...
2018-01-07 Michael Tremerwriter: Write out the network tree
2018-01-05 Michael Tremernetwork: Fix walking through the tree in order
2018-01-05 Michael Tremertest: Write a ASN to the network database
2018-01-05 Michael TremerOne byte doesn't have to be converted to big endian
2018-01-05 Michael Tremertest: Write two test networks to the database
2018-01-05 Michael TremerDeclare a static function as static
2018-01-05 Michael Tremertest: Add a second network to a tree
2018-01-05 Michael Tremernetwork: Implement function to count all nodes
2018-01-02 Michael Tremernetwork: Always use the first address of a network
2018-01-02 Michael TremerMap prefix to IPv6 as well for IPv4 addresses
2018-01-02 Michael TremerValidate the prefix to be within range
2018-01-02 Michael TremerPrevent segmentation fault when no prefix is present
2017-12-30 Michael Tremernetwork: Support parsing IPv4 addresses and map them...
2017-12-30 Michael TremerMake AS independent from stringpool
2017-12-29 Michael Tremernetwork: Add asn and remove reference to struct loc_as
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Implement Network class
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Implement setting description to the writer
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Fix setters
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Implement adding an AS to the writer
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Add write method to Writer
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Add Writer class
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerwriter: Correctly increase offset when writing ASes
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Impement setting the name of an AS
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Implement comparison of ASes
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Show better repr for AS classes
2017-12-29 Michael Tremeras: Return NULL if name is not set
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Remove reference to context from database
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Remove local stringpool and ctx from AS class
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Access ASes from database
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Only use global loc context
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Create a global loc_ctx* context
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Add AS class
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Expose database creation time
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Expose database description and vendor
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerheaders: Don't make private structures public
2017-12-29 Michael TremerMove all header files into src/loc and install them
2017-12-29 Michael Tremerpython: Add Database class
2017-12-28 Michael TremerStart a Python module
2017-12-28 Michael TremerWrite networks to the database
2017-12-28 Michael TremerAllow creating networks in memory
2017-12-12 Michael TremerDo not copy the file pointer when opening a database
2017-12-12 Michael TremerUse be*toh and htobe* to convert to big-endian
2017-12-12 Michael TremerLog how long it takes to open the database
2017-12-12 Michael Tremerdatabase: Log how long it took to retrieve an AS