descriptionA library to determine the location of someone on the Internet
ownerMichael Tremer
last changeSat, 12 Jan 2019 16:25:13 +0000 (16:25 +0000)
2019-01-12  Michael Tremerpython: Avoid declaring loc_ctx multiple times master
2019-01-12  Michael TremerPass right variable to IN6_IN_ADDR_* functions
2019-01-12  Michael TremerFix evaluation that always is true
2019-01-12  Michael Tremerpython: Do not use any GNU-style initialisers for structs
2018-02-01  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Use print to print errors, too
2018-02-01  Michael TremerFix searching for ASes
2018-02-01  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Implement searching for an AS that...
2018-02-01  Michael Tremeri18n: Ignore compiled translation files
2018-02-01  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Implement getting information about...
2018-02-01  Michael Tremeri18n: Add German translation
2018-02-01  Michael TremerAdd internationalisation with intltool and gettext
2018-02-01  Michael Tremerpython: Raise proper error when database does not exist
2018-02-01  Michael Tremerpython: Expose version of the module
2018-02-01  Michael TremerMakefile: Configure database directory
2018-02-01  Michael Tremerpython: Add script to lookup database from command...
2018-02-01  Michael Tremerpython: Add function to set log level
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