2018-12-16  Michael Tremerbird: Add some generic configuration file
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerip-tunnel: Set TTL to 255 by default
2018-09-30  Michael Tremerbonding; Validate any MAC address passed
2018-09-30  Michael TremerRemove unused function
2018-09-24  Michael Tremerbridge: Add option to missing --stp-max-age=
2018-09-24  Michael Tremerbridge: Order arguments in alphabetical order
2018-09-24  Michael Tremerbridge: Set proper defaults
2018-09-24  Michael Tremerbridge: Reorder functions into the common order
2018-09-24  Michael Tremerbridge: Fix assertion for MTU
2018-09-24  Michael Tremerbridge: Check input and return useful errors
2018-09-24  Michael TremerBump version to 011
2018-09-24  Michael TremerBump version to 010 010
2018-09-23  Michael Tremeripsec: security policies: system: Order by complexity
2018-09-23  Michael Tremeripsec: Set traffic selectors to all when using GRE...
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerport: ip-tunnel: Allow to set MAC address
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerports: Use default port pattern for all ports
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerip-tunnel: New port hook
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerip-tunnel: Add support for GRETAP tunnels
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerhotplug: Do not attempt to rename any devices with...
2018-09-23  Michael TremerDo not allow to create ethernet devices with an invalid...
2018-09-23  Michael Tremernetwork-hotplug: Try to use fewer checks when deleting...
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerhotplug: Handle special devices by name only
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerhotplug: Do not attempt to remove the special ip6gre0...
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerhotplug: Do not attempt to remove special device ip_vti0
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerhotplug: Don't try to remove gre0
2018-09-23  Michael TremerDrop unused function: device_is_ipsec
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerdevice: Refactor check for device type
2018-09-23  Michael TremerCleanup code that deletes ports/zones
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerhotplug: Ignore all PPP interfaces
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerlock: Accept names instead of paths
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerutil: Parse command line correctly when running commands
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerpppoe-server: Remove line to enable kernel mode
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerpppoe-server: Refactor pppoe_server_poolfile
2018-09-23  Michael Tremeripv4: Fix ipv4_range_explicit function
2018-09-23  Michael TremerRemove debugging line
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerwireless: Try to automatically enable HT40+/- on device...
2018-09-23  Michael Tremercopy: Automatically create target directory when copyin...
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Add function to check if a PHY supports...
2018-09-22  Michael TremerShow driver name in device status
2018-09-22  Michael Tremercolors: Fix length of LISTENING label
2018-09-22  Michael Tremerhotplug: Let bridges create their ports in hotplug...
2018-09-22  Michael Tremerboot: Fix bringing up zones when system is booting
2018-09-22  Michael Tremerutil: Fail silently when directory already exists
2018-09-22  Michael Tremercolors: Remove extra space character in BLOCKING msg
2018-09-21  Michael TremerMove creating port configurations into network-hotplug...
2018-09-21  Michael TremerRefactor network-hotplug-rename
2018-09-21  Michael Tremerport: ethernet: Correctly create new configurations
2018-09-21  Michael Tremerports: Fix saving HOOK name
2018-09-21  Michael TremerRefactor hotplug script
2018-09-21  Michael Tremerhotplug: Continue running through script for ipsec...
2018-09-21  Michael Tremerzones: Drop unused commands
2018-09-21  Michael TremerExtend "network status"
2018-09-21  Michael TremerSpeed up device_list() by removing the alphabetical...
2018-09-21  Michael TremerFix generating device_list()
2018-09-21  Michael TremerValidate input for --offloading flag and throw an error...
2018-09-21  Michael Tremerports: ethernet+bonding: Allow to disable all offloading
2018-09-21  Michael TremerMove offloading code into an own file
2018-09-21  Michael TremerAdd support for hardware offloading
2018-09-21  Michael TremerMove DEFAULT_MTU to constants
2018-09-21  Michael Tremeripsec: Rewrite adding routes script
2018-09-21  Michael Tremerconstants: Remove unused BATMAN variable
2018-09-20  Michael Tremerport: ethernet: Use combined setting for advertised...
2018-09-20  Michael Tremerport: ethernet: Allow setting duplex mode
2018-09-20  Michael Tremerport: ethernet: Allow setting link speed
2018-09-20  Michael Tremerport: ethernet: Bring back accidentially dropped hook_c...
2018-09-20  Michael Tremerport: ethernet: Return OK only to rename ports
2018-09-20  Michael Tremerport: ethernet: Use default hook_new() function
2018-09-20  Michael Tremerheader-port: Start with empty set of settings
2018-09-20  Michael Tremerport: ethernet: Allow setting the MTU
2018-09-20  Michael TremerRestart ports after edit to apply settings
2018-09-20  Michael Tremerheader-port: Print errors if config could not be read...
2018-09-20  Michael Tremerports: ethernet: Allow changing MAC address
2018-09-20  Michael TremerAdd support for LEDs
2018-09-19  Michael Tremerhostapd: Add support for 802.11ac
2018-09-19  Michael Tremerhostapd: Always enable 802.11d
2018-09-19  Michael Tremerhostapd: Write VHT capabilities to configuration
2018-09-19  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Actually store index
2018-09-19  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Remove debug output
2018-09-19  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Fix typo in RX-LDPC HT capability
2018-09-19  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Fix looping though HT capabilities
2018-09-19  Michael Tremeribnetwork: Add command to show available VHT capabiliti...
2018-09-19  Michael Tremerhostapd: Always enable all HT caps
2018-09-19  Michael Tremerip-tunnel: Make --peer optional
2018-09-19  Michael Tremeripsec: VTI keys are static now and don't need to be...
2018-09-19  Michael Tremeripsec: GRE/VTI connections are now possible as on-demand
2018-09-18  Michael Tremerip-tunnel: Add support for VTI interfaces
2018-09-18  Michael Tremeripsec: Show ZONE setting when configuration is being...
2018-09-18  Michael Tremeripsec: Change mode to transport/tunnel only
2018-09-18  Michael Tremeripsec: Allow adding a zone to a VPN connection
2018-09-18  Michael Tremeripsec: security policies: Fix typos in plural variables
2018-09-17  Michael Tremernitsi: Add tests for ip-tunnels in GRE mode
2018-09-17  Michael TremerMakefile: Forgot to remove 6to4-tunnel hook
2018-09-17  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'jschlag/master'
2018-09-17  Michael TremerDrop 6to4-tunnel hook which is (partly) replaced by...
2018-09-17  Michael Tremerman: Add documentation for IP tunnel hook
2018-09-17  Michael TremerAdd generic IP tunnel zone hook
2018-09-17  Michael Tremerip-tunnel: Create a function that determines if all...
2018-09-17  Michael Tremerip-tunnel: Fix protocol detection when local address...
2018-09-17  Michael Tremeripsec: security policies: Add documentation for pseudo...
2018-09-17  Michael TremerCLI: Fix destroying zones