2017-07-12  Jagan Tekiserial: mxc: Add debug uart support
2017-07-12  Jagan Tekiserial: mxc: Code cleanup
2017-07-12  Jagan Tekiserial: mxc: Move common baud gen into _mxc_serial_setbrg
2017-07-12  Jagan Tekiserial: mxc: Move common init into _mxc_serial_init
2017-07-12  Jagan Tekiserial: mxc: Move cr1 and cr2 write to mxc_serial_setbrg
2017-07-12  Jagan Tekiserial: mxc: Use RFDIV in dm-code
2017-07-12  Jagan Tekiserial: mxc: Add common mxc_uart reg space
2017-07-12  Stefan Agnerimx: mx6ull: fix USB bmode for i.MX 6UL and 6ULL
2017-07-12  Christian Gmeinerot1200: enable CONFIG_IMX_THERMAL for detailed thermal...
2017-07-12  Fabio Estevammx6sabresd: Fix guard file symbol
2017-07-12  Fabio Estevamwandboard: Remove unnecessary delay
2017-07-12  Fabio Estevamcm_fx6: Remove SPL entry from CONFIG_SYS_EXTRA_OPTIONS
2017-07-12  Fabio Estevamcgtqmx6eval: Remove SPL entry from CONFIG_SYS_EXTRA_OPTIONS
2017-07-12  Fabio Estevammx6slevk_spl: Remove SPL entry from CONFIG_SYS_EXTRA_OP...
2017-07-12  Fabio Estevammx6sabresd: Remove SPL entry from CONFIG_SYS_EXTRA_OPTIONS
2017-07-12  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-07-11  Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2017-07-11  Masahiro Yamadadm: ofnode: use fdt32_t for DT property value to fix...
2017-07-11  Masahiro Yamadadm: include <dm/util.h> from driver/core/dump.c
2017-07-11  Masahiro Yamadadm: ofnode: simplify ofnode_read_bool()
2017-07-11  Masahiro Yamadadm: ofnode: rename ofnode_read_prop() to ofnode_get_pro...
2017-07-11  Masahiro Yamadadm: ofnode: simplify ofnode_read_prop()
2017-07-11  Masahiro Yamadadm: ofnode: use ofnode_read_bool() to check property...
2017-07-11  Masahiro Yamadadm: include <dm/util.h> from drivers/core/util.c
2017-07-11  Tom Rinifdt: Check for NULL return from fdt_getprop in 'fdt...
2017-07-11  Simon Glasstegra: fdt: Ensure that the console UART is enabled
2017-07-11  Simon Glasstegra: Show a debug message if the LCD PMIC fails to...
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: serial: Add livetree support
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: serial: Separate out the core serial-device finding...
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: serial: ns16550: Convert to livetree
2017-07-11  Simon Glasstegra: Fix up include file ordering
2017-07-11  Simon Glassvideo: simple-panel: Add a little more debugging
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: video: Update pwm_backlight to support livetree
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: video: Sync display on backspace
2017-07-11  Simon Glasstegra: nyan-big: Enable bootstage
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: Fix error handling when unflattening the DT
2017-07-11  Simon Glasstegra: nyan-big: Enable the debug UART
2017-07-11  Simon Glasstegra: video: Time the LCD init
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: core: Add functions to obtain node's address/size...
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: core: Add dev_read_enabled() to check if a device...
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: core: Add dev_read_resource() to read device resources
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: core: Add ofnode_read_string_count()
2017-07-11  Simon Glassbinman: Put our local modules ahead of system modules
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdtoc: Add tests
2017-07-11  Simon Glasssandbox: Stop printing platdata at the start of SPL
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdtoc: Add a comment about string replace in conv_name_t...
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdtoc: Move the main logic into the dtb_platdata file
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdtoc: Move static functions out of the class
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdtoc: Pass include_disabled explicitly
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdtoc: Don't handle properties with / in them
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdtoc: Fix pylint warnings
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdtoc: Split out the main class into its own file
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdtoc: Add a comment at the top
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdtoc: Use self._options instead of the global options
2017-07-11  Simon Glassmoveconfig: Allow automatic location and adding of...
2017-07-11  Simon Glassmoveconfig: Allow control of which implying configs...
2017-07-11  Simon Glassmoveconfig: Allow piping in 'git show --stat' output
2017-07-11  Simon Glasssandbox: Drop special case console code for sandbox
2017-07-11  Simon Glasssandbox: Enable more console options
2017-07-11  Simon Glassconsole: Use map_sysmem() for the pre-relocation console
2017-07-11  Simon Glasstest: Add a test for snprintf() and the banner/version
2017-07-11  Simon GlassAllow displaying the U-Boot banner on a video display
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdisplay_options: Refactor to allow obtaining the banner
2017-07-11  Simon Glassx86: Move link to use driver model for SCSI
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: scsi: Drop scsi_init() when driver model is used
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: ahci: Add a driver for SCSI on AHCI
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: scsi: Split out the bus scanning code
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: scsi: Adjust return value of scsi_exec()
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: scsi: Add operations for SCSI devices
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: ahci: Create a local version of two SCSI functions
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: scsi: Document and rename the scsi_scan() parameter
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: scsi: Add a device pointer to scan_exec(), scsi_bus...
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: scsi: Add operations
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: ahci: Drop use of probe_ent
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: ahci: Unwind the confusing init code
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: ahci: Move common code for starting ports into...
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: scsi: Indent the confusing #ifdefs
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: ahci: Refactor to avoid static variables
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: sata: Move ataid into struct ahci_uc_priv
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: ahci: Rename struct ahci_probe_ent
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: scsi: Use the uclass platform data
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: scsi: Drop the ccb typedef
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: scsi: Rename struct SCSI_cmd_block to struct scsi_cmd
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdm: scsi: Rearrange header file for driver model
2017-07-11  Simon Glassscsi: Move drivers into new drivers/scsi directory
2017-07-11  Simon Glasssata: Move drivers into new drivers/ata directory
2017-07-11  Simon GlassKconfig: Add CONFIG_SATA to enable SATA
2017-07-11  Simon GlassConvert CONFIG_CMD_SATA to Kconfig
2017-07-11  Simon Glassscsi: Drop scsi_print_error()
2017-07-11  Simon Glassscsi: Drop sym53c8xx driver
2017-07-11  Simon GlassConvert CONFIG_SCSI to Kconfig
2017-07-11  Simon Glassdtoc: Support multiple compatible strings in a node
2017-07-11  Alison Chaikencmd gpt: test in sandbox
2017-07-11  Alison Chaikensandbox: README: fix partition command invocation
2017-07-11  Simon Glassmoveconfig: Support looking for implied CONFIG options
2017-07-11  Simon Glassmoveconfig: Support building a simple config database
2017-07-11  Simon Glassmoveconfig: Add a constant for auto.conf
2017-07-11  Simon Glassmoveconfig: Tidy up the documentation and add hints
2017-07-11  Simon Glassmoveconfig: Allow reading the defconfig list from stdin
2017-07-11  Simon Glassmoveconfig: Support providing a path to the defconfig...