2017-11-24  Alexey Brodkinarc: cache: Add required NOPs after invalidation of...
2017-11-24  Alexey Brodkinarc: bootm: Move slave cores kick-starting under !fake
2017-11-24  Eugeniy PaltsevARC: HSDK: introduce CREG GPIO driver
2017-11-22  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: remove duplicate CONFIG_ENV_SIZE definitions
2017-11-21  Andy Yanrockchip: check download key before bootup
2017-11-21  Andy Yanrockchip: add support for enter to bootrom download...
2017-11-21  Andy Yanrockchip: make boot_mode related codes reused across...
2017-11-21  Heinrich Schuchardtrockchip: spi: the symbol for Hertz is Hz
2017-11-21  Kever Yangrockchip: clock: update sysreset driver binding
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: sysreset: update Makefile to work with merged...
2017-11-21  Kever Yangrockchip: sysreset: merge into one common driver
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: mkimage: remove unused code-paths (spl_boot0...
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: rk3188: move CONFIG_SPL_* entries from rk3188...
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: back-to-bootrom: allow passing a cmd to the...
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: rk3188: use boot0 hook to load up SPL in...
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: back-to-bootrom: replace assembly-implementat...
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsicharm: provide a PCS-compliant setjmp implementation
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsicharm: mark save_boot_params_ret as a function
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsicharm: make save_boot_params_ret prototype visible for...
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: boot0 hook: support early return for RK3188...
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichbcm281xx: boot0 hook: adjust to unified boot0 semantics
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichbcm235xx: boot0 hook: adjust to unified boot0 semantics
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichsocfpga: boot0 hook: adjust to unified boot0 semantics
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: rk3036: use aligned address for SPL_TEXT_BASE
2017-11-21  Kever Yangrockchip: rk3288: use aligned address for SPL_TEXT_BASE
2017-11-21  Kever Yangrockchip: mkimage: use spl_boot0 for all Rockchip SoCs
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: enable boot0-hook for all Rockchip SoCs
2017-11-21  Kever Yangrockchip: boot0: align to 0x20 for armv7 '_start'
2017-11-21  Philipp Tomsicharm: boot0 hook: move boot0 hook before '_start'
2017-11-21  Faiz AbbasARM: dra7: Kconfig: Add thermal configs for dra7xx...
2017-11-21  Faiz AbbasARM: dts: OMAP5+: Add support for bandgap sensor in SPL
2017-11-21  Faiz Abbasthermal: ti-bandgap: Add support for temperature sensor
2017-11-21  Tom RiniTI: am57xx; Remove am57xx_evm_nodt_defconfig
2017-11-21  S. Lockwood... README: update mailing list url
2017-11-21  Stefan Agnerenvtools: make sure version/timestamp header file are...
2017-11-21  Tom Rinienv: Remove CONFIG_ENV_AES support
2017-11-21  Heinrich Schuchardtomap3: spi: the symbol for Hertz is Hz
2017-11-21  M. Vefa BicakciMakefile: Correct SPL/TPL/DTB build race condition
2017-11-21  Heinrich Schuchardtmalloc: don't compare pointers to 0
2017-11-21  Heinrich Schuchardtscripts/coccinelle: add some more coccinelle tests
2017-11-21  Heinrich SchuchardtMakefile: add coccicheck target
2017-11-21  Heinrich Schuchardtyaffs2: rework yaffs_new_obj_id
2017-11-21  Praneeth Bajjuridra7x: fastboot: Increase recovery partition size
2017-11-21  Heinrich Schuchardtscripts/ regular expression compile fails
2017-11-21  Heinrich Schuchardtkconfig/symbol.c: use correct pointer type argument...
2017-11-20  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-20  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-20  Heinrich Schuchardtubi: no NULL check needed before kmem_cache_destroy
2017-11-20  Heinrich Schuchardtubifs: no NULL check needed before free
2017-11-20  Beniamino Galvaniodroid-c2: enable I2C
2017-11-20  Beniamino Galvanii2c: add Amlogic Meson driver
2017-11-20  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-17  Tom RiniKconfig: Introduce USE_BOOTCOMMAND and migrate BOOTCOMMAND
2017-11-17  Dongjin Kimarm: config: fix default console only to specify the...
2017-11-17  Landheer-Cieslak... Add UART base addresses for additional UARTs
2017-11-17  Minghuan Liandm: pci: change bus number register setting compliant...
2017-11-17  Gan, Yau Wainios2: 10m50: Add CPU pre-relocation in device tree
2017-11-17  Baruch Siachdm: core: fix member name in ofnode_union documentation
2017-11-17  André Drasziktpm: add more missing va_end()
2017-11-17  André Drasziktpm: add more useful NV storage permission flags
2017-11-17  André Drasziktpm: add tpm_get_random()
2017-11-17  Adam Fordomap3: omap3_logic: Move pinmuxing to header file
2017-11-17  Jorge Ramirez... configs: dragonboard410c: Save environment data on...
2017-11-17  Jorge Ramirez... env: Save environment at the end of an MMC partition
2017-11-17  Wilson Leeserial: nulldev: Implement "pending" function to fix...
2017-11-17  Kever Yangarmv8: update gd after relocate
2017-11-17  Stephen Warrenarm64: support running at addr other than linked to
2017-11-17  Stephen Warrentest/py: add timestamps to log
2017-11-17  Patrice Chotardclk: clk_stm32f7: fix PLL clock division factor
2017-11-17  Patrice Chotardmmc: arm_pl180_mmci: add .getcd callback
2017-11-17  Patrice Chotardmmc: arm_pl180_mmci: add clock support
2017-11-17  Patrice Chotardmmc: arm_pl180_mmci: add bus_width DT property support
2017-11-17  Patrice Chotardmmc: arm_pl180_mmci: adapt driver to DM usage
2017-11-17  Patrice Chotardmmc: arm_pl180_mmci: update arm_pl180_mmci_init() prototype
2017-11-17  Tom Riniomap2: nand: Make NAND_OMAP_GPMC_PREFETCH default
2017-11-17  Neil Armstrongarm: amlogic: p212: Add support for Ethernet with Inter...
2017-11-17  Neil Armstrongarm: meson: Add supplementary ethernet registers defini...
2017-11-17  Neil Armstrongnet: phy: Add Amlogic Meson GXL Internal PHY support
2017-11-17  Masahiro Yamadalib: libfdt: wrap scripts/dtc/libfdt/* where possible
2017-11-17  Masahiro Yamadalinux/types.h: add typedef of uintptr_t
2017-11-17  Masahiro Yamadatools: use files from scripts/dtc/libfdt where possible
2017-11-17  Masahiro Yamadalibfdt: change libfdt_internal.h to a wrapper of script...
2017-11-17  Masahiro Yamadalibfdt: change fdt.h to a wrapper of scripts/dtc/libfdt/*
2017-11-17  Masahiro Yamadapylibfdt: compile pylibfdt only when dtoc/binman is...
2017-11-17  Masahiro Yamadapylibfdt: move pylibfdt to scripts/dtc/pylibfdt and...
2017-11-17  Masahiro Yamadascripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.4.5-3-gb1a60...
2017-11-17  Rob Herringscripts/dtc: add fdt_overlay.c and fdt_addresses.c...
2017-11-17  Neil Armstrongarm: add initial support for Amlogic P212 based on...
2017-11-17  Neil Armstrongpinctrl: meson: Add GXL Support
2017-11-17  Neil ArmstrongARM: dts: Synchronize Amlogic from Linux Mainline 4...
2017-11-17  Keerthyboard: ti: dra71x-evm: Hook LDO1 of LP8733 to EN_PIN
2017-11-17  Felix Brackam33xx: Add a function to query MPU voltage in uV
2017-11-17  André Drasziktpm: fix reading of permanent flags
2017-11-17  André DraszikSPL: fix printing of image name
2017-11-17  Tom Rinisandbox: Add clrbits/setbits macros
2017-11-17  Simon Glassdm: core: Correct address cast in dev_read_addr_ptr()
2017-11-17  Bernhard Messerklingercmd/fdt.c align data buffer to avoid unaligned word...
2017-11-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-16  Baruch Siacharm: mvebu: clearfog: update SPI flash DT description