2022-09-15  Michael TremerBump PAK_VER for all packages that use SERVICES master
2022-09-13  Michael TremerRun "./ lang"
2022-09-13  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next'
2022-09-12  Peter MüllerCUPS: Bump package number after revert
2022-09-12  Peter MüllerRevert "CUPS: Update to 2.4.2"
2022-09-11  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next'
2022-09-11  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: Ship files related to #12925
2022-09-11  Michael Tremerproxy.cgi: Correctly validate domain lists
2022-09-11  Michael Tremermail.cgi: Validate email recipient
2022-09-11  Michael Tremersetaliases: Use "secondary" flag instead of scope
2022-09-05  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next'
2022-09-02  Peter Müllerconfigroot: Create "settings" and "modify" files for...
2022-09-01  Peter Müllerdbus: Bump package version
2022-09-01  Peter Müllerdbus: Fix "statusproc" call in initscript
2022-08-22  Peter Müllernetatalk: Actually increase PAK_VER after reverting...
2022-08-22  Peter Mülleripblocklist: "Tor" is not fully capitalized
2022-08-22  Peter MüllerRevert "netatalk: update to 3.1.13"
2022-08-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: Ship getipstat
2022-08-17  Robin RoevensFix bug 12908 - Correct getipstat pcount
2022-08-16  Arne Fitzenreiterqemu: add alsa to dependency list
2022-08-13  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next'
2022-08-12  Michael Tremergo: Fix filename for x86_64
2022-08-11  Peter Müllerpython3-Cython: Add 32-bit ARM rootfile
2022-08-11  Adolf Belkafmt: Convert from build only to run time also for mpd
2022-08-11  Adolf Belkampd: Add fmt as a run time dependency
2022-08-11  Michael Tremercdrom: Rename ISO file
2022-08-11  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: Ship vpnmain.cgi
2022-08-11  Michael TremerIPsec: Enable ECP-521/384 by default for new connections
2022-08-11  Peter Müllervpnmain.cgi: Mark MODP-1536 as broken, phase out MODP...
2022-08-11  Michael Tremeramazon-ssm-agent: Enable build for aarch64
2022-08-11  Michael Tremergo: Add for aarch64
2022-08-11  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: sed supports PCRE indeed
2022-08-10  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: Hrmpf, fix sed call again
2022-08-10  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: Ship intel-microcode
2022-08-10  Peter Müllerintel-microcode: Update to 20220809
2022-08-10  Peter Müllerzlib: Add fix for CVE-2022-37434 fix
2022-08-10  Michael Tremernqptp: New package
2022-08-10  Michael Tremershairport-sync: Add support for Airplay v2
2022-08-10  Michael Tremerlibsodium: New package
2022-08-10  Michael Tremerlibplist: New package
2022-08-09  Peter MüllerRevert "linux: Enable randstruct on ARM as well"
2022-08-09  Michael Tremerflash-images: Drop 2gb-ext4 from image filename
2022-08-09  Peter MüllerRevert "Revert "linux: Do not allow slab caches to...
2022-08-08  Peter MüllerRevert "Revert "kernel: update to 5.15.59""
2022-08-08  Peter MüllerRevert "linux: Randomize layout of sensitive kernel...
2022-08-08  Michael Tremerinstaller: Increase size of /boot to 256 MiB
2022-08-08  Michael Tremerflash-images: Increase size of the /boot partition
2022-08-08  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: Ship zlib
2022-08-08  Peter Müllerzlib: Incorporate fix for CVE-2022-37434
2022-08-08  Peter MüllerRevert "kernel: update to 5.15.59"
2022-08-08  Peter MüllerRevert "linux: Do not allow slab caches to be merged"
2022-08-07  Adolf Belkapyfuse3: Install to provide fuse capability for borgbackup
2022-08-06  Peter Müllerlinux: Do not allow slab caches to be merged
2022-08-06  Peter MüllerUpdate contributor list
2022-08-06  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: update to 5.15.59
2022-08-06  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: Ship nano
2022-08-06  Matthias Fischernano: Update to 6.4
2022-08-06  Arne Fitzenreiterrtl8821cu: add realtek wlan driver
2022-08-06  Peter Müllerrsync: Patch CVE-2022-29154
2022-08-05  Jon Murphytftpd: add missing directory
2022-08-05  Jon Murphynetatalk: update to 3.1.13
2022-08-05  Adolf Belkapython3-outcome: Dependency for python3-trio
2022-08-05  Adolf Belkapython3-sortedcontainers: Dependency for python3-trio
2022-08-05  Adolf Belkapython3-sniffio: Dependency for python3-trio
2022-08-05  Adolf Belkapython3-attrs: Dependency for python3-trio
2022-08-05  Adolf Belkapython3-async_generator: Dependency for python3-trio
2022-08-05  Adolf Belkapython3-attr: Dependency for python3-trio
2022-08-05  Adolf Belkapython3-trio: Dependency for python3-pyfuse3
2022-08-05  Adolf Belkapython3-Cython: Required for build of pyfuse3
2022-08-05  Adolf Belkapyfuse3: Install to provide fuse capability for borgbackup
2022-08-05  Adolf addition of the extra modules required for...
2022-08-05  Adolf Belkaborgbackup: Fix Bug#12611 by adding fuse mount capabili...
2022-08-04  Peter Müllerlinux: Enable randstruct on ARM as well
2022-08-04  Peter Müllerlibloc: Update database version built into the ISO
2022-08-04  Peter Müllerlinux: Update ARM kernel configuration files
2022-08-04  Peter Müllerlinux: Update rootfiles
2022-08-04  Peter MüllerGnuTLS: Zut alors, update rootfile
2022-08-03  Peter Mülleropenvmtools: Update to 12.0.5
2022-08-03  Peter Müllerqemu-ga: Update to 7.0.0
2022-08-03  Peter Müllerqemu: Update to 7.0.0
2022-08-03  Peter Müllerlinux: Randomize layout of sensitive kernel structures
2022-08-03  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: Delete stale GnuTLS library
2022-08-03  Peter MüllerGnuTLS: Update to 3.7.7
2022-08-03  Peter Müllerlinux: Enable PCI passthrough for QEMU
2022-08-03  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: Ship Bash
2022-08-03  Peter MüllerBash: Update to 5.1.16
2022-08-03  Peter Müllermpd: Update to 0.23.8
2022-08-03  Peter Müllerfmt: Update to 9.0.0
2022-08-03  Peter Müllerninja: Update to 1.11.0
2022-08-03  Peter Müllerlinux: Do not enable dangerous legacy DRM drivers
2022-08-03  Peter Müllergit: Update to 2.37.1
2022-08-03  Peter MüllerNRPE: Update to 4.1.0
2022-08-03  Peter Müllerlinux: Update rootfiles to reflect dropped support...
2022-08-02  Peter Müllerlinux: Update aarch64 rootfile
2022-08-02  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: Delete orphaned comment from
2022-08-02  Jon clean out old collectd statistics
2022-08-02  Adolf Belkaparted: Update LFS to reflect that parted is no longer...
2022-08-02  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: Fix sed call
2022-08-02  Peter MüllerCore Update 170: Ship hdparm
2022-08-02  Peter Müllerhdparm: Update to 9.64