netboot: Allow booting multiple architectures
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2015-10-03  Michael Tremernetboot: Allow booting multiple architectures
2015-09-28  Michael Tremerboot: Add nightly builds to the top of the list of...
2013-12-27  Michael TremerMajor update of the webapp.
2013-05-24  Michael TremerBIO: Simplify the spaghetti code.
2013-05-24  Michael TremerBIO: Remove old stuff.
2013-05-24  Michael TremerBIO: Make this work for pxelinux.
2013-05-24  Michael TremerBIO: Update method how this is working and update to...
2013-02-20  Michael TremerFix BIO menu.
2013-02-07  Michael TremerMove everything to the root of the repository.