2017-11-04  Sven Hoehnadjust touch target on mobile Feature page
2017-11-01  Sven HoehnFeature page mobile version first steps.
2017-10-23  Michael Tremerdatabase: Log all queuries in debug mode
2017-10-23  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Easily get penetration of a certain release
2017-10-05  Svenadd active side in navigation
2017-10-05  Svenremove sticky Navbar on feature page and add scroll to
2017-09-27  Svenfeatures page added spyscoll to navigation
2017-09-10  SvenFeature page headers and a little bit more on the navig...
2017-06-27  Svenbasic markup features page
2017-06-15  SvenBug 11338
2017-05-11  Svenadded tux on mobile menu
2017-05-11  SvenBug 11335 modified font smoothing and weight
2017-05-08  Svenmenu button was not hidden when navigation is open...
2017-05-08  Svenmoved part from the custom scss to modules _custom_nav...
2017-05-04  SvenBug 11327 try again to fix flickering on scroll
2017-05-04  Svenfix footer on large screen.
2017-05-03  Svenwork on spacing and sizes Viewport 600px wide.
2017-05-03  SvenBug 11338: modified sizes
2017-05-03  SvenBug 11339: closed (add color on hover state)
2017-05-03  SvenBug 11339: closed
2017-05-03  SvenBug 11327: fixed
2017-05-03  SvenBug 11337: closed
2017-05-03  SvenBug 11335: closed
2017-05-03  SvenBug 11333: closed
2017-05-03  SvenBug 11332: fixed
2017-05-03  SvenBug 11329: fixed
2017-04-12  SvenArrow at the bottom to scroll down now white on hover.
2017-04-10  SvenNew icons.
2017-04-07  Svenfix Webkit column latest news and feature section
2017-04-07  Svenembed SVG Icons in the footer.
2017-04-06  Svenedit font weight in buttons
2017-04-04  Svenadd stats
2017-04-04  SvenImages
2017-04-04  Svenadd spacing and menu on mobile
2017-04-02  Svenadd responsive layout.
2017-04-02  Svenbox shadows on buttons
2017-03-31  Svenexcluded unused parts from Bootstrap
2017-03-30  SvenStyled the other sections.
2017-03-30  SvenNavbar styling and Intro section for Website - Start...
2017-03-29  SvenAdded Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha 6, new images and mockups...
2016-08-24  Michael TremerFix PXE boot URL
2016-04-13  Michael Tremerwebapp: Prepare for x86_64
2016-03-13  Michael TremerUpdate hardware page and add IPFire Duo Box
2016-03-13  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Add some interesting CPU flags
2016-03-13  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Add Fountain Networks Duo Box
2016-01-06  Michael TremerRemove accidentially committed line
2016-01-06  Lars SchuhmacherFixes various typos and improves readability
2016-01-06  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Add Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X3220 to the non...
2016-01-05  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Learn that Intel N3XXX series does not have HT
2015-10-21  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Remove x86_64 from release string
2015-10-03  Michael Tremertalk: Hide SIP password if that is empty
2015-10-03  Michael Tremernetboot: Serve new version of iPXE
2015-10-03  Michael Tremernetboot: Allow booting multiple architectures
2015-09-28  Michael TremerRevert "geoip: Tolerate lots of spaces in database...
2015-09-28  Michael Tremermirrors: Sort by distance (ascending)
2015-09-28  Michael Tremergeoip: Tolerate lots of spaces in database fields
2015-09-28  Michael Tremerboot: Add nightly builds to the top of the list of...
2015-09-19  Michael TremerImprove donations text
2015-09-14  Michael Tremertalk: Show different types of phone numbers
2015-08-17  Michael TremerAdd a direct download button to all release notes
2015-08-11  Michael Tremertalk: Make addresses clickable and open a map
2015-07-14  Michael TremerMove translation of news to an extra table
2015-07-13  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Remove memory check for the Eco Appliance
2015-07-06  IT SuperhackUpdate minimum system requirements
2015-06-22  Michael TremerUpdate Google Plus URL
2015-06-21  Michael TremerAdd mirrors and tracker link to download page
2015-06-21  Michael TremerFix RSS feed for news
2015-06-21  Michael TremerMassive web site update
2015-06-13  Michael TremerShow SSL protocol (and possibly cipher) in page footer
2015-06-13  Michael TremerAllow accessing all pages via SSL
2015-06-09  Michael Tremernopaste: Send filename of uploaded files in the header
2015-06-08  Michael Tremerplanet: Update posting header
2015-06-08  Michael TremerUpdate the chat page
2015-06-08  Michael TremerAdd font-awesome
2015-06-08  Michael TremerAdd link to Patchwork
2015-06-08  Michael TremerRemove the outdated development page
2015-06-08  Michael Tremercenter text in the jumbotrons
2015-06-08  Michael TremerUpdate image of the Lightning Wire Labs Eco Appliance
2015-05-31  Michael Tremertalk: Show all ongoing calls on index page for admins
2015-05-31  Michael Tremernopaste: Put content in memcache only for frequently...
2015-05-31  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Add Lightning Wire Labs Eco Plus appliance
2015-04-28  Michael TremerRemove debugging output
2015-04-28  Michael Tremeri-use: Send expiry headers
2015-04-28  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Let get_profile() return only valid profiles
2015-04-28  Michael Tremeri-use: Fix error images when the profile is disabled...
2015-04-28  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Implement a better rate-limiting for up to...
2015-04-27  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Allow updating stale profiles
2015-04-21  Michael Tremernopaste: Set Expires and Cache-Control headers
2015-04-19  Michael Tremernopaste: Increase max upload size for authenticated...
2015-04-19  Michael Tremernopaste: Use memcache to cache the content of the pastes
2015-04-19  Michael Tremernopaste: Add possibility to upload files, too
2015-04-19  Michael Tremernopaste: Add view counter
2015-04-19  Michael Tremertalk: Update for Kamailio
2015-04-09  Michael Tremerdonate: Fix PayPal locale
2015-04-07  Michael Tremerplanet: Slight face-lift and add hottest posts
2015-03-29  Michael Tremerplanet: Add a view counter for the posts
2015-03-29  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Don't sort the remaining country by alphabet
2015-03-29  Michael Tremermenu: Add
2015-03-29  Michael Tremerplanet: Fix composing new posts
2015-03-29  Michael Tremerdonation: Redesign the page