2014-09-28  Michael Tremeripv4-static: Update hook
2014-09-28  Michael TremerRectify config creation
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerwireless-ap: Bring up hostapd, too when device is plugg...
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerhotplug: Must not stop after first port has been hit
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerwireless monitor: Use proper port name
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerzone: Don't handle hotplug events for zones
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerzone: Send systemd updates on hotplug events
2014-09-06  Michael Tremersystemd: Fix network initialization on boot
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerbonding: Improve robustness of the code
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerbonding: Rewrite the port hook and fix various errors
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerutil: Silence fwrite on error
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerdevice: Fix check for bonded devices
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerstp: Silence stp_bridge_set_forward_delay a bit
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerdevice: Rewrite device_set_address
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerservice: Don't start services if they are already running
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerbridge: Simplify the hook and make it more robust again...
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerbatman-adv: Remove a now wrong assertion
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerdevice: Rewrite batman-adv-port detection
2014-09-06  Michael Tremernetwork-hotplug-rename: Improve log message when renami...
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerbatman-adv-port: Initialize PHY variable
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerbatman-adv: Disable hotplug hook
2014-09-06  Michael TremerLet hotplug handlers return a status code
2014-09-06  Michael TremerOnly enable auto-enabled zones on hotplug events
2014-09-04  Michael TremerMakefile: Expand @helpersdir@
2014-09-04  Michael Tremeraiccu: Fix syntax error
2014-09-04  Michael Tremernetwork status: Show if zones are enabled to start...
2014-09-04  Michael TremerUpdate documentation according to config -> settings...
2014-09-04  Michael Tremerstp: Change comparison operator
2014-09-04  Michael TremerRename all "config" to "settings"
2014-08-31  Michael TremerMove config hooks into a separate directory
2014-08-31  Michael Tremerpppoe: Allow assigning ports to pppoe zones
2014-08-31  Michael Tremerbridge-stp: Fix wrong variable name
2014-08-31  Michael Tremerbridge: Apply configured cost settings for each port
2014-08-31  Michael TremerFix installation of bridge-stp helper
2014-08-31  Michael TremerRemove port hooks as subhooks for zones.
2014-08-27  Michael TremerRemove support for openvswitch (switch zone hook)
2014-08-27  Michael TremerRemove batman-adv zones
2014-08-27  Michael Tremernetwork-hotplug-rename: Read network configuration...
2014-08-26  Michael TremerIntroduce "network device ap0 monitor" command
2014-08-26  Michael TremerConfigure wireless reg domain when wireless hardware...
2014-08-26  Michael TremerMake searching for the corresponding phy of a wireless...
2014-08-26  Michael TremerMake the wireless regulatory domain a global configurat...
2014-08-26  Michael Tremernetwork-hotplug: Read network configuration
2014-08-26  Michael Tremerbatman-adv-port: Fix wrong function call
2014-08-26  Michael Tremerbatman-adv-port: Increase MTU to 1560 as suggested...
2014-08-24  Michael TremerImport missing BATMAN zone hook
2014-01-05  Michael Tremerhe: Update URL for changing tunnel endpoint address.
2013-09-06  Michael TremerAdd COPYING file.
2013-09-06  Michael TremerRemove executable permissions from source files.
2013-09-06  Michael TremerUse autotools.
2013-08-23  Michael Tremerhostapd: Enable WMM by default.
2013-08-23  Michael Tremerhostapd_config_write: Reorder arguments in alphabetical...
2013-08-23  Michael Tremerhostapd: Enable 802.11d by default for all APs.
2013-08-23  Michael Tremerwireless: Add function to find DFS channels.
2013-05-21  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/systemd-network'
2013-05-20  Michael TremerAdd functionality to send USSD commands.
2013-05-19  Michael Tremermodem: Don't log empty lines.
2013-05-19  Michael Tremermodem: Wait a moment after initializing.
2013-05-19  Michael TremerAdd whitelist of serial USB devices.
2013-05-19  Stefan SchantlIntroduce enable/disable option for network zones. systemd-network
2013-05-19  Michael Tremermodem: Save IMSI (optionally).
2013-05-19  Michael Tremerpppd-angel: Enhance logging.
2013-05-19  Michael Tremerpppd-angel: Use a default holdoff time of 10 seconds.
2013-05-19  Michael TremerHandle hotplugging of serial devices.
2013-05-19  Michael Tremermodem: Fix getting provider information.
2013-05-19  Michael TremerEnhance backtrace with called binary.
2013-05-19  Michael TremerRework ppp network functionality and introduce the...
2013-05-16  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/man-pages'
2013-05-16  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/fixes'
2013-05-16  Stefan Schantlpptp: Add documentation. pptp
2013-05-12  Stefan Schantlheaders: Add missing function and rename existing ones. fixes
2013-05-12  Stefan Schantlrouting: Switch routes priority between ptp and etherne...
2013-05-12  Stefan SchantlAdd missing hook_add to the commands_zone list.
2013-05-12  Stefan Schantlfunctions.config: Fix call for check function.
2013-05-12  Stefan SchantlAdd support for pptp dialin.
2013-05-11  Stefan Schantl6rd and 6to4: Replace the three dots in the manpages. man-pages
2013-05-11  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/error-if-check...
2013-05-11  Stefan Schantl6rd: Add documentation.
2013-05-11  Stefan Schantl6rd: Change cmdline option to public-ipv4-address.
2013-05-09  Stefan Schantl6rd: Rename hook functions to match the latest function...
2013-05-09  Stefan SchantlMerge branch 'master' into 6rd-new
2013-05-09  Stefan SchantlExit if the check functionality of a hook fails.
2013-05-09  Stefan SchantlAdd 6rd tunnel functionality.
2013-05-08  Michael TremerRenew hook function naming scheme.
2013-05-06  Michael Tremerdhcp+pppoe: Make prefix delegation configurable.
2013-05-06  Michael Tremerpppoe: Make IPv6 configurable.
2013-05-05  Michael Tremerconfig: Better formatting for configuration dump.
2013-05-05  Michael Tremeriptables: Automatically convert icmp to icmpv6 for...
2013-05-05  Michael Tremerfirewall: Enhance filtering for INVALID packets.
2013-05-05  Michael Tremeripv6: Replace configuration with new sysctl commands.
2013-05-05  Michael Tremerfirewall: Re-unity firewall6/4 configuration again.
2013-05-05  Michael Tremerfirewall: Add kernel initialization.
2013-05-05  Michael Tremerfirewall: Add global ICMP filter table.
2013-04-30  Michael Tremerfirewall: ipv6: Discard all packets with rounting heade...
2013-04-28  Michael TremerDon't use connection tracking for loopback traffic.
2013-04-27  Michael Tremersystemd: Create two separate unit files for either...
2013-04-27  Michael Tremeriptables: Replace state module by conntrack module.
2013-04-27  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-04-27  Michael TremerSplit firewall in a IPv6 and IPv4 component.
2013-04-26  Michael Tremerppp: Enable IPv6 CP by default.