descriptionStevee's network tree.
ownerStefan Schantl
last changeFri, 18 Sep 2015 20:37:05 +0000 (22:37 +0200)
2015-09-18 Michael TremerReplace ipcalc by inetcalc master
2015-09-15 Stefan SchantlMake configure check for a C compiler
2015-09-06 Stefan Schantlwireless: Fix wrong variable name
2015-09-06 Stefan SchantlEnsure that radvd is started when needed
2015-09-06 Stefan SchantlAllow renaming zones
2015-09-06 Stefan Schantlzone: Automatically bring up all configs after creation
2015-09-06 Stefan Schantlipv6-auto: Fix wrong hook function name
2015-09-06 Stefan Schantlipv4-dhcp: Show DNS servers
2015-09-06 Stefan Schantlpppoe-server: Allow passing DNS servers to the client
2015-09-05 Stefan SchantlMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-09-05 Stefan Schantldns: Better propagate known DNS servers
2015-09-05 Stefan Schantlpppoe: The remote MAC address should be protocol-indepe...
2015-09-05 Stefan Schantlpppoe: Fix wrong variable name for DNS servers
2015-09-05 Stefan Schantlpppoe-server: Enable IPv6
2013-07-08 Stefan SchantlLocal zones must be named net0, net1, ...
2015-09-05 Stefan SchantlMerge remote-tracking branch 'prime/master'
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