2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwpa_supplicant: Doesn't like spaces here
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwpa_supplicant: Add ctrl_interface
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerinterrupts: Fix passing of command line args with $@
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerinterrupts: Fix directory listing
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwireless: Drop old network configuration from hook...
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwireless networks: Add priority to WPA supplicant confi...
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwireless networks: Allow using multiple modes at the...
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwireless: Drop support for WEP
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwireless networks: Add configured EAP modes
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwireless networks: Convert to use handles internally
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwireless networks: Allow exporting configuration into...
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwireless networks: Validate any PSKs for WPA*
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwireless networks: Only delete one network at a time
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwireless networks: Properly validate encryption modes
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwireless networks: Call pre-shared-key correctly
2017-08-18  Michael Tremercli_wireless_network: Refactor for better application...
2017-08-18  Michael TremerFix typo
2017-08-18  Michael TremerMove wireless networks functions into extra file
2017-08-18  Jonatan Schlagwireless: add network feature
2017-08-18  Jonatan Schlagutil: add normalize function
2017-08-18  Michael TremerDrop wireless-adhoc port
2017-08-18  Michael TremerRemove B.A.T.M.A.N.
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerbridge: Correctly apply STP priority
2017-08-18  Michael TremerRename make_parent_dir to make_parent_directory
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerdhclient-script: IP addresses could change on REBIND
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerdhclient-script: No need to set up the device again
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwpa_supplicant: Use nl80211 instead of wext to communic...
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwpa_supplicant: Fix typo in variable name
2017-08-18  Michael Tremerwpa_supplicant: Move configuration to /etc/wpa_supplicant
2017-08-17  Michael Tremerwpa_supplicant: Drop config helper
2017-08-17  Michael Tremer802.11s: Write WPA supplicant configuration
2017-08-17  Michael Tremerwpa_supplicant: Support 802.11s
2017-08-17  Michael TremerRemove obsolete comment
2017-08-17  Michael Tremer802.11s: Allow setting a PSK for SAE authentication
2017-08-17  Michael Tremerwpa_supplicant: Rename zone variable to device
2017-08-17  Michael TremerRemove zone_dir and zone_file
2017-08-17  Michael TremerDropping port_dir()
2017-08-17  Michael Tremerdevice_get_all: Drop function
2017-08-17  Michael TremerIntroduce list_directory
2017-08-17  Michael Tremerhooks_list: Remove duplicate function
2017-08-17  Jonatan Schlagipsec-pools: reload pools after destroying pools
2017-08-17  Jonatan Schlagipsec-pool: delete on destroy also the swanctl configur...
2017-08-17  Jonatan Schlagnetwork reset: destroy all IPsec pools
2017-08-16  Michael TremerDrop bridge-stp script
2017-08-16  Jonatan Schlagipsec-connection: add description feature
2017-08-16  Jonatan Schlagipsec-connection: add color support
2017-08-16  Jonatan Schlagipsec: accept also psk and use pre-shared-key instead...
2017-08-16  Jonatan Schlagipsec: move pool function in a seperated file
2017-08-16  Jonatan Schlagnetwork fix parameter passing when using ""
2017-08-16  Jonatan Schlagvpn-security-policies: fix +/- syntax handling for...
2017-08-15  Michael Tremerwireless: Validate channels
2017-08-15  Michael TremerAlways destroy zones immediately
2017-08-15  Michael TremerPrint a useful message when bringing up a port that...
2017-08-15  Michael TremerAdd port hook for wireless mesh devices after 802.11s
2017-08-15  Michael Tremerwireless: Allow creating mesh points
2017-08-15  Michael Tremerwireless: Allow setting the channel when creating a...
2017-08-15  Michael Tremerports: Make a generic hook_new function
2017-08-10  Michael TremerBump version to 009
2017-08-10  Michael Tremerport: Don't destroy if it could not be shut down
2017-08-10  Michael Tremerports: Drop unused and complicated info function
2017-08-10  Michael TremerDrop port_get_parents function
2017-08-10  Michael Tremerports: Improve function that returns the children
2017-08-10  Michael TremerRemove some unnecessary assertions
2017-08-10  Michael Tremerport: Allow destroying ports that are detached
2017-08-10  Michael Tremerports: Cannot delete a port that does not exist
2017-08-10  Michael Tremeripsec: Allow using no encryption
2017-08-07  Michael Tremeripsec: Remove stuff that does not belong to certain...
2017-08-07  Jonatan Schlagipsec: fix check if a pool is valid
2017-08-07  Jonatan Schlagipsec: add type
2017-08-07  Jonatan Schlagipsec: remove whitespace
2017-08-07  Jonatan Schlagipsec: log debug message when generating an ipsec config
2017-08-07  Jonatan Schlagipsec: make it possible to use ipsec pools for ipsec...
2017-08-07  Jonatan Schlagipsec: refactor ipsec pool
2017-08-07  Michael Tremerwireless: Show signal quality in percent
2017-08-07  Michael Tremerwireless: Show signal quality in percent
2017-08-07  Michael Tremerwireless: Show channel number as well as frequency
2017-08-06  Jonatan Schlagipsec: add pool feature
2017-08-06  Michael TremerImprove loading of kernel modules
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerbonding: Cleanup loading of kernel module
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerbatman-adv: Use new function to remove device
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerbatman-adv: Make sure kernel module is loaded
2017-08-06  Michael TremerUse "ip link set X master" where ever we can
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerbridge: Show any errors when connecting a device to...
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerbonding: Use port_restart to restart a port
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerwireless-ap: Improve command line parsing
2017-08-06  Michael TremerDHCP: Fix options parsing
2017-08-06  Michael Tremerbonding: Major rewrite of the hook
2017-08-05  Michael Tremerdummy: Cleanup hook
2017-08-05  Michael Tremervlan: Create devices when they don't exist, yet
2017-08-05  Michael TremerRevert "Never overwrite PATH"
2017-08-05  Michael Tremerutil: Drop cmd_clean_environment function
2017-08-05  Michael Tremerutil: Fix cmd function and never leak anything into...
2017-08-05  Michael Tremeripsec: Save START_ACTION parameter
2017-08-05  Jonatan Schlagipsec: log a debug message when deleting a strongswan...
2017-08-05  Jonatan Schlagipsec: fix enable and disable
2017-08-05  Michael Tremeripsec: Only set traffic selector marks in VTI mode
2017-08-04  Michael TremerFix typo
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Make sure not to reload strongswan if it is...
2017-08-04  Michael Tremersettings: Use file_delete to delete a file