10 hours ago Artem Blagodarenkoe2fsck: correctly handle inline directories when large_... maint master next
12 days ago Theodore Ts'oFix posix_memalign and posix_fadvise calls.
2019-06-04 Darrick J.... e2scrub: remove -C from e2scrub_all
2019-05-30 Pedro Albuquerquepo: update pt.po (from
2019-05-30 Eric Biggerstests: add test for e2fsck of verity file
2019-05-28 Theodore Ts'oUpdate release notes, etc., for the 1.45.2 release v1.45.2
2019-05-28 Theodore Ts'opo: update the binary gmo files
2019-05-27 Theodore Ts'omke2fs: accept the english yes character to the proceed...
2019-05-27 Sharuzzaman... po: update ms.po (from
2019-05-27 Antonio Ceballospo: update es.po (from
2019-05-27 Eric Biggerse2fsck: handle verity files in scan_extent_node()
2019-05-27 Theodore Ts'oconfigure: fix test where cron is not installed on...
2019-05-27 Theodore Ts'opo: add new Portuguese translation from the Translation...
2019-05-22 Göran Uddeborgpo: update sv.po (from
2019-05-22 Theodore Ts'odebian: update changelog for maintenance releases
2019-05-21 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub_all: fix missing getopts argument which broke...
2019-05-20 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub: fix grammar nit: "a LVM" -> "an LVM"
2019-05-19 Yuri Chornoivanpo: update uk.po (from
2019-05-19 Jakub Boguszpo: update pl.po (from
2019-05-19 Petr Pisarpo: update cs.po (from
2019-05-19 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub_all: avoid scrubbing all devices when there...
2019-05-19 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub: stop cron spam if lvm2 is not installed.
2019-05-13 Theodore Ts'oUpdate release notes, etc., for the 1.45.1 release v1.45.1
2019-05-12 Theodore Ts'oe2fsck: remove an potentially ambiguous dangling else...
2019-05-12 Theodore Ts'olibext2fs: hide struct ext2fs_hashmap as an internal...
2019-05-12 Theodore Ts'omke2fs: fix memory leak when parsing encoding flags
2019-05-12 Theodore Ts'oe2fsck: fix printf format / argument mismatches
2019-05-12 Theodore Ts'olibext2fs: add missing check for utf8lookup()'s return...
2019-05-10 Michael HaubenwallnerFix parallel install issue in scrub subdir
2019-05-10 Theodore Ts'oe2fsck: fix XML validity problem with the problem log
2019-05-06 Theodore Ts'oUpdate release notes, etc., for the 1.45.1-rc1 release v1.45.1-rc1
2019-05-06 Theodore Ts'oe2fsck: add support for saving the problem code log
2019-05-06 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub: make the e2scrub service files require CAP_SYS...
2019-05-06 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub: tag the *.e2scrub LV's with UDISK_IGNORE in...
2019-05-06 Andreas Dilgermke2fs: fix check for absurdly large devices
2019-05-06 Theodore Ts'oe2fsck: check and fix tails of all bitmap blocks
2019-05-05 Theodore Ts'odebian: update libext2fs2.symbols file
2019-05-03 Theodore Ts'olibext2fs: move struct ext2fs_nls_table to the private...
2019-05-03 Theodore Ts'oRename the feature "fname_encoding" to be "casefold".
2019-05-02 Theodore Ts'odebugfs: teach set_super_value how to set the s_encodin...
2019-05-02 Theodore Ts'olibe2p: print the filename character encoding in list_s...
2019-04-29 Theodore Ts'olibext2fs: remove utf8_* namespace contamination
2019-04-29 Theodore Ts'olibext2fs: remove nls_* namespace contamination
2019-04-29 Eric Biggerslibext2fs: remove unused variable 'old_flags'
2019-04-29 Eric Biggersdebugfs: remove unused variable 'tmp_inode'
2019-04-29 Eric Biggerslibext2fs: remove unused variable 'buff'
2019-04-29 Eric Biggersdebugfs: fix encoding handling in dx_hash command
2019-04-28 Eric Biggersdebugfs: avoid ambiguity when printing filenames
2019-04-28 Gabriel Krisman... document design changes on the casefold...
2019-04-28 Gabriel Krisman... ext2fs: drop ASCII NLS support
2019-04-28 Gabriel Krisman... ext2fs: drop Unicode normalization support
2019-04-28 Gabriel Krisman... ext2fs: don't normalize names on -F directories
2019-04-28 Gabriel Krisman... ext2fs: nls: Update to unicode 12.1.0
2019-04-28 Gabriel Krisman... ext2fs: merge sparse fixes for unicode normalization
2019-04-28 Gabriel Krisman... ext2fs: fix potential null dereference in utf8nlookup
2019-04-28 Gabriel Krisman... ext2fs: convert unicode normalization from NFKD -> NFD
2019-04-28 Gabriel Krisman... ext2fs: always attempt to load nls table when loading...
2019-04-28 Gabriel Krisman... e2p: encoding: fix default flags lookup
2019-04-22 Elliott HughesAOSP: Turn off some more warnings on Windows.
2019-03-26 Theodore Ts'odebugfs: fix printing of xattrs with ea_in_inode values
2019-03-24 Theodore Ts'otests: fix f_valid_ea_in_inode to use the ea_feature
2019-03-21 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub,e2scrub_all: print a (more understandable)...
2019-03-21 Darrick J.... e2scrub_all: refactor device probe loop
2019-03-21 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub_all: make sure there's enough free space for...
2019-03-21 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub_all: add the -n option which shows what e2scrub...
2019-03-21 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub: add the -n option which shows what commands...
2019-03-17 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub: fix up "make install-strip" support
2019-03-17 Theodore Ts'oMerge branch 'old-maint' into maint
2019-03-17 Theodore Ts'oFix "make install-strip" old-maint
2019-03-11 Theodore Ts'odebian: drop lvm2 from the recommends line
2019-03-10 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub: check to make sure lvm2 is installed
2019-03-07 Theodore Ts'oMerge branch 'old-maint' into maint
2019-03-07 Dongyang LiFix autoheader warnings
2019-03-07 Theodore Ts'oUpdate release notes, etc., for the 1.45.0 release v1.45.0
2019-03-07 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub: install the crontab file in /etc/cron.d w...
2019-03-07 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub: make e2scrub_fail's e-mail addresses be config...
2019-03-07 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub: add missing Documentation links to systemd...
2019-03-07 Theodore Ts'omisc: fix spelling error
2019-03-07 Theodore Ts'oscrub/ install the udev rule and crontab...
2019-03-07 Theodore Ts'oDon't use a symlink for config/
2019-03-06 Theodore Ts'oFix "make clean" so it removes all generated files...
2019-03-06 Theodore Ts'oUpdate files using "make depend"
2019-03-06 Artem Blagodarenkotests: add test for e2image -b option
2019-03-06 Artem Blagodarenkoe2image: add -b and -B options to specify where to...
2019-03-06 Theodore Ts'oMerge branch 'maint' into next
2019-03-05 Theodore Ts'oUpdate release notes, etc., for the 1.44.6 release v1.44.6
2019-03-05 Yoshitaka SetoAOSP: misc: use scandir with alphasort instead of readd...
2019-03-05 Chen Lin ZAOSP: Fix file offset overflow issue when file's size...
2019-02-14 Darrick J.... libext2fs: revert "try to always use PUNCH_HOLE for...
2019-02-11 Lukas Czernercreate_inode: fix potential memory leak in path_append()
2019-02-11 Lukas Czernere2freefrag: fix memory leak in scan_online()
2019-02-11 Theodore Ts'oMerge branch 'maint' into next
2019-02-11 Theodore Ts'oCheck for the newer blkid functions without adding...
2019-02-08 Andreas GampeAOSP: E2fsprogs: fix ODR issue
2019-02-08 David AndersonAOSP: e2fsdroid: Fix incorrect error value handling.
2019-02-08 Sandeep PatilAOSP: Build filefrag
2019-02-07 Ross Burtoncreate_inode: fix copying large files
2019-02-05 Artem Blagodarenkodebugfs: output large directory size
2019-02-05 Artem Blagodarenkoe2fsck: allow to check >2GB sized directory
2019-01-30 Theodore Ts'oMerge branch 'maint' into next