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ownerMichael Tremer
last changeThu, 20 Jun 2019 03:14:39 +0000 (23:14 -0400)
20 hours ago Artem Blagodarenkoe2fsck: correctly handle inline directories when large_... maint master next
13 days ago Theodore Ts'oFix posix_memalign and posix_fadvise calls.
2019-06-04 Darrick J.... e2scrub: remove -C from e2scrub_all
2019-05-30 Pedro Albuquerquepo: update pt.po (from
2019-05-30 Eric Biggerstests: add test for e2fsck of verity file
2019-05-28 Theodore Ts'oUpdate release notes, etc., for the 1.45.2 release v1.45.2
2019-05-28 Theodore Ts'opo: update the binary gmo files
2019-05-27 Theodore Ts'omke2fs: accept the english yes character to the proceed...
2019-05-27 Sharuzzaman... po: update ms.po (from
2019-05-27 Antonio Ceballospo: update es.po (from
2019-05-27 Eric Biggerse2fsck: handle verity files in scan_extent_node()
2019-05-27 Theodore Ts'oconfigure: fix test where cron is not installed on...
2019-05-27 Theodore Ts'opo: add new Portuguese translation from the Translation...
2019-05-22 Göran Uddeborgpo: update sv.po (from
2019-05-22 Theodore Ts'odebian: update changelog for maintenance releases
2019-05-21 Theodore Ts'oe2scrub_all: fix missing getopts argument which broke...
3 weeks ago debian/1.45.2-1 e2fsprogs Debian release 1.45.2-1
3 weeks ago v1.45.2 v1.45.2
5 weeks ago debian/1.45.1-1 e2fsprogs Debian release 1.45.1-1
5 weeks ago v1.45.1 v1.45.1
6 weeks ago v1.45.1-rc1 v1.45.1-rc1
3 months ago v1.45.0 v1.45.0
3 months ago v1.44.6 v1.44.6
6 months ago debian/1.44.5-1 e2fsprogs Debian release 1.44.5-1
6 months ago v1.44.5 v1.44.5
9 months ago debian/1.44.4-2 e2fsprogs Debian release 1.44.4-2
10 months ago debian/1.44.4-1 e2fsprogs Debian release 1.44.4-1
10 months ago v1.44.4 v1.44.4
11 months ago v1.44.3 v1.44.3
11 months ago debian/1.44.3-1 v1.44.3
11 months ago v1.44.3-rc2 v1.44.3-rc2
11 months ago v1.44.3-rc1 v1.44.3-rc1
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