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ownerMichael Tremer
last changeMon, 15 Apr 2019 15:09:32 +0000 (17:09 +0200)
6 days ago Michael Kerriskelf.5: A data segment does not have PF_X master
6 days ago Michael Kerriskclone.2: CLONE_CHILD_SETTID has effect before clone...
6 days ago Jakub Wilkgetpt.3: tfix
6 days ago Lucas Werkmeisterio_getevents.2: wsfix: fix stray tab
6 days ago Michael Kerriskmalloc_trim.3: Minor fixes to Carlos's patch
6 days ago Carlos O'Donellmalloc_trim.3: Update trimming information
6 days ago Michael Kerriskfopen.3: Minor tweaks to Elliot's patch
6 days ago enhfopen.3: Explain BSD vs glibc "a+" difference
6 days ago Michael Kerriskstdarg.3: Add a note that ... in function signature...
9 days ago Michael Kerrisksyscalls.2: Remove crufty text about i386 syscall dispa...
2019-04-04 Michael Kerriskbpf.2: Update kernel version info for JIT compiler
2019-03-26 Michael Kerrisksetfsgid.2: Rewrite for improved clarity and defer...
2019-03-26 Michael Kerrisksetfsuid.2: Rewrite for improved clarity and to hint...
2019-03-20 Abhinav Upadhyaybpf.2: tfix
2019-03-20 Jakub Wilkman-pages.7: tfix
2019-03-20 Jakub Wilkman-pages.7: spfix
6 weeks ago man-pages-5.00 This is man-pages-5.00
11 months ago man-pages-4.15 This is man-pages-4.15
11 months ago man-pages-4.16 This is man-pages-4.16
16 months ago man-pages-4.14 This is man-pages-4.14
19 months ago man-pages-4.13 This is man-pages-4.13
21 months ago man-pages-4.12 This is man-pages-4.12
23 months ago man-pages-4.11 This is man-pages-4.11
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3 years ago man-pages-4.04 This is man-pages-4.04
3 years ago man-pages-4.03 This is man-pages-4.03
3 years ago man-pages-4.02 This is man-pages-4.02
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