2010-09-06  NeilBrownAdd gpt pseudo-metadata
2010-09-06  NeilBrownAdd mbr pseudo metadata handler.
2010-09-06  NeilBrownintel: Don't try to read from tiny devices.
2010-09-06  NeilBrownAllow --incremental to add a device as a spare if polic...
2010-09-06  NeilBrownUse action policy to keep recently-disconnected devices...
2010-09-06  NeilBrownIntroduce single-exit pattern for Incremental
2010-09-06  NeilBrownAdd domain policy support.
2010-09-06  NeilBrownAdd policy_action support
2010-09-06  NeilBrownAdd policy framework.
2010-09-03  NeilBrownFix compile error on non-x86 systems.
2010-08-31  NeilBrownRelease mdadm-3.1.4 mdadm-3.1.4
2010-08-31  NeilBrownFix spare migration.
2010-08-31  NeilBrownDon't remove md devices with standard names.
2010-08-29  NeilBrownAllow dev_open to work on read-only /dev
2010-08-12  NeilBrownAllow --incremental to add spares to an array.
2010-08-12  Dan WilliamsIncremental: accept '--no-degraded' as a deprecated...
2010-08-10  Dan WilliamsIncremental: return success in 'container not enough...
2010-08-06  NeilBrownDon't link mdadm with pthreads
2010-08-06  NeilBrownFix compiler warning concering bad use of snprintf.
2010-08-06  NeilBrownRelease mdadm-3.1.3 mdadm-3.1.3
2010-08-06  NeilBrownmapfile: just have one place to store the mapfile
2010-08-06  NeilBrownGrow: use raid_disks, not nr_disks
2010-08-05  NeilBrownFix writing of second backup superblock during grow
2010-08-05  NeilBrownudevadm settle in autodetect test
2010-08-05  NeilBrownCompile with -Wextra by default
2010-08-05  NeilBrownDetail: clean up handing of the 'info' we load from...
2010-08-05  NeilBrownFix test for imsm prodigal member scenario
2010-07-29  NeilBrownFix tests/layouts
2010-07-29  NeilBrownFix restarting of reshaping arrays.
2010-07-29  NeilBrownRestore assembling of ddf containers.
2010-07-29  NeilBrownFix use of rv in Grow_reshape
2010-07-28  NeilBrownSome fixes to the mapfile code.
2010-07-28  NeilBrownUpdate man page info about files used by mdmon
2010-07-28  NeilBrownSwitch from /lib/init/rw to /dev for early-boot files.
2010-07-28  NeilBrownBugfix: mapfile locking is broken/racy
2010-07-22  Doug LedfordAdd warnings if we ever fail to get a lock on the mapfile.
2010-07-22  Doug LedfordBugfix: don't issue a read larger than the buffer to...
2010-07-22  Doug Ledfordudev rules: add watch option
2010-07-22  Doug LedfordTwo Minor bug fixes to incremental support
2010-07-22  Doug LedfordFix all the confusion over directories once and for...
2010-07-22  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-07-22  NeilBrownDon't report Used Dev Size for RAID0.
2010-07-22  NeilBrownCast to long long before left-shifting too much.
2010-07-19  Dan WilliamsIncremental: restore assembly for inactive containers...
2010-07-07  NeilBrownsuper-0.90: don't write bitmap larger than 60K
2010-07-07  NeilBrownImprove --re-add documentation
2010-07-06  Dan Williamsimsm: fix a -O2 build warning
2010-07-06  Dan Williamsmdmon: satisfy glibc tls abi requirements with pthreads
2010-07-06  Marcin LabunFix the count of member devices in mdstat_read function.
2010-07-06  Przemyslaw... fix: IncrementalRemove leaves open handle
2010-07-06  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-07-06  NeilBrownAdd --test option to --re-add and similar
2010-07-06  NeilBrownAdd support for "--re-add missing"
2010-07-06  NeilBrownDon't let incremental add devices to active arrays.
2010-07-06  NeilBrownAssemble: Fix honouring of 'auto' config line
2010-07-02  Dan WilliamsMerge branch 'fixes' into for-neil
2010-07-02  Dan WilliamsMerge branch 'subarray' into for-neil
2010-07-02  Dan Williamsmdmon: prevent allocations due to late binding
2010-06-30  NeilBrownAvoid skipping devices where removing all faulty/detach...
2010-06-30  NeilBrownUpdate udev rules for hotplug support.
2010-06-30  NeilBrownAdd -fail support to --incremental
2010-06-30  NeilBrownSupport fail/remove using kernel name
2010-06-30  NeilBrownAdd mdstat_by_component
2010-06-30  NeilBrownCorrect documentation for --rebuild-map
2010-06-29  Jeff DeFouwFix parsing of inactive arrays in /proc/mdstat
2010-06-22  Dan WilliamsRename subarray v2
2010-06-17  NeilBrownCreate: fix typo in RAID10 default layout message.
2010-06-17  Dan WilliamsAlways assume SKIP_GONE_DEVS behaviour and kill the...
2010-06-16  Dan WilliamsRemove 'checkpointing' side effect of --wait-clean
2010-06-16  Dan Williamsmdmon: record sync_completed directly to the metadata
2010-06-16  Dan Williamsimsm: dump each disk's view of the slot state
2010-06-16  Dave Jiangcreate: Check with OROM limit before setting default...
2010-06-16  Dan WilliamsKill subarray v2
2010-06-04  NeilBrownmdadm.conf: fix AUTO typo
2010-05-31  NeilBrownFix man page reference to --level changes with --grow.
2010-05-31  martin f. krafftCompile-time switch to enable 0.9 metadata as default
2010-05-31  NeilBrownRevert change to handling of -empty-string- metadata.
2010-05-31  NeilBrownMerge commit '3288b419b988b20a53a2b12eb8e5f9f536228db4...
2010-05-26  Dan Williamsimsm: robustify recovery-start detection
2010-05-26  Dan WilliamsRevert "Incremental: honor --no-degraded to delay assembly"
2010-05-26  Dan WilliamsIncremental: honor an 'enough' flag from external handlers
2010-05-18  NeilBrownMonitor: don't report the disappearance of a faulty...
2010-05-18  NeilBrownGrow: move error message closer to error cause.
2010-05-17  Przemyslaw... fix: memory leak in mdmon_pid()
2010-05-15  Dan Williamsmdmon: periodically checkpoint recovery
2010-04-29  Dan Williamsmdmon: fix missing open of md/<dev>/recovery_start
2010-04-29  NeilBrownGrow: avoid overflow of chunk sizes.
2010-04-29  NeilBrownIMSM/DDF: don't recognised these metadata on partitions.
2010-04-19  Dan WilliamsCreate: cleanup after failed create in duplicated array...
2010-04-15  Dan WilliamsFixup default definitions of VAR_RUN and ALT_RUN
2010-04-06  Doug Ledfordpowerpc compile fix
2010-04-06  NeilBrownDon't attempt to create or read bitmaps where the metad...
2010-04-06  NeilBrownMerge branch 'HEAD'; commit 'a4b93c9ce4f15217afb8'
2010-04-06  NeilBrownAdd ANNOUNCE-3.1.2 mdadm-3.1.2a
2010-03-23  Doug LedfordOnly signal a udev change event if we actually write...
2010-03-23  Doug Ledfordmapfile: if we putting the mapfile in a custom location...
2010-03-23  Doug LedfordCreate directory to contain mapfile (Assuming parent...
2010-03-23  NeilBrown(no commit message)
2010-03-10  NeilBrownRelease mdadm-3.1.2 mdadm-3.1.2
2010-03-10  NeilBrowntests: adjust sizes for new defaults