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ownerMichael Tremer
last changeWed, 25 Nov 2020 23:21:57 +0000 (18:21 -0500)
16 hours ago  Tkaczyk Mariuszudev: start grow service automatically master
16 hours ago  Kinga TanskaMake target to install binaries only
16 hours ago  Zhao Hemingmdadm/Detail: show correct state for clustered array
16 hours ago  Mariusz Tkaczykmdadm: Unify forks behaviour
16 hours ago  Mariusz Tkaczykimsm: limit support to first NVMe namespace
16 hours ago  Mariusz TkaczykMonitor: don't use default modes when creating a file
16 hours ago  Mariusz Tkaczykimsm: remove redundant calls to imsm_get_map
16 hours ago  Mariusz Tkaczykimsm: update num_data_stripes according to dev_size
16 hours ago  Mariusz TkaczykCreate.c: close mdfd and generate uevent
16 hours ago  Lidong ZhongDetail: fix segfault during IMSM raid creation
2020-10-14  NeilBrownSuper1: allow RAID0 layout setting to be removed.
2020-10-14  Blazej KucmanCheck if other Monitor instance running before fork.
2020-10-14  Blazej Kucmanmdmonitor: set small delay once
2020-10-14  Mariusz TkaczykMonitor: stop notifing about containers.
2020-10-14  Mariusz TkaczykMonitor: refresh mdstat fd after select
2020-10-14  Xiao NiDon't create bitmap for raid5 with journal disk
2 years ago mdadm-4.1 mdadm-4.1
3 years ago mdadm-4.0 mdadm-4.0
4 years ago mdadm-3.4 mdadm-3.4 - feature release
5 years ago mdadm-3.3.4 mdadm-3.3.4 - important bugfix...
5 years ago mdadm-3.3.3 mdadm-3.3.3 - bugfix release
6 years ago mdadm-3.3.2 Release mdadm-3.3.2
6 years ago mdadm-3.3.1 Release mdadm-3.3.1
7 years ago mdadm-3.3 Release mdadm-3.3
7 years ago mdadm-3.3-rc2 Release candidate 3.3-rc2
7 years ago mdadm-3.3-rc1 release-candidate 3.3-rc1
8 years ago mdadm-3.2.6 Release mdadm-3.2.6
8 years ago mdadm-3.2.5 Release mdadm-3.2.5
8 years ago mdadm-3.2.4 Release mdadm-3.2.4 - bugfix release
8 years ago mdadm-3.2.3 Release mdadm-3.2.3 - bugfix release
9 years ago mdadm-3.2.2 Release mdadm-3.2.2: stability...
9 years ago mdadm-3.2.1 Release mdadm-3.2.1
16 hours ago master
5 years ago mdadm-3.3.x
5 years ago cluster
8 years ago mdadm-3.2.x
8 years ago data_offset
8 years ago r10-reshape
9 years ago devel-3.3
9 years ago devel-3.2
10 years ago hotunplug
11 years ago devel-3.1
11 years ago devel-3.0
11 years ago mdadm-2
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12 years ago mdadm-2.6.7.x
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