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ownerMichael Tremer
last changeTue, 12 Nov 2019 20:38:40 +0000 (15:38 -0500)
4 days ago  NeilBrownsuper-intel: don't mark structs 'packed' unnecessarily master
4 days ago handle MDADM_CHECK_DURATION
4 days ago  NeilBrownmdcheck: use ${} to pass variable to mdcheck
4 days ago  NeilBrownmdcheck: when mdcheck_start is enabled, enable mdcheck_...
4 days ago  Krzysztof Smolinskiimsm: allow to specify second volume size
2019-10-04  Mariusz Tkaczykimsm: save current_vol number
2019-10-01  NeilBrownudev: allow for udev attribute reading bug.
2019-09-30  Xiao NiDon't need to check recovery after re-add when no I...
2019-09-30  Xiao NiInit devlist as an array
2019-09-30  Guoqing Jiangmdadm/md.4: add the descriptions for bitmap sysfs nodes
2019-09-30  Nigel Croxonmdadm: force a uuid swap on big endian
2019-09-30  Guilherme G... mdadm: Introduce new array state 'broken' for raid0...
2019-08-16  Krzysztof Smolinskimdadm: check value returned by snprintf against errors
2019-08-14  Mariusz Tkaczykimsm: close removed drive fd.
2019-08-12  Coly Liudev: add --no-devices option for calling 'mdadm -...
2019-08-12  Coly Limdadm: add --no-devices to avoid component devices...
13 months ago mdadm-4.1 mdadm-4.1
2 years ago mdadm-4.0 mdadm-4.0
3 years ago mdadm-3.4 mdadm-3.4 - feature release
4 years ago mdadm-3.3.4 mdadm-3.3.4 - important bugfix...
4 years ago mdadm-3.3.3 mdadm-3.3.3 - bugfix release
5 years ago mdadm-3.3.2 Release mdadm-3.3.2
5 years ago mdadm-3.3.1 Release mdadm-3.3.1
6 years ago mdadm-3.3 Release mdadm-3.3
6 years ago mdadm-3.3-rc2 Release candidate 3.3-rc2
6 years ago mdadm-3.3-rc1 release-candidate 3.3-rc1
7 years ago mdadm-3.2.6 Release mdadm-3.2.6
7 years ago mdadm-3.2.5 Release mdadm-3.2.5
7 years ago mdadm-3.2.4 Release mdadm-3.2.4 - bugfix release
7 years ago mdadm-3.2.3 Release mdadm-3.2.3 - bugfix release
8 years ago mdadm-3.2.2 Release mdadm-3.2.2: stability...
8 years ago mdadm-3.2.1 Release mdadm-3.2.1
4 days ago master
4 years ago mdadm-3.3.x
4 years ago cluster
7 years ago mdadm-3.2.x
7 years ago data_offset
7 years ago r10-reshape
8 years ago devel-3.3
8 years ago devel-3.2
9 years ago hotunplug
10 years ago devel-3.1
10 years ago devel-3.0
10 years ago mdadm-2
10 years ago sles11
11 years ago mdadm-2.6.7.x
11 years ago scratch-3.0
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