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ownerMichael Tremer
last changeMon, 24 Feb 2020 21:18:35 +0000 (16:18 -0500)
2020-02-24  Blazej Kucmanimsm: Remove --dump/--restore implementation master
2020-02-24  Blazej Kucmanimsm: pass subarray id to kill_subarray function
2020-02-24  Xiao NiRemove the legacy whitespace
2020-02-24  Coly Limdadm.8: add note information for raid0 growing operation
2020-01-21  Blazej Kucmanimsm: fill working_disks according to metadata.
2020-01-21  Kinga TanskaAdd support for Tebibytes
2020-01-16  Blazej Kucmanimsm: Update grow manual.
2020-01-16  Xiao Nimdcheck service can't start succesfully because of...
2020-01-16  Kinga TanskaChange warning message
2020-01-16  dann frazierRespect $(CROSS_COMPILE) when $(CC) is the default
2019-12-02  NeilBrownAssemble: add support for RAID0 layouts.
2019-12-02  NeilBrownCreate: add support for RAID0 layouts.
2019-12-02  Blazej Kucmanimsm: Change the way of printing nvme drives in detail...
2019-12-02  Blazej Kucmanimsm: return correct uuid for volume in detail
2019-12-02  Xiao NiRemove unused code
2019-11-27  Jes SorensenFix up a few formatting issues
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5 years ago mdadm-3.3.2 Release mdadm-3.3.2
5 years ago mdadm-3.3.1 Release mdadm-3.3.1
6 years ago mdadm-3.3 Release mdadm-3.3
6 years ago mdadm-3.3-rc2 Release candidate 3.3-rc2
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7 years ago mdadm-3.2.6 Release mdadm-3.2.6
7 years ago mdadm-3.2.5 Release mdadm-3.2.5
7 years ago mdadm-3.2.4 Release mdadm-3.2.4 - bugfix release
8 years ago mdadm-3.2.3 Release mdadm-3.2.3 - bugfix release
8 years ago mdadm-3.2.2 Release mdadm-3.2.2: stability...
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