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ownerMichael Tremer
last changeMon, 15 Apr 2019 14:42:12 +0000 (10:42 -0400)
2019-04-15 Liwei Songudev: Add udev rules to create by-partuuid for md device master
2019-04-10 Mariusz TkaczykCreate: Block rounding size to max
2019-04-10 Pawel Baldysiakimsm: fix spare activation for old matrix arrays
2019-02-28 Corey Hickeyadd missing units to --examine
2019-02-28 Pawel BaldysiakAssemble: Fix starting array with initial reshape check...
2019-02-28 Pawel Baldysiakmdmon: wait for previous mdmon to exit during takeover
2019-02-28 Artur Paszkiewiczmdmon: don't attempt to manage new arrays when terminating
2019-02-14 Gioh Kimmdadm/tests: add one test case for failfast of raid1
2019-02-13 Corey HickeyFix reshape for decreasing data offset
2019-02-13 Coly LiDetail.c: do not skip first character when calling...
2019-02-11 Dimitri John... Fix spelling typos.
2019-02-11 Pawel Baldysiakimsm: fix reshape for >2TB drives
2019-02-11 Mariusz Tkaczykimsm: finish recovery when drive with rebuild fails
2018-12-11 Mariusz Tkaczykpolicy.c: Fix for compiler error
2018-12-11 Gioh Kimpolicy.c: prevent NULL pointer referencing
2018-12-06 NeilBrownGrow: report correct new chunk size.
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4 years ago mdadm-3.3.2 Release mdadm-3.3.2
5 years ago mdadm-3.3.1 Release mdadm-3.3.1
5 years ago mdadm-3.3 Release mdadm-3.3
5 years ago mdadm-3.3-rc2 Release candidate 3.3-rc2
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7 years ago mdadm-3.2.5 Release mdadm-3.2.5
7 years ago mdadm-3.2.4 Release mdadm-3.2.4 - bugfix release
7 years ago mdadm-3.2.3 Release mdadm-3.2.3 - bugfix release
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