2009-11-17  NeilBrownReplace all relevant occurrences of -4 with LEVEL_MULTIPATH
2009-11-17  NeilBrownAssemble/super0: allow non-in-sync devices to be assemb...
2009-11-17  NeilBrownAssemble: include ACTIVE but not in-sync devices as...
2009-11-16  NeilBrownGrow: data_offset is in sectors, offsets[] is in bytes...
2009-11-06  NeilBrownGrow: do not allow size changes with other changes.
2009-11-06  NeilBrownGrow: goto release rather than just return
2009-11-06  NeilBrownGrow: restrict to 2.6.32
2009-11-06  NeilBrownGrow: use large block count and make sure stripe cache...
2009-11-06  NeilBrownGrow: get component_size before using it.
2009-11-06  NeilBrownGrow: handle array going degraded during reshape.
2009-11-06  NeilBrownGrow: restore backup to proper location.
2009-10-28  NeilBrownDetail: report new-layout for RAID6 arrays
2009-10-22  NeilBrownRelease 3.1 mdadm-3.1
2009-10-22  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.1
2009-10-22  NeilBrownRelease 3.0.3 mdadm-3.0.3
2009-10-22  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.1
2009-10-22  NeilBrownFree some malloced memory that wasn't being freed.
2009-10-21  NeilBrownGrow: update backup-metadata mtime every time we write it.
2009-10-20  NeilBrownCompile fixes for mdassemble
2009-10-20  NeilBrownGrow: reject raid-disks reduction in RAID5 etc before...
2009-10-20  NeilBrownAssemble: print more verbose messages about restarting...
2009-10-20  NeilBrownAdd missing 'continue' in Grow_restart.
2009-10-20  NeilBrownsuper-intel: Fix compilation of mdassemble.
2009-10-19  NeilBrowntestreshape5 fixes.
2009-10-19  NeilBrowntests/imsm: allow for rounding of array size.
2009-10-19  NeilBrownmdopen: only use 'dev' as chosen name if it is a full...
2009-10-19  NeilBrownAssemble: handle container members better
2009-10-19  NeilBrownAssemble: print verbose messages when finding members...
2009-10-19  NeilBrownDetail: list containers before members.
2009-10-19  NeilBrowntest/ddf: don't insist that mdadm.conf is always in...
2009-10-19  NeilBrowntest/raid6integ: correct type
2009-10-19  NeilBrowntest: udev-settle before testing device.
2009-10-19  Mike Frysingermdadm(8): fix spurious space after -e header
2009-10-19  Zdenek BehanMonitor: add option to specify rebuild increments
2009-10-19  NeilBrownmdmon: lock current memory as well as future memory.
2009-10-19  NeilBrownMerge git://
2009-10-16  NeilBrowntests/imsm: allow for rounding of array size.
2009-10-16  NeilBrownTest different r5/r6 layouts.
2009-10-16  NeilBrownrestripe: fix assignment of raid6 blocks for syndrome...
2009-10-16  NeilBrownHandle negative delta_disks in super0 and super1.
2009-10-16  NeilBrownGrow_restart to handle reducing number of devices in...
2009-10-16  NeilBrownGrow: don't make 'blocks' too large during in-place...
2009-10-14  Dan Williamsmdmon: preserve socket over chroot
2009-10-14  Dan Williamsmdmon: exec(2) when the switchroot argument is not "/"
2009-10-14  Dan Williamsmdmon: avoid writes in the startup path for mdmon on...
2009-10-14  Dan WilliamsDetail: export MD_UUID from mapfile
2009-10-14  Dan Williamsimsm: regression test for prodigal array member scenario
2009-10-14  Dan Williamsimsm: add --update=uuid support
2009-10-14  Dan Williamsddf: prevent superblock being zeroed on --update
2009-10-14  Dan Williamsimsm: fix/support --update
2009-10-14  Dan Williamsimsm: fix spare record writeout race
2009-10-12  NeilBrownrestripe: fix compile warning.
2009-10-12  NeilBrowntest changelevel: add tests for changing degraded arrays.
2009-10-12  NeilBrownrestripe : various fixed for RAID6 2-failure recovery.
2009-10-12  NeilBrownTest level changes and related reshaping.
2009-10-12  NeilBrownGrow: ignore error from final wait_backup
2009-10-12  NeilBrownGrow: make sure bsb2 is properly aligned
2009-10-12  NeilBrowntestreshape5 - add tests for RAID6
2009-10-01  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' into devel-3.1
2009-10-01  NeilBrownFix null-dereference in set_member_info
2009-10-01  NeilBrownAdd missing space in "--detail --brief" output.
2009-09-30  Dan Williamsimsm: disambiguate family_num
2009-09-30  Dan Williamsimsm: kill close() of component device
2009-09-28  Dan Williamsimsm: cleanup disk status tests
2009-09-25  NeilBrownRelease mdadm-3.0.2 mdadm-3.0.2
2009-09-25  NeilBrownsuper0: fix crash on assemble if homehost is not set.
2009-09-25  NeilBrownFix raid6 error recovery in 'restripe' code.
2009-09-25  NeilBrownRelease mdadm-3.0.1 mdadm-3.0.1
2009-09-25  NeilBrowntestreshape5 - flush devices between tests.
2009-09-25  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-09-24  Hans de Goedemdmon: fix freeing unallocated memory
2009-09-15  Dan Williamsimsm: clear CONFIGURED_DISK for failed drives
2009-09-15  Dan Williamsimsm: kill USABLE_DISK flag
2009-09-15  Dan WilliamsExamine: don't count containers as spares
2009-09-15  Dan WilliamsDetail: fix for an imsm container with a spare
2009-09-15  Dan WilliamsExamine: fixup output in the presence of containers...
2009-09-15  Dan Williamsimsm: fix spare promotion
2009-09-11  NeilBrownAdd a missing 'closedir'.
2009-08-13  NeilBrownsuper1: remove fd leak when opening /dev/urandom
2009-08-13  NeilBrownmdadm.8 : update documentation for new --grow modes
2009-08-13  NeilBrownGrow: support restart of new migrations.
2009-08-11  NeilBrownHandle extra 'grow' variations.
2009-08-07  NeilBrownExmaine/brief: put member arrays after container arrays.
2009-08-07  NeilBrownMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-08-04  Dan WilliamsAssemble: fix handling of empty container
2009-08-01  Dan Williamsimsm: fix spare-uuid assignment
2009-08-01  Dan Williamsplatform: relax rom scanning alignment for ahci platforms
2009-08-01  Dan Williamsimsm: fix family number handling
2009-08-01  Dan Williamsimsm: fix activate_spare off-by-one
2009-08-01  Dan Williamsconditionally update uuids in the map file after Create()
2009-08-01  Dan Williamsimsm: fixup examine_brief to be more descriptive in...
2009-08-01  Dan Williamsfix examine_brief segfault
2009-08-01  Dan Williamsfix RebuildMap() to retrieve 'subarray' info
2009-08-01  Dan Williamsteach imsm and ddf what st->subarray means at load_supe...
2009-07-14  NeilBrownrestripe: support saving when not all devices are present.
2009-07-14  NeilBrownExamine/Detail: report raid6 layout
2009-07-14  NeilBrownGrow: --size improvements.
2009-07-14  NeilBrownGrow: pass layout as a string rather than a number.
2009-07-14  NeilBrownRemove Manage_reconfing in favour of Grow_reshape
2009-07-14  NeilBrownmain: factor out code to parse layout for raid10 and...