2015-07-01  Alexey Brodkinarc: implement slave cores kick-start for Linux kernel
2015-06-29  Tom RiniPrepare v2015.07-rc3
2015-06-29  Heiko Schochermtd, spi: Check if flash pointer is used
2015-06-29  Heiko Schocherspi, sf: Use offset and size in sf cmd from mtdpartition
2015-06-29  Heiko Schochermtd, nand: Move common functions from cmd_nand.c to...
2015-06-29  Daniel Schwierzeckmtd, spi: Add MTD layer driver
2015-06-29  Haikun Wangdefconfig: ls1021a: Add OF_CONTROL and DM support
2015-06-29  Haikun Wangarm: ls102xa: Enable Driver Model SPI for ls1021atwr
2015-06-29  Haikun Wangarm: ls102xa: Enable Driver Model SPI for ls1021aqds
2015-06-29  Haikun Wangdm: ls1021aqds: dts: Use "spi_dataflash" driver instead...
2015-06-29  Haikun Wangdm: sf: Add Atmel DataFlash spi flash driver
2015-06-28  Tom RiniMerge git://
2015-06-28  Kevin Smithdb-88f6820-gp.h: Load data blobs into lower memory
2015-06-28  Kevin Smithmv-common.h: Include support for device trees
2015-06-28  Ian CampbellRevert "sunxi/nand: Add support to the SPL for loading...
2015-06-26  Joe HershbergerMove defaults from config_cmd_default.h to Kconfig
2015-06-26  Joe HershbergerMove default y configs out of arch/board Kconfig
2015-06-25  Joe Hershbergera3m071: Add needed dependency on LIB_RAND
2015-06-25  Joe Hershbergercommon: Add the CMD_ENV_EXISTS config to Kconfig
2015-06-25  Joe Hershbergercommon: Fix comment for saveenv in Kconfig
2015-06-25  Joe Hershbergermtd: spi: Add the SPI_FLASH config to Kconfig
2015-06-25  Marek Vasutmmc: bcm2835_sdhci: Restore original delay behavior
2015-06-19  Tom RiniMerge git://
2015-06-19  Heiko Schochersiemens,am33x,thuban: rename dxr2 to thuban
2015-06-19  Heiko Schochersiemens,am33x,rastaban: add rastaban config
2015-06-19  Chris PackhamREADME: Describe CONFIG_SYS_NO_FLASH
2015-06-19  Lokesh VutlaARM: BeagleBoard-X15: Enable VTT regulator
2015-06-19  Mugunthan V Nam43xx_evm: add eth boot support
2015-06-19  Mugunthan V Nam43xx_evm: add usb host boot support
2015-06-19  Tom Riniam43xx: Update CONFIG_SPL_TEXT_BASE
2015-06-19  Nishanth MenonARM: DRA7: Change configuration to prevent DDR reset...
2015-06-19  Guillaume GARDETti: omap4: remove CONFIG_SPL_EXT_SUPPORT from ti_omap4_...
2015-06-19  Guillaume GARDETti: armv7: enable EXT support in SPL (using ti_armv7_co...
2015-06-19  Heiko Schocherarm, am33xx: update for siemens am335x based boards
2015-06-19  Paul Kocialkowskicommon: cmd_part: start and size sub-commands introduction
2015-06-19  Paul Kocialkowskicommon: cmd_part: Proper alignment
2015-06-19  Vitaly Andrianovkeystone2: use correct EFUSE_BOOTROM fileds to configur...
2015-06-19  Hans de Goedeusb: kbd: Disable idle input reports when we do not...
2015-06-19  Hans de Goedeusb: ehci: Properly deal with data toggle for interrupt...
2015-06-19  Hans de Goedeusb.h: Always declare usb function prototypes
2015-06-18  Tom RiniCPCI4052: Remove CONFIG_SYS_LONGHELP
2015-06-18  Paul Kocialkowskispl: spl_mmc: MMC boot mode provisions checks
2015-06-18  Paul Kocialkowskispl: spl_mmc: Minor cosmetics
2015-06-18  Peter Robinsontools/env/fw_env.h: Correct include order
2015-06-18  Łukasz Majewskifix: samsung: common: autoboot.cmd: Correct itbcfg...
2015-06-18  Tom Rinimmc_write.c: Make mmc_berase do 32bit safe 64bit math
2015-06-18  Hannes Petermaierboard/BuR/tseries: remove lpj= from environment-variable
2015-06-18  Hannes Petermaierboard/BuR/common: support timer5 for pwm-backlight
2015-06-18  Cooper Jr.... ti: am335x/am437x/omap5 devices: Fix breakage when...
2015-06-18  Jeroen Hofsteeboards: tam3517-common: enable gpmc prefetch mode
2015-06-18  Jeroen Hofsteemtd: OMAP: Enable GPMC prefetch mode for 16 bit access
2015-06-18  Jeroen Hofsteeomap_gpmc: move prefetch out of CONFIG_NAND_OMAP_ELM
2015-06-17  Karsten MerkerMSI_Primo81_defconfig: enable USB OTG port and keyboard...
2015-06-17  Hans de Goedesun6i: cpu_reset: Do not return from cpu_reset()
2015-06-17  Hans de Goedesunxi: musb: Remove unused sunxi_musb_exit method
2015-06-17  Hans de Goedesunxi: musb: Do not fully reset the controler from...
2015-06-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2015-06-15  Tom RiniMerge git://
2015-06-15  Tom Riniomap5: Exclude more environment from SPL builds
2015-06-15  Yegor Yefremovboard: add support for Vision System's Baltos Industrial PC
2015-06-15  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7: emif: Fix DDR init sequence during warm...
2015-06-15  Masahiro Yamadaavr32: move CONFIG_SYS_GENERIC_BOARD to Kconfig
2015-06-15  Lokesh VutlaARM: AM43x: Fix MAX_RAM_BANK_SIZE
2015-06-15  Tom Riniam33xx: Re-enable SW levelling for DDR2
2015-06-15  Lokesh VutlaARM: BeagleBoard-x15: Enable i2c5 clocks
2015-06-15  Tom Riniam43xx_evm: Enable NAND boot
2015-06-15  Roger Quadrosam335x_evm: nand: Fix boot from NAND
2015-06-15  Roger Quadrosam335x_evm: am44xx_evm: dra7xx_evm: nand: Fix file...
2015-06-15  Roger Quadrosconfigs: am43xx_evm: Enable NAND
2015-06-15  Mark Langsdorfhighbank: add custom ahci_link_up function
2015-06-14  Stefan Roesetools/kwboot: Add parameters to set delay and timeout...
2015-06-14  Kevin Smitharm: mvebu: Update CBAR with SOC regs base
2015-06-14  Stefan Roesearm: mvebu: Disable L2 cache before enabling d-cache
2015-06-14  Kevin Smithtools/kwbimage.c: Correct header size for SPI boot
2015-06-12  Mark Langsdorfahci: extend data io wait to 10s
2015-06-12  Mark Langsdorfahci: support LBA48 data reads for 2+TB drives
2015-06-12  Mark Langsdorfcmd_scsi: use lbaint_t for LBA values instead of u32
2015-06-12  Mark LangsdorfARM: highbank: add reset support for Calxeda Midway...
2015-06-12  Rob HerringARM: highbank: add missing SCU register setup for reset
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: BeagleBoard-x15: Add mux data
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: BeagleBoard-x15: Enable IO delay recalibration...
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7: CPSW: Remove IO delay hack
2015-06-12  Nishanth MenonARM: DRA7-evm: Add mux data
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7-evm: Enable IO delay recalibration sequence
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7: Add support for manual mode configuration
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7: Add support for IO delay configuration
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7: Add support for virtual mode configuration
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7: Add pinctrl register definitions
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7: Make do_set_mux32() generic
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7xx: EMIF: Fix DLL_CALIB_CTRL register
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7: Update DDR IO registers
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7: Update DDR IO configuration
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7: Add is_dra72x cpu check definition
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA72-evm: Enable HW leveling
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7-evm: Enable HW leveling
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: BeagleBoard-X15: Enable HW leveling
2015-06-12  Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7: DDR3: Add support for HW leveling
2015-06-12  Masahiro Yamadakconfiglib: sync with the latest in Kconfiglib project
2015-06-12  Pali RohárNokia RX-51: Fix calculating return address in save_boo...
2015-06-12  Tom RiniMerge git://