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1 Standard use commands in the order you may need them.
2 downloadsrc : preload all necessary files in cache before compilation
3 build : compile the distribution
4 clean : erase build and log to recompile everything from scratch
6 Optional
7 gettoolchain : optionally load from a precompilated toolchain
8 package. This solve some compilation issues on old or very
9 recent distributions and save 20% of next full building time.
10 If you want to use it, do it before build step
12 Maintainer / advanced commands
13 changelog : Loads the latest changelog from SVN.
14 check : Test if packages files are still available for download
15 This is faster on http URL with --spider, but still slow on ftp
16 because of real load.
17 checkclean : Erase all check mark on cache directory to be able to check
18 another time
19 dist : Mainly produce a diff from previous version to track wich
20 files have been changed
21 make : Does a complete compile with fetching source packages.
22 pxe : <start|stop|reload>
23 Starts, stops or reloads a small tftp daemon for pxe boot.
24 toolchain : Create our own toolchain package to save 20% of build time.
25 shell : Enter a shell inside the chroot, used to tune lfs script
26 and / or during kernel upgrade to rebuild a new .config
27 svn : <update|diff|commit|dist>
28 update <rev> : Loads the latest source files from svn or if <rev> is given
29 it loads this revision.
30 diff : Mainly produce a diff from previous version to track wich
31 files have been changed
32 commit : Applies your changes to the svn.
33 dist <rev> : Tar the source code from revision.