kernel: update to 4.14.173
[people/pmueller/ipfire-2.x.git] / config /
2020-03-09  Arne Fitzenreitersuricata: use KILL is suricata not shut down normal.
2020-03-05  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: start suricata before unbound after update
2020-03-04  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add unbound.conf to updater
2020-03-04  Michael Tremerunbound: Disable using mixed case for DNS queries
2020-03-04  Peter Müllerunbound.conf: Do not set defaults explicitly
2020-03-04  Michael Tremerbackup: Fix saving DNS settings
2020-03-04  Arne Fitzenreiterunbound/red.up: run unbound update-forwarders after...
2020-03-03  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: fix typo's at remove/update dns forwareders...
2020-03-02  Arne Fitzenreiterbackup: add /var/ipfire/dns/server to include
2020-03-02  Arne Fitzenreiterunbound: drop remove-dns-fowarders at red.down
2020-03-01  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: stop squid and suricata while update
2020-03-01  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: ship unbound initskript
2020-03-01  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add kmod to updater
2020-03-01  Michael Tremerkmod: Update to 26
2020-02-25  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: replace "pakfire remove"
2020-02-25  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: remove dropped packages
2020-02-25  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: fix typo
2020-02-24  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: ship updated fireinfo.cgi
2020-02-21  Arne Fitzenreiterw_scan: fix country and satalite selection menu
2020-02-21  Arne Fitzenreiteru-boot: split rpi aarch64 quirk into parts
2020-02-20  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add changed u-boot files to updater
2020-02-20  Arne Fitzenreiteru-boot: add quirk for rpi on aarch64
2020-02-20  Arne Fitzenreiteru-boot: remove kirkwood kernel detection from bootscript
2020-02-19  Arne Fitzenreiterred.up: move update-dns-forwareders behind the firewall
2020-02-18  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add ppp to updater
2020-02-18  Stefan Schantlppp: Update to 2.4.8
2020-02-18  Arne Fitzenreiterelinks: suppress welcome dialog
2020-02-17  Michael Tremerdehydrated: Fix various syntax errors
2020-02-17  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: remove old ddns python-2.7 version
2020-02-17  Arne Fitzenreiterddns: rootfile update
2020-02-16  Michael Tremercyrus-imapd: Drop package
2020-02-16  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add cloudinit helper to updater
2020-02-16  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add dns.cgi to updater
2020-02-16  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add ddns to updater
2020-02-16  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add proxy.cgi tp updater
2020-02-16  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add udev network-hotplug-bridges script to...
2020-02-16  Michael Tremerudev: Set wireless interfaces into AP mode before addin...
2020-02-16  Michael Tremerudev: Add more logging to bridge hotplug script
2020-02-16  Arne Fitzenreitervdradmin: update to 3.6.10
2020-02-16  Arne Fitzenreitervdr: update to 2.4.1
2020-02-15  Arne Fitzenreiteru-boot-kirkwood: drop package
2020-02-15  Michael TremerDrop streamripper
2020-02-15  Michael TremerDrop rtpproxy
2020-02-15  Michael TremerDrop setserial
2020-02-15  Michael TremerDrop icegenerator
2020-02-15  Michael TremerDrop icecast
2020-02-15  Michael TremerDrop ez-ipupdate
2020-02-15  Michael TremerDrop DirectFB
2020-02-15  Michael TremerDrop check_mk_agent
2020-02-15  Michael TremerDrop multicat & bitstream
2020-02-15  Michael TremerDrop batctl
2020-02-15  Michael TremerDrop arm
2020-02-15  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add pakfire changes to updater
2020-02-15  Michael Tremerdnsdist: Update to 1.4.0
2020-02-13  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: armv5tel rootfile update
2020-02-12  Jonatan SchlagQemu: remove not needed files for aarch64 and PA-RISC
2020-02-12  Jonatan SchlagQemu: Remove unneeded files
2020-02-12  Jonatan SchlagQemu: remove files for sparc
2020-02-12  Jonatan SchlagQemu: remove files only needed for Power PC
2020-02-12  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add squid to updater
2020-02-12  Matthias Fischermc: Update to 4.8.24
2020-02-12  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add suricata changes to updater
2020-02-12  Stefan Schantlsuricata: Enable RDP protocol parser.
2020-02-12  Stefan Schantlruleset-sources: Update snort dl urls.
2020-02-12  Stefan Schantlsuricata: Enable new and rust-depended protocol parsers.
2020-02-08  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: rootfile update
2020-02-08  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add kernel to updater
2020-02-08  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: move 140/141 file to oldcore
2020-02-08  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: start updater
2020-02-06  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: enable and enforce signed kernel modules
2020-02-03  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: drop kirkwood kernel
2020-01-30  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'core141'
2020-01-30  Arne Return unique list of nameservers
2020-01-30  Arne Fall back to $EXTERNAL_NET for DNS...
2020-01-30  Arne Fix generating DNS_SERVERS
2020-01-29  Arne Fitzenreitercore141: run pakfire update after db cleanup
2020-01-27  Arne Fitzenreitercore141: manually delete pakfire lists
2020-01-27  Arne Fitzenreitercore141: use full path to pakfire
2020-01-27  Arne Fitzenreitercore141: fix remove of go8.3.0 directory
2020-01-26  Arne Fitzenreitercore141: remove elinks and python3 from pakfire db
2020-01-26  Arne Fitzenreitercore141: force packet list update after version change
2020-01-26  Arne Fitzenreitercore141: correct move of nobeeps flag
2020-01-25  Arne Fitzenreiterrust: rootfiles updates
2020-01-25  Arne Fitzenreitercore141: run convert-dns-settings at update
2020-01-25  Arne Fitzenreitercore141: check free space on root
2020-01-25  Arne Fitzenreitercore140: don't system-release and co
2020-01-25  Arne Fitzenreitercore141: cleanup go-8.3.0 and run filesystem-cleanup
2020-01-25  Stefan Introduce file for local rules.
2020-01-24  Arne Fitzenreitercore140: remove /usr/lib/libboost*1.55.0 at cleanup
2020-01-24  Arne Fitzenreitercore140: insert a core upgrade that only cleans the...
2020-01-24  Arne Fitzenreiterrename core140 to core141
2020-01-23  Arne Fitzenreitercore140: ship glibc built with new gcc
2020-01-23  Arne Fitzenreitercore140: add gui.cgi
2020-01-19  Arne Fitzenreitercore140: add changed cloudsetup helper tu updater
2020-01-19  Arne Fitzenreitercore140: fix typo
2020-01-17  Arne Fitzenreiterpartresize: NanoPi R1: copy also a0 config of Ampac...
2020-01-16  Arne Fitzenreitercore140: add lvm2 to core updater
2020-01-16  Michael Tremerlvm2: Add initscript for lvmetad
2020-01-16  Michael Tremerlvm2: Enable lvmetad
2020-01-16  Michael Tremerlvm2: Build with support for udev