gnump3d: add full path to gnumpd3d-index at gnump3d install.
[people/pmueller/ipfire-2.x.git] / src / paks / gnump3d /
2011-03-26  Arne Fitzenreitergnump3d: add full path to gnumpd3d-index at gnump3d...
2011-03-21  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-03-21  Arne Fitzenreitergnump3d: fix perl version in plugin path.
2009-01-06  ManiacikarusRemoved dependecies for gnump3d
2007-12-21  maniacikarusfixed wrong url on redirector page
2007-10-28  msMade the install/update/uninstall scripts looking equal.
2007-10-28  msMade the gnump3d working out of the box...
2007-04-28  msHwinfo-Hardwareerkennung entfernt.
2006-05-02  msHinzugefĆ¼gt: