descriptionStefan's tree of pakfire.
ownerStefan Schantl
last changeTue, 20 Jan 2015 12:31:30 +0000 (07:31 -0500)
2015-01-20 Michael TremerAdd support for aarch64 master
2014-09-22 Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-09-17 Michael TremerCFLAGS: Enable more hardening
2013-10-26 Michael TremerAdd scriptlets to the database and actually execute...
2013-10-26 Michael TremerUpdate translations.
2013-10-26 Michael TremerMajor rewrite how transactions are built.
2013-09-28 Michael TremerUpdate translations.
2013-09-28 Michael TremerReplace python-progressbar by own progressbar module.
2013-09-28 Michael TremerFix updating UsrMove packages.
2013-09-25 Michael Tremerrepository: Add compat "whatprovides" method.
2013-09-24 Michael TremerFix database conversion.
2013-09-08 Michael TremerBump version to 0.9.26.
2013-09-07 Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-09-07 Michael TremerInstall python modules in arch-dependent directories.
2013-08-08 Michael Tremer_pakfire: Remove compiler warning.
2013-08-08 Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
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