Sandboxed applications were not able to get the default printer (Issue #5676)
[thirdparty/cups.git] / configure
2019-10-21  Michael R SweetAnother fix for DBUSDIR (Issue #5671)
2019-10-15  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5621 from zdohnal/cgigetarray-sigsegv
2019-09-03  Michael R SweetRevert GNU TLS FIPS-140 changes.
2019-08-28  Michael R SweetFix spelling of "accordion".
2019-08-23  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5638 from nicolasfella/wheel
2019-08-23  Nicolas FellaAdd wheel to system groups 5638/head
2019-08-01  Michael R SweetGNU TLS FIPS140 support (Issue #5601, Issue #5622)
2019-08-01  Michael R SweetUpdate GCC options (hopefully will cover more future...
2019-06-12  Michael R SweetUse GZIPPROG instead of GZIP to avoid install issues...
2019-05-24  Michael R SweetBump versions to 2.3.0 (optimism!)
2019-05-21  Michael R SweetBump version to 2.3rc1. v2.3rc1
2019-05-15  Michael R SweetUpdate build system and cups-config script to not add...
2019-05-02  Michael R SweetUpdate version in configure script. v2.3b8
2019-05-02  Michael R SweetFix Linux RPM builds.
2019-04-27  Michael R SweetGreatly simplify the man page handling.
2019-04-26  Michael R SweetMove example ipptool files to the examples directory.
2019-03-22  Michael R SweetStub out the PS and PCL print commands for ippeveprinter.
2019-03-21  Michael R SweetClean up some build issues on certain platforms.
2019-02-14  Michael R SweetEliminate use of private macOS security headers/APIs...
2019-01-23  Michael R SweetFix some build issues with the "core" component selecti...
2019-01-23  Michael R SweetRemove macOS version check.
2019-01-23  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5489 from scootergrisen/master
2019-01-23  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5492 from scootergrisen/patch-2
2019-01-23  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5493 from scootergrisen/patch-3
2019-01-22  Michael R SweetRevert previous change - need explicit AC_PROG_CPP...
2019-01-22  Michael R SweetDon't need AC_PROG_CPP. Greatly simplifies things when...
2018-12-08  Michael R SweetBump version, changelog.
2018-12-06  Michael R SweetRemove cupsaddsmb and associated documentation and...
2018-12-06  Michael R SweetDon't error out on deprecations.
2018-12-05  Michael R SweetUpdate configure script.
2018-12-04  Michael R SweetSupport AddressSanitizer in builds.
2018-11-16  Michael R SweetUpdate default compiler options for GCC 8.x.
2018-11-08  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5410 from AOSC-Dev/master
2018-11-06  Michael R SweetFix compiler warnings (Issue #5423)
2018-10-29  Michael R SweetAdd new libcupslite component that builds a libcups...
2018-10-29  Michael R SweetAdd libcups component name, localization bundle support...
2018-10-29  Michael R SweetDon't install cupscgi, cupsmime, or cupsppdc shared...
2018-10-19  Michael R SweetDrop -Wno-format-truncation since only newer versions...
2018-10-19  Michael R SweetUpdate the location of strings files on newer versions...
2018-10-16  Michael R SweetSearch for codesign/true, use LDFLAGS for shared librar...
2018-09-18  Michael R SweetCode signing changes.
2018-09-18  Michael R SweetAdd code signing for macOS Mojave.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetBump version to 2.3b6, changelog.
2018-06-05  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5317 from nils-van-zuijlen/typo-fr
2018-06-04  Michael R SweetBlock invalid group tags when parsing IPP messages.
2018-03-22  Michael R SweetNext release is 2.3b4
2018-02-28  Michael R SweetAdd missing cups-lpd service file (needs to be present...
2018-02-20  Michael R SweetBump version to 2.3rc1.
2018-02-01  Michael R SweetBump version to 2.3b3. v2.3b3
2018-01-18  Michael R SweetMove libcupsimage to the "cups" subdirectory, along...
2018-01-17  Michael R SweetBump versions and copyrights.
2017-12-07  Michael SweetFix PAM module detection and add support for the "commo...
2017-11-01  Michael R SweetDrop hard-coded CGI scripting language support (Issue...
2017-11-01  Michael R SweetStart CUPS 2.3.x development.
2017-10-22  Pascal ErnsterMerge branch 'master' of
2017-10-19  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5146 from DavieV/fix-ifs
2017-10-19  Michael SweetUpdate configure script.
2017-10-12  Michael SweetFixed the script interpreter detection in the configure...
2017-09-28  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5112 from paulmenzel/remove-libgcry...
2017-09-24  Michael SweetUpdate configure script.
2017-08-28  Michael SweetFix the localization unit test on Linux (Issue #5097)
2017-07-18  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5054 from sanbrother/master
2017-07-18  Michael R SweetFix builds without libtool.
2017-07-17  Michael R SweetFix more issues with libtool support (Issue #5050)
2017-07-17  Michael R SweetUpdate help text so everything lines up properly and...
2017-07-17  Michael R SweetUpdate libtool support to include --mode=foo stuff...
2017-06-26  Michael R SweetFix typo that slipped in with the changes for Issue...
2017-06-19  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5029 from AOSC-Dev/master
2017-06-19  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4996 from psychomario/cupstestppdbof
2017-06-17  Michael R SweetFix manpage test.
2017-06-17  Michael R SweetFix some typos.
2017-06-17  Michael R SweetFix some of the Linux-specific configure tests.
2017-06-17  Michael R SweetOne other spot (RPM's objcopy needs files to be writabl...
2017-06-17  Michael R SweetAdd configure option to set the installed executable...
2017-06-05  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5016 from jnerin/patch-1
2017-06-01  Michael R SweetFix configure script issue on Linux - no host_os_version.
2017-04-24  Michael SweetAdd support for cross-compilation (Issue #4897)
2017-01-26  Michael R SweetBump version to 2.2.3.
2017-01-16  Michael R SweetFix source file header text duplication text duplication.
2016-11-18  Michael SweetBump version to 2.2.2, sync up IDE config.h files with...
2016-10-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4908 from EvertonMelo/patch-4
2016-10-20  Michael R SweetRemove ASL checks from configure script and config...
2016-10-03  Michael R SweetBump version to 2.2.1. v2.2.1
2016-09-20  Michael R SweetMerge branch 'master' of
2016-09-20  Michael R SweetMerge branch 'master' of
2016-09-13  Michael R SweetCUPS 2.2.0. v2.2.0
2016-08-25  Michael SweetBump version.
2016-08-08  Michael R SweetBump version number. v2.2rc1
2016-07-06  Michael R SweetUpdate Windows DLL exports file.
2016-06-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4841 from computersforpeace/doc
2016-06-21  Michael SweetDo some cleanup for the on-demand support - remove...
2016-06-21  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4825 from computersforpeace/upstart
2016-06-21  Michael SweetFix some typos (MacmacOS, etc.) that slipped in due...
2016-06-20  Michael R SweetUpdate all references to OS X to macOS.
2016-05-31  Michael SweetBump version.
2016-05-30  Michael SweetMerge branch 'master' of
2016-05-27  Michael R SweetUpdate configure script.
2016-05-27  Brian Norrissupport Upstart socket activation 4825/head
2016-05-26  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4818 from jschwender/master
2016-05-26  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #4822 from zdohnal/lpinfo-username