7 days ago Michael R SweetFix an issue with the IPP backend and unsupported ... master
7 days ago Michael R SweetFix whitespace issues.
7 days ago Michael R SweetFix NULL pointer dereference in httpGetField2 (Issue...
11 days ago Michael R SweetEliminate new GCC compiler warnings (Issue #5591)
12 days ago Michael R SweetUse GZIPPROG instead of GZIP to avoid install issues...
2019-06-10 Michael R SweetChangelog.
2019-06-10 Michael R SweetChangelog.
2019-06-10 Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5590 from yurashek/master
2019-06-10 Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5593 from mpsuzuki/remove-unused...
2019-06-07 suzuki toshiyaremove unused to64() 5593/head
2019-06-03 Jiri SasekSwapped branches of HAVE_SSL condition 5590/head
2019-05-30 Michael R SweetChangelog.
2019-05-30 Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5588 from dargad/job-typo
2019-05-30 Dariusz GadomskiFix parentheses in cupsdCleanJobs. 5588/head
2019-05-24 Michael R SweetBump versions to 2.3.0 (optimism!)
2019-05-24 Michael R SweetPut IDR command in its own XA/XZ section.
2019-05-24 Michael R SweetSwap ^IDR and ^XZ commands to make sure that page image...
2019-05-23 Michael R SweetFix `EXPECT !name WITH-VALUE ...` tests.
2019-05-21 Michael R SweetBump version to 2.3rc1. v2.3rc1
2019-05-21 Michael R SweetPrep for v2.3rc1
2019-05-17 Michael R SweetUpdate localization files.
2019-05-17 Michael R SweetNormalize ippeveprinter environment with ippserver:
2019-05-17 Michael R SweetEnforce USB read limits (Issue #5583)
2019-05-17 Michael R SweetFix Linux build issues with new LINKCUPS macro (Issue...
2019-05-16 Michael R SweetClean up error messages.
2019-05-16 Michael R SweetFix clang warning.
2019-05-16 Michael R SweetFix Windows build errors.
2019-05-16 Michael R SweetMerge branch 'master' of
2019-05-16 Michael R SweetUpdate SDK.
2019-05-16 Michael R SweetUpdate source paths.
2019-05-16 Michael R SweetMore tweaks.
2019-05-16 Michael R SweetRename ippserver to ippeveprinter in Visual Studio...
2019-05-15 Michael R SweetUpdate build system and cups-config script to not add...
2019-05-15 Michael R SweetFix regression in ipptool - hex support needs to be...
2019-05-15 Michael R SweetUse zopfli to further compress source archives, when...
2019-05-15 Michael R SweetOptimize compression of PWG Raster sample files (Issue...
2019-05-15 Michael R SweetChangelog.
2019-05-15 Michael R SweetOptimize PDFs and default printer icon (Issue #5529)
2019-05-15 Michael R SweetOptimize PNG files (Issue #5529)
2019-05-15 Michael R SweetExplain the "forbidden" error better (Issue #5547)
2019-05-15 Michael R SweetUpdate localization files.
2019-05-15 Michael R SweetBlock cups-files.conf directives (Issue #5530)
2019-05-13 Michael R SweetChangelog.
2019-05-13 Michael R SweetAdd support for $date-current, $date-start, and ISO...
2019-05-13 Michael R SweetSupport <hex> strings in IPP files.
2019-05-13 Michael R SweetTweak some ippeveprinter web interface content.
2019-05-09 Michael R SweetUpdate Windows DLL exports file.
2019-05-09 Michael R SweetUse CUPS_RAND macro instead of rand().
2019-05-09 Michael R SweetAnother clang warning...
2019-05-09 Michael R SweetFix another clang warning.
2019-05-09 Michael R SweetFix clang warnings.
2019-05-08 Michael R SweetUpdate copyrights.
2019-05-08 Michael R SweetFix CSS on short browsers (Issue #5574)
2019-05-08 Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5577 from OdyX/fix-example-test...
2019-05-08 Didier 'OdyX... Test: Fix reference to onepage-letter-*.pwg away from... 5577/head
2019-05-08 Didier 'OdyX... Test: Fix *topdf filters to find the examples in the...
2019-05-06 Michael R SweetFill out the list of job creation attributes.
2019-05-03 Michael R SweetSupport C-style character escapes in IPP files.
2019-05-03 Michael R SweetMove ippeveprinter commands to CUPS_SERVERBIN/command.
2019-05-03 Michael R SweetDon't ignore generated man page files anymore.
2019-05-03 Michael R SweetAdd PWG ippserver attributes to list of printer descrip...
2019-05-02 Michael R SweetUpdate version in configure script. v2.3b8
2019-05-02 Michael R SweetUpdate for 2.3b8.
2019-05-02 Michael R SweetFix examples.
2019-05-02 Michael R SweetFix cupsenable/disable man pages
2019-05-02 Michael R SweetFix missing header in ippeveps.c, add .gz to man pages...
2019-05-02 Michael R SweetFix packaging of man pages and commands.
2019-05-02 Michael R SweetFix Linux RPM builds.
2019-05-02 Michael R SweetFix source tarballs.
2019-05-02 Michael R SweetUpdate RPM building script.
2019-05-02 Michael R SweetBump the default Timeout to 15 minutes as well (Issue...
2019-05-01 Michael R SweetFix typos in snprintf/vsnprintf emulation code.
2019-05-01 Michael R SweetDon't use Windows snprintf/vsnprintf since they don...
2019-05-01 Michael R SweetUpdate the hold expiration logging - one case is an...
2019-05-01 Michael R SweetIncrease the MultipleOperationTimeOut default to 15...
2019-04-27 Michael R SweetGreatly simplify the man page handling.
2019-04-26 Michael R SweetUpdate .gitignore to ignore compressed man pages.
2019-04-26 Michael R SweetFix install of tools.
2019-04-26 Michael R SweetDon't ignore .gz files.
2019-04-26 Michael R SweetFix whitespace issues.
2019-04-26 Michael R SweetUpdate test suite for new location of test files.
2019-04-26 Michael R SweetMove example ipptool files to the examples directory.
2019-04-26 Michael R SweetCleanup
2019-04-26 Michael R SweetRename "tools" to "scripts", since that's what is conta...
2019-04-25 Michael R SweetFix builds without PPD support.
2019-04-25 Michael R SweetFix whitespace errors (again).
2019-04-24 Michael R SweetUpdate localization strings.
2019-04-24 Michael R SweetUpdate man pages.
2019-04-24 Michael R SweetRemove unused common source file.
2019-04-24 Michael R SweetUpdate packaging to include ippeveprinter and friends.
2019-04-24 Michael R SweetUpdate installation directories for Xcode project.
2019-04-24 Michael R SweetProcess ATTR: messages.
2019-04-24 Michael R SweetFix color PostScript raster output.
2019-04-24 Michael R SweetImplement printer-input-tray and default source/type...
2019-04-23 Michael R SweetFix PDF filtering.
2019-04-23 Michael R SweetSave more work - JPEG, PDF, PostScript, and raster...
2019-04-23 Michael R SweetSave work.
2019-04-22 Michael R SweetSave work on PPD support.
2019-04-22 Michael R SweetMake sure "num_values" is always initialized since...
2019-04-21 Michael R SweetFix clang errors on Linux.