2020-04-27  steve algernonUpdate version to 2.3.3 for: master v2.3.3
2019-12-19  Michael R SweetUpdate more IPP strings.
2019-12-19  Michael R SweetUpdate more IPP strings.
2019-12-19  Michael R SweetUpdate more IPP strings.
2019-12-19  Michael R SweetUpdate more IPP strings.
2019-12-18  Michael R SweetBump version.
2019-12-18  Michael R SweetUpdate localization files.
2019-12-18  Michael R SweetAdd build/test script.
2019-12-13  Michael R SweetBump versions. v2.3.1
2019-12-13  Michael R SweetFix some new compiler warnings (Issue #5700)
2019-12-13  Michael R SweetCVE-2019-2228: Fix ippSetValueTag validation of default...
2019-12-04  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2019-12-04  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5695 from IslandCow/vendor_finishings
2019-12-04  Sean KauOff by one error in ipp_finishings_vendor 5695/head
2019-12-04  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2019-12-04  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5694 from gaaf/patch-1
2019-12-03  Michael R SweetUpdate default PAM service (cups instead of other)
2019-12-03  Michael R SweetClean up authentication support.
2019-12-02  Michael R SweetAlso authenticate web IF.
2019-12-02  Michael R SweetUpdate HTML version of man page.
2019-12-02  Michael R SweetLimit DNS-SD advertisements to the loopback interface...
2019-12-02  Michael R SweetAdd authentication support to ippeveprinter (Issue...
2019-12-02  Michael R SweetFix compiler warnings.
2019-12-02  Michael R SweetUse pwgMediaForSize when looking up PPD sizes (Issue...
2019-12-02  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2019-12-02  Michael R SweetFix a few issues with Apple Raster support (rdar:/...
2019-11-28  Alex HermannFix error in jobs template 5694/head
2019-11-27  Michael R SweetAlways send roll select command.
2019-11-27  Michael R SweetAdd support for the second roll in DYMO Twin/DUO label...
2019-11-19  Michael R SweetLGTM only supports C++ style comments...
2019-11-19  Michael R SweetFix name of LGTM config file.
2019-11-18  Michael R SweetDon't wait for held jobs to complete.
2019-11-18  Michael R SweetChangelog
2019-11-18  Michael R SweetRefactor the defaults code so that the correct order...
2019-11-18  Michael R SweetFix up HOME environment variable support on macOS ...
2019-11-18  Michael R SweetAddress multiple minor issues reported by the LGTM...
2019-11-18  Michael R SweetRemove debug fprintf that was accidentally left in...
2019-11-18  Michael R SweetMore LGTM changes.
2019-11-14  Michael R SweetDon't generate certificates that expire on Feb 29th...
2019-11-14  Michael R SweetSandboxed applications were not able to get the default...
2019-11-14  Michael R SweetFix lpoptions defaults (Issue #5681)
2019-11-14  Michael R SweetFix example source filename in CUPS PM (Issue #5682)
2019-11-07  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2019-11-07  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5677 from reddevillg/patch-2
2019-11-07  reddevillgUpdate adminutil.c 5677/head
2019-10-31  Michael R SweetUpdate documentation of auth-info-required values ...
2019-10-24  Michael R SweetSupport trim finishing options.
2019-10-21  Michael R SweetAnother fix for DBUSDIR (Issue #5671)
2019-10-21  Michael R SweetFix --with-dbusdir (Issue #5671)
2019-10-17  Michael R SweetChangelog.
2019-10-17  Michael R SweetUpdate finishings support to use standard (or standard...
2019-10-15  Michael R SweetAdd support for DigestOptions directive in client.conf...
2019-10-15  Michael R SweetChangelog
2019-10-15  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5621 from zdohnal/cgigetarray-sigsegv
2019-10-15  Michael R SweetPPD files containing custom option keywords did not...
2019-10-15  Michael R SweetAdd paint can label size (Issue #5662)
2019-10-15  Michael R SweetNormalize lp/lpr help text.
2019-10-15  Michael R SweetAdd missing "-d" help string (Issue #5661)
2019-10-08  Michael R SweetFix typos (Issue #5657)
2019-10-07  Michael R SweetThe IPP backend did not detect all cases where a job...
2019-10-07  Michael R SweetChange DEBUG message to ERROR for libusb_init (Issue...
2019-10-02  Michael R SweetMore compiler warnings.
2019-10-02  Michael R SweetAdd missing file.
2019-10-02  Michael R SweetResolve new compiler warnings.
2019-10-02  Michael R SweetAdd threading unit test program (Issue #5642)
2019-10-02  Michael R SweetFix handling of printer resource files (Issue #5652)
2019-09-05  Michael R SweetFix typos in comments.
2019-09-05  Michael R SweetAdd workaround for systemd's lack of true launch-on...
2019-09-05  Michael R SweetFix the default common name used by ippeveprinter...
2019-09-03  Michael R SweetUse legacy MD5 implementation with GNU TLS since at...
2019-09-03  Michael R SweetRevert GNU TLS FIPS-140 changes.
2019-08-28  Michael R SweetFix spelling of "accordion".
2019-08-23  Michael R SweetChangelog v2.3.0
2019-08-23  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5638 from nicolasfella/wheel
2019-08-23  Michael R SweetClean up versioning and API documentation.
2019-08-23  Michael R SweetUpdate base localzation files.
2019-08-23  Nicolas FellaAdd wheel to system groups 5638/head
2019-08-23  Michael R SweetUpdate API documentation.
2019-08-23  Michael R SweetChangelog
2019-08-23  Michael R SweetMerge pull request #5637 from polluks/patch-1
2019-08-21  StefanFixed typos 5637/head
2019-08-21  Michael R SweetFix links.:
2019-08-21  Michael R SweetUpdate top-level documentation files in preparation...
2019-08-20  Michael R SweetAlso update HTML version of license.
2019-08-20  Michael R SweetAdd GPL2/LGPL2 exception to the new CUPS license.
2019-08-16  Michael R SweetFix trailing whitespace.
2019-08-16  Michael R SweetFix a USB printing issue on macOS (rdar://31433931)
2019-08-15  Michael R SweetMultiple security/disclosure issues: 5611/head
2019-08-15  Michael R SweetFix typo in ipptoolfile man page.
2019-08-07  Michael R SweetFix whitespace
2019-08-07  Michael R SweetStop accepting attributes in collections (Issue #5630)
2019-08-06  Michael R SweetFix man page typo.
2019-08-01  Michael R SweetUSB quirk (Issue #5617)
2019-08-01  Michael R SweetChangelog
2019-08-01  Michael R SweetGNU TLS FIPS140 support (Issue #5601, Issue #5622)
2019-08-01  Michael R SweetFix some PPD parser issues discovered via fuzzing ...
2019-08-01  Michael R SweetFix some PPD parser issues discovered via fuzzing ...
2019-08-01  Michael R SweetFix memory leak in ppdOpen.
2019-08-01  Michael R SweetEnhance testipp to support reading hex dumps.
2019-08-01  Michael R SweetUpdate GCC options (hopefully will cover more future...