2016-05-31  Johannes Bergiw: bump version to 4.7 v4.7
2016-05-31  Yongqin Liuiw: update to get version with git correctly
2016-05-31  Aurimas Liutikasiw: Fix -Wabsolute-value compiler warning in iw.c
2016-05-31  Rafał Miłeckiiw: support setting frame subtype and reason code when...
2016-05-31  Erik Stromdahliw: add vendor command response support
2016-05-31  Mohammed Shafi... iw: Add support for NL80211_STA_INFO_RX_DURATION netlin...
2016-05-31  Tribush, Giliw: Change socket configuration to avoid buffer allocat...
2016-04-14  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2016-04-14  Avraham Sterniw: add scheduled scan plans configuration
2016-04-14  Aviya Erenfeldiw: add missing station statistics
2016-04-13  Johannes Bergiw: document handler return value 1 as HANDLER_RET_USAGE
2016-04-13  Johannes Bergiw: fix "iw reg get" double output
2016-01-14  Johannes Bergprint BSS boottime if received
2016-01-14  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2016-01-06  Sven Eckelmanniw: print NOHT always as first in usage texts
2016-01-06  Sven Eckelmanniw: use get_cf1 and struct chanmode for ocb
2016-01-06  Sven Eckelmanniw: add VHT80 support for 802.11s
2016-01-06  Sven Eckelmanniw: prepare get_cf1 for use in join_* functions
2015-11-26  Amit Khatriiw: don't use NULL pointer in nla_nest_end()
2015-11-03  Ola Olssoniw: Fix memory leak if nla_put fails
2015-10-21  Ola Olssonmesh: show mesh parameters when no args are given
2015-10-21  Ola Olssoniw: remove superfluous includes
2015-10-21  Ola Olssoniw: Fix segfault when no args are given to offchannel
2015-10-14  Johannes Bergiw: add and fix -Wsign-compare
2015-10-13  Ola Olssoniw: fix help text for event command
2015-10-13  Ola Olssoniw: add helpful hints for vendor cmd
2015-10-13  Ola Olssonocb: use correct "MHz" instead of "MHZ"
2015-10-13  Ola Olssoniw: Fix return values when parameters are wrong
2015-10-12  Ola Olssoniw: Fix memory leak in error path
2015-10-08  Ola Olssoniw: remove superfluous includes
2015-09-18  Johannes Bergibss: use correct "MHz" instead of "MHZ"
2015-09-18  Janusz.Dziedzic... ibss: add VHT80 support for IBSS
2015-09-18  Assaf Kraussscan: Add FTM info to scan results
2015-09-18  Rafał Miłeckiiw: display interface TX power if available
2015-09-18  Johannes Bergbump version to 4.3 v4.3
2015-09-18  Johannes Bergiw: fix off-by-one
2015-09-18  Johannes Bergadd a few new commands/events
2015-09-18  Johannes Bergprint IR-concurrent instead of GO-concurrent
2015-09-18  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h to kernel 4.3
2015-09-18  Johannes Bergiw: don't mix declaration into code
2015-09-18  Johannes Bergiw: make netns_get_fd static
2015-09-18  Johannes Bergiw: fix s_cb leak
2015-08-13  Amit Khatriiw: avoid passing NULL to nla_data()
2015-08-13  Amit Khatriiw: cqm: check nlmsg_alloc() return
2015-08-13  Filipe Brandenburgeriw: remove android-nl.c with unneeded workaround
2015-08-13  Filipe Brandenburgeriw: fix references to libnl in
2015-08-13  Amit Khatriiw: free memory on scan parse errors
2015-08-13  Johannes Bergiw: remove cb from arguments and simplify valid handler
2015-06-17  Arik Nemtsoviw: add connected time to station info
2015-06-17  Ben Greeariw: print beacon-loss and wiphy delete events
2015-06-08  Johannes Bergiw: only use tags matching "v*"
2015-05-05  Johannes Bergbump version to 4.1 v4.1
2015-05-05  Janusz.Dziedzic... iw: handle NL80211_ATTR_EXT_FEATURES attribute
2015-05-05  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2015-05-05  Stefan Lippers... iw: trivial spelling fix (initial)
2015-03-30  Ben Greeariw: Print OSEN element for HotSpot 2.0 IE.
2015-03-17  Luciano Coelhoiw: add randomise option for sched_scan
2015-03-17  Luciano Coelhoiw: add support for active scheduled scan
2015-03-17  Luciano Coelhoiw: implement scheduled scan
2015-03-17  Luciano Coelhoiw: move generic sched scan parsing code out of net...
2015-03-17  Johannes Bergversion 4.0 v4.0
2015-03-17  Luciano Coelhoiw: add a delay option to net-detect
2015-03-03  Vadim Kochanphy: Allow set netns by fd
2015-03-03  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2015-03-03  Helmut Schaaiw: print human readable radar events
2015-01-14  Luciano CoelhoRead number of supported net-detect matches
2015-01-14  Rostislav Lisovyiw: Add OCB mode handling
2015-01-06  Arik Nemtsoviw: fix android build
2014-12-17  Arik Nemtsoviw: support multiple regdom print
2014-12-17  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2014-12-12  Arik Nemtsoviw: fix attr max for reg_rule
2014-12-12  Arik Nemtsoviw: print new RRF_ regulatory flags
2014-12-12  Arik Nemtsoviw: print phy TDLS ch-switch support
2014-12-12  Luciano Coelhoparse net detect wowlan configuration information
2014-12-12  Luciano Coelhoadd WoWLAN net-detect trigger
2014-12-12  Johannes Bergsupport random scan request
2014-12-12  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2014-12-12  Henning Roggeiw: Fix calculation of maximum supported 802.11n data...
2014-11-13  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h and command IDs
2014-10-29  Johannes Bergadd WMM tspec capability
2014-10-29  Ben Greeariw: support setting vif MAC during creation
2014-10-29  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2014-10-29  Johannes Bergadd vendor command to Makefile
2014-10-24  Janusz Dziedziciw: add vendor send command
2014-10-09  Henning RoggeAdd mpp get/dump commands
2014-10-09  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2014-10-09  Johannes Bergupdate to version 3.17 v3.17
2014-10-09  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211 feature list in the code
2014-10-09  Lorenzo Bianconiiw: add auto parameter to set distance command
2014-10-09  Yegor Yefremoviw: fix memory leak
2014-10-09  Yegor Yefremoviw: remove double break
2014-10-09  Chun-Yeow Yeohiw: Allow basic rates to be configured when joining...
2014-10-09  Chun-Yeow Yeohiw: Allow user to provide freq during mesh join
2014-10-09  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2014-09-03  Janusz Dziedziciw: print hexdump when vendor event
2014-06-03  Antonio Quartulliiw: print expected throughput when dumping station
2014-06-03  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h
2014-05-20  Johannes Bergversion 3.15 v3.15
2014-05-13  Janusz Dziedziciw: handle DFS CAC time param
2014-05-13  Johannes Bergupdate nl80211.h to 3.15 version