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2014-04-01 Jeff GarzikRelease version 5. master v5
2014-03-04 H. Peter Anvinrdrand: Enable the RDSEED instruction
2014-03-04 H. Peter Anvinrdrand: Fix the RDRAND data reduction
2014-03-04 H. Peter Anvinrdrand: Simplify by changing x86_rdrand_nlong to x86_rd...
2014-03-04 H. Peter Anvinrngd_rdrand: Support compiling for x32 by adding unative_t
2014-03-04 H. Peter Anvinrdrand_asm.S: On x86-64 we have enough registers, avoid...
2014-03-04 H. Peter Anvinrdrand_asm.S: Use #ifdef instead of #if defined()
2014-02-26 H. Peter Anvinrngd_rdrand: Don't use a fixed AES key for data reduction
2014-02-25 H. Peter Anvinrngd_rdrand: Code style cleanups
2013-04-18 Jeff GarzikAdd BUGS file.
2013-04-18 Jeff Garzikrngd.8: Delete obsolete FIXME
2013-04-18 John MechalasProvide support for RDRAND capable systems that don...
2013-04-18 John MechalasFix the AES keys so that they are correct and match...
2012-08-06 Jeff GarzikUpdate FSF mailing address in license.
2012-08-06 Jeff Import spelling fixes from Fedora
2012-08-02 Jeff GarzikRelease version 4. v4
5 years ago v5 Release Version 5 (April 1, 2014...
6 years ago v4 Release version 4.
8 years ago v3 Release version 3.
5 years ago master