2016-10-30  Frederic MarchalAdd support to decompress xz files master
2015-11-17  Frederic MarchalMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-11-17  Frederic MarchalExtract the starting date from a parsed log file
2015-11-17  Frederic MarchalValidate the year extracted from a parsed log file
2015-11-12  Frederic MarchalSplit can uncompress compressed log files to split
2015-11-12  Frederic MarchalUpdate the comment of the split function
2015-11-12  Frederic MarchalUpdate the man page
2015-11-10  Frederic MarchalUpdate the default limits in sarg.conf
2015-11-10  Frederic MarchalInitialize the default value for siteusers_report_limit.
2015-11-09  Frederic MarchalUpdate sarg.conf to reflect the correct default value
2015-11-05  Frederic MarchalDon't abort if a host name cannot be resolved into...
2015-11-05  Frederic MarchalDon't try to resolve aliased host names when creating...
2015-11-05  Frederic MarchalPrevent a segfault if a host name doesn't resolve to...
2015-11-05  Frederic MarchalFix the static and const correctness of a function
2015-11-01  Frederic MarchalOptimize away a useless strcpy.
2015-11-01  Frederic MarchalThe reported user agent report date was wrong
2015-11-01  Frederic MarchalCreate a user agent report if the input log provides...
2015-11-01  Frederic MarchalProduce a user agent log if the information is in the...
2015-10-31  Frederic MarchalUpdate Russian translation.
2015-10-20  Frederic MarchalDisplay the correct date in the redirector report
2015-10-04  Frederic MarchalInitialize LDAP connection after generating the userage...
2015-10-04  Frederic MarchalAdd a comment to clarify some piece of code.
2015-10-04  Frederic MarchalMake b-tree cache functions static.
2015-10-04  Frederic MarchalAlways display a message when exiting on a failure.
2015-10-04  Frederic MarchalUse the proper exit constant instead of the hard coded...
2015-10-02  Frederic MarchalTry to reconnect to the LDAP server
2015-10-02  Frederic MarchalMove some doxygen comments into the source file
2015-10-02  Frederic MarchalInitialize usertab as late as possible
2015-10-02  Frederic MarchalDraw dependency graphs in doxygen documentation
2015-10-02  Frederic MarchalUpdate doxygen file
2015-09-19  Frederic MarchalUpdate the Russian translation.
2015-09-19  Frederic MarchalMerge branch 'HEAD' of ssh://
2015-09-19  Frederic MarchalThe list of users to include in the report is processed...
2015-09-10  Frederic MarchalTranslate sarg-php into Russian
2015-09-03  Frederic MarchalUpdate the Russian translation
2015-08-21  Frederic MarchalLimit the useragent log period to the same period as...
2015-08-21  Frederic MarchalRewrite the useragent log processing
2015-08-20  Frederic MarchalIgnore empty URL in extended log format
2015-07-27  Frederic MarchalHide the alias prefix for the user name
2015-07-27  Frederic MarchalImprove the documentation in sarg.conf
2015-07-27  Frederic MarchalAccept case insensitive regular expressions
2015-07-27  Frederic MarchalFix a use after free buffer in the regex
2015-07-27  Frederic MarchalFix a comment indentation.
2015-07-26  Frederic MarchalProcess users in redirector log as those from the acces...
2015-07-26  Frederic MarchalPerform the user's ID processing in one function
2015-07-26  Frederic MarchalStrip suffix length is a global variable
2015-07-26  Frederic MarchalCopy less bytes from the user name
2015-07-24  Frederic MarchalFix an error introduced when stripping the user domain
2015-07-24  Frederic MarchalRead an extended log even if cs-uri is split over sever...
2015-07-23  Frederic MarchalInclude sub configuration files
2015-07-23  Frederic MarchalImprove the documentation for strip_user_suffix
2015-07-22  Frederic MarchalStrip the user suffix from the redirector log
2015-07-22  Frederic MarchalStrip a suffix from the user name
2015-07-20  Frederic MarchalUpdate a translation error in the French messages
2015-07-20  Frederic MarchalGenerate a top user email with the same options as...
2015-07-19  Frederic MarchalSplit the top user report generation
2015-07-17  Frederic MarchalLimit the number of top users reported in the mail...
2015-07-14  Frederic MarchalProperly limit the redirector log to the date range...
2015-07-12  Frederic MarchalSend email report directly to stdout
2015-07-12  Frederic MarchalMake it possible to delete an old temporary directory
2015-07-12  Frederic MarchalFix a sort error when generating an email report
2015-07-12  Frederic MarchalRemove one unused parameter from the mail function.
2015-07-12  Frederic MarchalSimplify the code to create the report directory
2015-07-12  Frederic MarchalDon't delete anything from the temporary directory...
2015-07-12  Frederic MarchalGenerate redirector log even if -d is not given
2015-06-23  Frederic MarchalDon't glob the file name "-" that means to read from...
2015-06-22  Frederic MarchalUpdate the configure script and its dependencies
2015-06-13  Frederic MarchalRestore support for bzip2 files
2015-06-13  Frederic MarchalRewrite the check for zlib
2015-06-13  Frederic MarchalIndent the configure script for more readability.
2015-06-13  Frederic MarchalRemove trailing lone commas in the configure script.
2015-06-13  Frederic MarchalFile globbing is mandatory but can be disabled
2015-06-13  Frederic MarchalChange a message string.
2015-06-13  Frederic MarchalUse AS_IF in the configure script
2015-06-11  Frederic MarchalRead compressed useragent logs
2015-06-11  Frederic MarchalDisplay an error when trying to read a Z file
2015-06-10  Frederic MarchalUse a library to read gzip access.log files
2015-06-09  Frederic MarchalFails if no file names can be found when file globbing...
2015-06-09  Frederic MarchalChange the message saying there is a limit to the numbe...
2015-06-09  Frederic MarchalAllow the use of wildcards in the access.log and userag...
2015-06-09  Frederic MarchalDon't display the period covered by the logs if it...
2015-06-09  Frederic MarchalDisplay version information after parsing every option
2015-06-07  Frederic MarchalAdd the stringbuffer.h include file to the cmake file
2015-06-07  Frederic MarchalAdd a limit on the size of some string generated with...
2015-06-07  Frederic MarchalAccept multiple useragent logs
2015-05-25  Frederic MarchalRename as
2015-05-25  Frederic MarchalRead the useragent log even if no report date is specified
2015-05-25  Frederic MarchalTake the useragent log file into account
2015-05-08  Frederic MarchalFix a spelling error in the name of libgd.
2015-04-26  Frederic MarchalUpdate the xgettext definition of debuga
2015-04-26  Frederic MarchalDisplay the source of the message displayed on stderr
2015-04-26  Frederic MarchalTell the compiler that debuga_more uses printf like...
2015-04-26  Frederic MarchalMinor message content adjustments.
2015-04-26  Frederic MarchalPut double quotes around remaining file names in messages
2015-04-26  Frederic MarchalFix a message (missing colon).
2015-04-26  Frederic MarchalMerge messages about memory shortage.
2015-04-26  Frederic MarchalMerge messages about IP addresses.
2015-04-26  Frederic MarchalMake the script to change copyright date executable.
2015-04-26  Frederic MarchalMerge messages
2015-04-26  Frederic MarchalMerge the messages about invalid data