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ownerMichael Tremer
last changeFri, 23 Aug 2019 10:32:06 +0000 (12:32 +0200)
47 hours ago  Karel ZakMerge branch 'fix-ger-translation-chrt-help' of https... master
2 days ago  Karel Zaklibfidk: (dos) fix tiny partitions calculation
2 days ago  Karel Zakeject: use O_EXCL on default
3 days ago  Noel KuntzeFix -n to -b in German help message
3 days ago  Sami Kerolainclude/xalloc: reindent function bodies to unify inden...
3 days ago  Sami Kerolainclude/xalloc: use multiline function declarations
3 days ago  Sami Kerolasetpwnam: use more appropriate allocation size types
3 days ago  Sami Kerolacolumn: pass control struct to local_wcstok()
3 days ago  Karel ZakMerge branch 'container' of
3 days ago  Karel Zakpartx: document -d vs. --nr and fix test
4 days ago  Karel Zakpartx: don't report ENXIO as error on -d
4 days ago  Patrick Steinhardtlibmount: fix comment referring to passno field
5 days ago  Patrick Steinhardtwdctl: remove duplicate include of <unistd.h>
5 days ago  Kevin Haolibmount: Keep the mnt_tab info for the existent dest...
5 days ago  Karel Zaktests: Skip fdisk/mbr-nondos-mode on Sparc as unsupported
5 days ago  Karel Zakchfn: don't append extra tailing commas
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