Do not specify CC and LD when building perl module.
[people/ms/libloc.git] /
2021-02-26  Stefan Do not specify CC and LD when building...
2021-02-23  Stefan Do not provide PREFIX value for perl build.
2020-11-27  Michael Tremerconfigure: Adjust man-pages switch with documentation
2020-11-20  Michael Tremertest: Add tests to network-lists
2020-11-17  Michael Tremeras: Add list for easier processing
2020-11-16  Michael TremerImplement filtering for multiple countries in the enume...
2020-11-15  Michael TremerMove network lists into an own file
2020-09-21  Michael TremerBump version to 0.9.4 0.9.4
2020-06-12  Michael Tremerpython: Correctly set and use __version__
2020-06-09  Stefan Schantldebian: Disable perl package.
2020-06-04  Michael TremerMakefile: Remove accidentially committed hacks for...
2020-06-04  Michael Tremerdebian: Rename main package to "location"
2020-06-03  Michael Tremerpo: Import translation strings
2020-06-03  Michael TremerMerge location-exporter(8) into location(8)
2020-06-03  Michael TremerRename location-query(8) to location(8)
2020-06-03  Michael Tremersystemd: Rename location-downloader to location-update
2020-06-03  Michael Tremerlocation-downloader: Merge man page into location-query
2020-06-03  Michael TremerMove location-downloader functionality into location...
2020-06-01  Michael TremerMakefile: Remove Python path overrides for Debian
2020-05-28  Michael Tremertest: Generate random temporary files
2020-05-21  Michael TremerRevert "debian: Drop perl package"
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerdebian: Do not add auto-generated files
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerdebian: Drop perl package
2020-05-18  Michael Tremerdebian: Add script to build package for various arches
2020-05-18  Michael TremerRevert "Tests: Disable testing for valid signature"
2020-05-13  Stefan Specify CC and LD when compiling perl...
2020-05-12  Michael Tremerpython: Add database driver for PostgreSQL
2020-05-12  Michael Tremerpython: Import downloader from database repository
2020-05-12  Michael Tremerpython: Add scaffolding for an importer tool
2020-05-12  Michael Tremerpython: Move common i18n code into python module
2020-05-12  Michael Tremerpython: Move common logging code into module
2020-05-12  Michael Tremerpython: Move C module to make space for some native...
2020-05-11  Stefan SchantlTests: Disable testing for valid signature
2019-12-12  Michael Tremertest: Add test to check that invalid signatures do...
2019-12-10  Michael TremerInstall databases to /var/lib/location
2019-12-10  Michael TremerImport our public signing key
2019-12-05  Michael Tremerlocation-exporter: New script to convert database into...
2019-11-29  Stefan Schantlperl: Verify database when it is being opened
2019-11-28  Michael TremerImplement signing/verifying databases
2019-11-26  Michael TremerLink against OpenSSL
2019-11-26  Michael TremerMakefile: Cleanup Debian tarball
2019-11-26  Michael Tremerdebian: Add command to build Debian packages easily
2019-11-25  Stefan Schantlperl: Provide library location when running the testsuite
2019-11-24  Michael TremerFix building man pages on Mac OS X
2019-11-24  Michael Tremerdownloader: Check DNS for most recent version
2019-11-22  Michael TremerMakefile: Do not indent variable assignments
2019-11-21  Michael Tremerperl: Remove RPATH
2019-11-17  Michael Tremerlocation-downloader: Add man page
2019-11-17  Michael TremerAdd systemd unit files for location-downloader
2019-11-17  Michael TremerAdd download script to automatically update the database
2019-10-18  Michael TremerMerge branch 'apple'
2019-10-18  Michael Tremerlinker: Do not use --gc-sections on non-GNU platforms
2019-10-17  Michael TremerDetect if linker supports --version-script=
2019-10-17  Michael TremerMake package compile on Mac OS X
2019-10-15  Michael Tremerpython: Extend bindings for countries
2019-10-15  Michael TremerAdd a dictionary with countries to the database
2019-10-03  Michael Tremerman: Add location-query.8
2019-10-03  Michael TremerMerge branch 'perl'
2019-10-01  Michael Tremertest: Generate database dynamically
2019-10-01  Michael Tremerperl: Use absolute paths for opening database
2019-10-01  Michael Tremertest: Include test database in tarball
2019-09-29  Michael Tremerperl: Automatically build modules
2018-02-01  Michael TremerAdd internationalisation with intltool and gettext
2018-02-01  Michael TremerMakefile: Configure database directory
2018-02-01  Michael Tremerpython: Add script to lookup database from command...
2018-01-08  Michael TremerRemove test.db when running "make clean"
2018-01-08  Michael TremerAdd a few examples that show how to use the python...
2018-01-08  Michael TremerInstall python module into correct location
2018-01-08  Michael TremerHide all functions that we don't want to make public
2017-12-29  Michael Tremerpython: Implement Network class
2017-12-29  Michael Tremerpython: Add Writer class
2017-12-29  Michael Tremerpython: Create a global loc_ctx* context
2017-12-29  Michael Tremerpython: Add AS class
2017-12-29  Michael Tremerheaders: Don't make private structures public
2017-12-29  Michael TremerMove all header files into src/loc and install them
2017-12-29  Michael Tremerpython: Add Database class
2017-12-28  Michael TremerStart a Python module
2017-12-28  Michael TremerAllow creating networks in memory
2017-12-12  Michael TremerSplit database into a writer and reader
2017-12-12  Michael TremerIntroduce object to store an AS
2017-12-08  Michael TremerDraft initial database format
2017-12-07  Michael TremerAdd deduplicated and memory-efficient string pool
2017-12-05  Michael TremerInitial commit