2015-12-16  Alexey Brodkineeprom: fix eeprom write procedure
2015-12-16  York SunRevert "include/linux: move typdef for uintptr_t"
2015-12-15  Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-12-15  Tang Yuantianarmv8: Add sata support on Layerscape ARMv8 board
2015-12-15  Aneesh Bansaldrivers/crypto/fsl: fix endianness issue in RNG
2015-12-15  Aneesh Bansalarmv8/ls1043ardb: add SECURE BOOT target for NOR
2015-12-15  Aneesh Bansalinclude/linux: move typdef for uintptr_t
2015-12-15  Aneesh Bansalarmv8: Make SEC read/write as snoopable for LS1043
2015-12-15  Aneesh Bansalarmv8: define usec2ticks function
2015-12-15  Alexander Steinfsl_qspi: Pet the watchdog while reading/writing
2015-12-15  York Sunarmv8: fsl-layerscale: Rewrite reserving memory for...
2015-12-15  York Suncommon: Rewrite hiding the end of memory
2015-12-15  York Sunarmv8: fsl-layerscape: Make DDR non secure in MMU tables
2015-12-15  York SunReserve secure memory
2015-12-15  Yao Yuanmove erratum a008336 and a008514 to soc specific file
2015-12-15  Yao Yuanarmv7/fsl-ls102xa: Workaround for DDR erratum A008514
2015-12-15  Yao Yuanarmv7: ls102xa: cci-400: Enable snoop and DVM message...
2015-12-14  Tom Riniarmv7: omap-common: Rework SPL board_mmc_init()
2015-12-14  Eric Nelsonspl: mmc: use block device number, not hard-coded 0
2015-12-14  Yao Yuanarm: ls102xa: enable all the snoop signal for masters.
2015-12-14  Yao Yuanarm: ls1021a: merge SoC specific code in a separate...
2015-12-14  Tom Riniqbman_portal.c: Update BUG_ON() call in qbman_swp_mc_submit
2015-12-14  Tom Rinifsl_*_serdes.c: Modify memset call in serdes_init
2015-12-14  Pratiyush Mohan... Enable console log from earlyconsole in Linux bootargs
2015-12-14  Shaohui Xiearmv8/ls1043ardb: Add support for >2GB memory
2015-12-14  Shengzhou Liufsl/ddr: updated ddr errata-A008378 for arm and power...
2015-12-14  Shengzhou Liufsl/errata: move fsl_errata.h to common directory
2015-12-14  Shengzhou Liuarm: ls102x: add get_svr and IS_SVR_REV helper
2015-12-14  Shaohui Xiefreescale: fman: make sure phy-handle property is big...
2015-12-14  York Sunarmv8/ls2080ardb: Update DDR settings for four chip...
2015-12-14  York Sunarmv8/ls2080aqds: Update DDR settings for four chip...
2015-12-14  York Sundriver/ddr/fsl: Update timing config for heavy load
2015-12-14  York Sundriver/ddr/fsl: Update workaround for A008511 for vref...
2015-12-14  York Sundriver/ddr/fsl: Update MR5 RTT park
2015-12-14  York Sundriver/ddr/fsl: Update DDR4 MR6 for Vref range
2015-12-14  York Sundriver/ddr/fsl: Update DDR4 RTT values
2015-12-14  Stephen Warrenpart: fix "part list ... -bootable varname" to use hex
2015-12-14  Peter Robinsontools: env: include compiler.h
2015-12-14  angelo@sysam.itm68k: add private libgcc
2015-12-12  Nishanth Menoncommon: cli_hush: Fix up simple typo
2015-12-12  Egli, Samuelsiemens,am33x: remove ddr3 delay workaround
2015-12-12  Egli, Samuelam33xx,ddr3: fix ddr3 sdram configuration
2015-12-12  Miao YanVxWorks: fixup MAC address for VxWorks
2015-12-12  Kamil Lulkostm32: Convert serial driver to DM
2015-12-11  Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-12-11  Michal Simekspi: xilinx: Add new compatible strings
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekimailmap: Update Jagan Teki's name and email address
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: Rename sf_ops.c to spi-flash.c
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: Use static for file-scope functions
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: sf_probe: Remove spi_slave pointer argument
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: ops: Fix missing break on spansion read_bar
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: Remove unneeded SST_BP and SST_WP
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: Remove unneeded header includes
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: Flash power up read-only based on idcode0
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: Use simple name for register access functions
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: Fix Makefile
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: Use static for file-scope functions
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: probe: Code cleanup
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: Move read_id code to sf_ops
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: Move spi_flash_scan code to sf_ops
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekisf: spi_flash_validate_params => spi_flash_scan
2015-12-11  Michal Simekspi: Kconfig: Fix correct target name for ZynqMP
2015-12-11  Michal Simekspi: zynq_spi: Add cadence compatible string
2015-12-11  Peng Fanimx: mx7dsabresd: Add QSPI support
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekispi: ti_qspi: Fix SPI_3WIRE checking using mode
2015-12-11  Jagan Tekispi: Get spi-3wire from dts
2015-12-11  Tom RiniMerge git://
2015-12-11  Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-11  Michal SimekKconfig: i2c: Fix indentation
2015-12-11  Michal SimekKconfig: i2c: Fix typo Suport -> Support
2015-12-11  Stefan Roesedm: serial: Minor coding style cleanup of some comments
2015-12-11  Stefan Roesedm: core: Fix Kconfig text to mention SPL in SPL_OF_TRA...
2015-12-11  Thomas Choubuildman: README: add links for toolchains not availabl...
2015-12-10  Jens Kuskesunxi: Fix H3 DRAM DQ read delay configuration
2015-12-10  Olliver Schinaglsun4i: clock: Cleanup some whitespace errors
2015-12-10  Olliver Schinaglsunxi: twi: Enable clocks on sun7i
2015-12-10  Hans de Goedesunxi: select SYS_NS16550 from Kconfig
2015-12-10  vishnupatekarsunxi: Add suport for A83T HomletV2 Board by Allwinner
2015-12-10  vishnupatekarsunxi: dts: sun8i: Add Allwinner A83T dtsi
2015-12-10  vishnupatekarsunxi: Add support for Allwinner A83T DRAM
2015-12-10  vishnupatekarsunxi: clk: add basic clocks for A83T
2015-12-10  vishnupatekarsunxi: power: enabled support for axp818
2015-12-10  vishnupatekarsunxi: power: axp818: add support for axp818 driver
2015-12-10  vishnupatekarsunxi: Add support for UART0 in PB pin group on A83T
2015-12-10  vishnupatekarsunxi: Add Machine Support for A83T SOC
2015-12-10  Hans de Goedesunxi: Set AHB1 clock to PLL6/3 on all clock_sun6i...
2015-12-09  Bin Mengx86: Remove HAVE_ACPI_RESUME
2015-12-09  Bin Mengx86: Remove CPU_INTEL_SOCKET_RPGA989
2015-12-09  Bin Mengx86: Clean up ivybridge/chrome Kconfig options
2015-12-09  Bin Mengx86: ivybridge: Remove NORTHBRIDGE_INTEL_SANDYBRIDGE
2015-12-09  Bin Mengcommon: Remove timer_init() call for x86
2015-12-09  Bin Mengx86: Move i8254_init() to x86_cpu_init_f()
2015-12-09  Bin Mengx86: Fix PCI UART compatible string for crownbay and...
2015-12-09  Bin Mengfdt: Change OF_BAD_ADDR to FDT_ADDR_T_NONE
2015-12-08  Alexey Brodkinaxs10x: add support of generic EHCI USB 2.0 controller
2015-12-07  Tom RiniPrepare v2016.01-rc2
2015-12-07  Marek Vasutmkimage: Fix warning from fix for generating multi...
2015-12-07  Tom RiniCONFIG_NEEDS_MANUAL_RELOC: Fix warnings when not set
2015-12-07  Tom RiniMerge branch 'zynq' of git://
2015-12-07  Michal Simekdm: core: Enable SPL_SIMPLE_BUS by default