2011-01-14  Michael Tremermanager: Fix crash is release directory does not exist...
2011-01-14  Michael Tremertracker: Add workaround for our natted seeder.
2011-01-14  Michael TremerFix german text wrapping.
2011-01-14  Michael TremerMerge branch 'next'
2011-01-14  Michael TremerDisable debug mode.
2011-01-14  Michael TremerFix hashes on download page.
2011-01-14  Michael TremerAdd job that updates the file database from the main...
2011-01-14  Michael Tremerdownloads: Fix lists.
2011-01-14  Michael TremerImprove text.
2011-01-13  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Add subsystem to wiki link.
2011-01-13  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Remove daemon from www.
2011-01-13  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Remove beta message.
2011-01-13  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Add daemon to this repository.
2011-01-13  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Add reference to wiki for comments on hardware.
2011-01-12  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Remove some comments about problems that...
2011-01-12  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Add fireinfo stats to admin area.
2011-01-12  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Fix 8GB on memory chart.
2011-01-09  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Translate to german.
2011-01-09  Michael TremerFix JS syntax error.
2011-01-09  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Add administration page.
2011-01-08  Michael Tremeri-use: Make font bigger and not bold.
2011-01-08  Michael Tremeri-use: Update images.
2011-01-08  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Add new image.
2011-01-06  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Add beta note.
2011-01-05  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Only display name of the language (not the...
2011-01-05  Michael TremerFix double logging of boot service.
2011-01-04  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Write correct name for languages.
2011-01-04  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Add flags to geo statistics.
2011-01-04  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Remove mark for 64GB of ram.
2011-01-04  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Remove profile list from index page.
2011-01-04  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Display ranges in a more readable way.
2011-01-04  Michael TremerFix calculation of the network stats.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerTranslate (and extend) some pages.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerAdd RSS for
2011-01-02  Michael TremerRSS feed and minor improvements.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerAdd some extra space under a list.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerRemove source site.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerFix too much logging.
2011-01-02  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Fix geo location table.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerUpdate some images.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerAdd new download load balancer.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerRemove old screenshots.
2011-01-02  Michael Tremeriuse: Fix some data that is shown on the images.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerSome changes on the admin interface of the planet.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerLots of translation work.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerAdd a div to create a thin line.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerLight up the white background.
2011-01-02  Michael TremerAdd anythingslider.
2011-01-01  Michael TremerFix heavy CSS bug in lists.
2011-01-01  Michael TremerUpdate jQuery.
2011-01-01  Michael TremerMove service to own subdirectory.
2010-12-27  Michael Tremerboot: Change file paths.
2010-12-27  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Support for network configurations.
2010-12-27  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Only query profiles that do really exist.
2010-12-27  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Display chart of CPUs with virtualization...
2010-12-27  Michael TremerAdd fireinfo daemon to main webapp.
2010-12-26  Michael TremerRemove flag from profile page.
2010-12-26  Michael TremerDisplay sidebar on vendor detail page.
2010-12-26  Michael TremerUnify device class names.
2010-12-26  Michael TremerBig update of the fireinfo service.
2010-12-26  Michael TremerFix wrong slogan on index page.
2010-12-19  Michael Tremernetboot menu: Update design of the menu.
2010-12-19  Michael TremerAdd lots of german translation.
2010-12-19  Michael TremerFix typo so images from the "i-use" service get deliver...
2010-12-17  Michael Tremernetboot menu: Add forgotten file.
2010-12-17  Michael Tremerwww: Add icons to index and about page.
2010-12-17  Michael Tremernetboot menu: Add support for direct boot of configurat...
2010-12-17  Michael Tremernetboot menu: Update boot image.
2010-12-17  Michael Tremernetboot menu: Wrap long description texts.
2010-12-17  Michael Tremernetboot menu: Change color of the highlighted menu...
2010-12-17  Michael TremerFix some identation and typos.
2010-12-17  Michael TremerSlight changes on the database layout of the netboot...
2010-12-17  Michael TremerAdd support for memcached.
2010-12-17  Michael TremerAdd experimental support for signature images.
2010-12-16  Michael TremerAdd netboot feature.
2010-12-16  Michael TremerInitial import of fireinfo display.
2010-12-11  Michael TremerImport of new website.
2010-12-06  Michael TremerFix very serious issue in tracker with wrong hashes.
2010-12-06  Michael TremerAdd new mirror server from John Lebherz.
2010-12-03  Michael TremerAdd news for core update 43.
2010-12-03  Michael TremerAdd release IPFire 2.7 - Core 43.
2010-11-18  Jan Paul TueckingFixed git logo.
2010-11-18  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-11-18  Jan Paul TueckingAdded hash for core 42 torrent.
2010-11-18  Michael TremerChange download path for
2010-11-18  Michael TremerSome improvements on the torrent tracker.
2010-11-18  Michael TremerAdd torrent hash for core 42 release.
2010-11-18  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-11-18  Jan Paul TueckingAdded core 42 to releases.
2010-11-18  Jan Paul TueckingAdded news for core42, fixed some tabs and corrected...
2010-11-09  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-11-08  Jan Paul TueckingAdded core 41 to release list.
2010-11-08  Jan Paul TueckingAdded news for core 41.
2010-10-09  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-10-09  Jan Paul TueckingChanged flag position and slogan again.
2010-10-08  Jan Paul TueckingChange slogan on webpage
2010-09-17  Michael Tremertracker: Change database host.
2010-09-17  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-09-17  Michael Tremertracker: Minor fixes.
2010-09-17  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://