2015-02-12  NeilBrownConsistently print program Name and __func__ in debug...
2015-02-12  Pawel BaldysiakChange way of printing name of a process
2015-02-11  Artur PaszkiewiczMonitor: fix for regression with container devices
2015-02-03  NeilBrownmdcheck: be careful when sourcing the output of "mdadm...
2015-01-29  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: Clear migration record on disks more often
2014-12-18  NeilBrownutil: remove rounding error where reporting "human...
2014-12-01  Pawel BaldysiakGrow: Fix wrong 'goto' in set_new_data_offset
2014-11-25  NeilBrownMonitor: don't open md array that doesn't exist.
2014-11-25  NeilBrownMakefile: binaries shouldn't directly depend on check_r...
2014-11-25  Artur Paszkiewiczimsm: use efivarfs interface for reading UEFI variables
2014-11-25  Artur Paszkiewiczimsm: detail-platform improvements
2014-11-25  Pawel Baldysiakimsm: add support for NVMe devices
2014-11-25  Artur Paszkiewiczimsm: support for second and combined AHCI controllers...
2014-11-25  Artur Paszkiewiczimsm: support for OROMs shared by multiple HBAs
2014-11-05  NeilBrownIncremental: don't be distracted by partition table...
2014-11-03  NeilBrownDetail: fix handling of 'disks' array.
2014-11-03  NeilBrownsuper1: remove some debugging printfs in update_super1
2014-11-03  NeilBrownRebuildmap: strip local host name from device name.
2014-11-03  NeilBrownmdcheck: don't git error if not /dev/md?* devices exist.
2014-10-29  Justin MaggardGrow: fix resize of array component size to > 32bits
2014-09-17  NeilBrownmdmon: already read sysfs files once after opening.
2014-09-03  Andy SmithGrow: Report when grow needs metadata update
2014-08-27  NeilBrown--update: add 'bbl' and 'no-bbl' to the list of known...
2014-08-21  NeilBrownRelease mdadm-3.3.2 mdadm-3.3.2
2014-08-21  Samuli SuominenFix parallel make problem.
2014-08-21  NeilBrownsuper1: make sure 'room' includes 'bbl_size' when creat...
2014-08-15  NeilBrownsuper1: don't allow adding a bitmap if there is no...
2014-08-14  NeilBrownMonitor: Stop monitoring devices that have disappeared.
2014-08-14  NeilBrownmdadm: document some more magic environment variables.
2014-08-11  NeilBrownManage: fix removal of non-existent devices.
2014-08-11  NeilBrownutil: split get_maj_min() out from dev_open()
2014-08-11  NeilBrownManage: simplify `rdev` handling in Manage_subdevs.
2014-08-07  NeilBrownconfig: new option to suppress adding bad block lists.
2014-08-07  NeilBrownmd.4: replace "bad block log" with "bad block list"
2014-08-07  NeilBrownmdmon: don't include super0 and super1 in mdmon
2014-08-07  NeilBrownsuper: make sure to ignore disk state flags that we...
2014-08-06  NeilBrownDetail: Avoid dereferencing some NULL pointers.
2014-08-04  Guy MenanteauDDF: cast print arguments in super-ddf.c
2014-07-29  NeilBrownAssemble: Only fail auto-assemble in face of mdadm...
2014-07-29  NeilBrownGrow: improve error message is "--grow -n2" used on...
2014-07-21  NeilBrownGrow: fix that preventing resize of array to 32bit...
2014-07-21  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: move "validate_container_imsm" to be included...
2014-07-17  Pawel BaldysiakGrow: Do not try to restart if reshape is running
2014-07-10  NeilBrownIMSM: validate metadata_update size before using it.
2014-07-10  NeilBrownDDF: validate metadata_update size before using it.
2014-07-10  NeilBrownmdmon: allow prepare_update to report failure.
2014-07-08  Pawel BaldysiakIMSM: Add warning message when assemble spanned container
2014-07-03  NeilBrownmdmon: ensure Unix domain socket is created with safe...
2014-07-03  NeilBrownmd.4: Make tables narrow enough to fit.
2014-07-03  Christoph Anton... revised the documentation of RAID10 layouts
2014-07-03  NeilBrownMakefile: use "man -l" to format man pages.
2014-07-03  NeilBrownmdadm.8: Fix typo in setting font.
2014-07-03  NeilBrownmdadm.8: Fix typo in "no-bbl".
2014-07-03  NeilBrownIMSM: use strcpy rather than pointless strncpy.
2014-06-12  Pawel BaldysiakGrow: fix removal of line in wrong case
2014-06-10  NeilBrownMakefile: install mdadm-grow-continue@.service
2014-06-05  NeilBrownRelease mdadm-3.3.1 mdadm-3.3.1
2014-06-05  NeilBrownMake sure "make everything" builds again.
2014-06-05  NeilBrownIncremental: remove old devices when assembling in...
2014-06-02  Artur Paszkiewiczimsm: retry load_and_parse_mpb if we suspect mdmon...
2014-06-02  Baldysiak,... Grow: Do not fork via systemd if freeze_reshape is set
2014-06-02  Baldysiak,... Grow: Use 'forked' also for reshape_container in Grow_c...
2014-06-02  Baldysiak,... Do not set default 'before.layout' when reshaping from...
2014-05-25  NeilBrownmdcheck: don't pass the '+' to "date".
2014-05-22  NeilBrownDDF: remove "BVD xx is missing".
2014-05-22  NeilBrowninstall: use BINDIR consistently to locate mdadm and...
2014-05-22  NeilBrownmdcheck: new script to help with regular checks of...
2014-05-22  NeilBrownMISC: add --action option to set or abort check/repair.
2014-05-22  NeilBrown--examine-bitmap: give useful message if no bitmap...
2014-05-22  Cristian Rodríguezmdadm: Do not reimplment offsetof
2014-05-22  NeilBrownGrow: fix resent grow_continue breakage.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: remove some pointless code in validate_geometry
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: remove a FIXME comment that doesn't seem to mean...
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: remove 'FIXME' comment that doesn't need fixing.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: ensure dl->devname is freed when processing a...
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: remove old comment about looking for spares.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: remove an old incorrect FIXME comment.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: add data-offset information to --examine output.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: split up ddf_process_update
2014-05-21  NeilBrowntests: handle change to DDF assembly.
2014-05-21  NeilBrowntests: handle new raid10/ddf geometries.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: add support of --data-offset when creating array.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: factor out common code for search through extents.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: allow for unused slots when creating map list...
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: DDF_Missing devices should not be reported as...
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: remove old and wrong comment about settinig raid_disk.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: provide simple detail_super() implementation.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: support more RAID10 levels.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: explain why spare_refs are ignored.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: use array_size from metadata.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: set utime for container from timestamp is superblock.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: don't assume the anchor is fully up-to-date.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: update timestamp/seqnum for virtual disks when...
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: update timestamp in DDF header.
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: avoid ref outside array in getinfo_super_ddf_bvd
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: examine_pds to also list devices that aren't in...
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: fix usage of ->used_pdes
2014-05-21  NeilBrownDDF: more guards against pdnum being negative.
2014-05-20  NeilBrownReshape: use systemd to continue containers as well...
2014-05-20  NeilBrownGrow: split continue_via_systemd into a separate function.